DIY Christmas Cactus Tree w/ Monica Mangin

– Kinda looks like a cactus, right? – Don’t cactuses all point up? – Oh yeah!
– Just before we go too far. Hi, love you guys. (dramatic music) (groans) (coughs)
– Don’t, don’t, don’t. – A tee connector. This project sucks. We are legitimate try-hards. – Hey guys. – This looks like someone is
trying to claw up the wall with bloody fingernails. Happy Holidays, I’m Penn, and sharing a sweater
with me is my wife Kim. And this is her DIWife Monica. You see, my wife likes to do
a lotta DIY crafting projects that I don’t care about. So she’s important. She’s especially important
during the holidays. So what are we doing today? There’s weird pipes and
stuff all over the house. – I wanna make a sweater
that fits all three of us. – I know.
– That’s our craft today. – Yeah, I know. – Right, and we could
just cut a little hole and Monica could go right there. No, we are doing a DIY super classy Christmas– – [Monica And Kim] Cactus. (choir singing) – Because that’s a sign of Christmas. – No.
– Kim said she wanted to go big with Christmas out on
the front porch this year. – Okay, so a holiday cactus. – Holiday cactus. – I think it’s gonna
be the must it have it, using words now. – The must it have it of the year! (upbeat music) – Christmas cacti are trending. We’ve seen them on Pinterest. We’re gonna make our own. Here’s what you’re gonna need. PVC. You need, what are these called? – Joiner PVC joiner thingies. – These are an angle bracket for PVC. A tee connector PVC pipe, looks like a T. And garland. You also need Christmas tree garland. – Yay! – We’re going to use the PVC as the base of our cactus, so we’re gonna assemble
it to look like a cactus, and a cactus shape of like this. Put your arm down. Okay, so this is the shape
we need of our cactus. We’re gonna make this shape out of– – [Both] PVC. (upbeat music) – Let’s do it. That one. – That one.
– That looks good. Okay, so this is gonna
be the body of our cacti, and then this is where these tees come in. So the tee, I need help, goes here. So now this PVC pipe
piece needs to come out, and then we’re gonna round it up, so a little bit of a longer piece. To do that we are going to use a hacksaw. No. – It’s not gonna work. – And I have another hand. (upbeat music) – You’re doing great. – You need to buy some power tools here. – Okay, this is, I’m starting to sweat. (sweater jingles) Okay, and we’re here. – Wait, I wanna get out of it too. All right, so, wait,
you seriously don’t have a saw of sorts that’s like a machine saw? – Yeah, we have–
– You should have a saw. – We have a circular saw. – You don’t know what a circular saw is, do you?
– I do. – Wait. That’s really good! That saw’s really good. Okay, we have our pieces now. This is really just assembly. So we’re gonna put one
of our short pieces here, and now you wanna make sure
you get the right size. This is two inch, we got two inch joiners and two inch pipe. You wanna make sure that
you have a 45 degree elbow so that it’s going up and not out. – Because, yes.
– That’d look weird. And then we want this one to be the bigger one, right, that goes up? – Yeah. – Okay, so now we put that there. Now this one we’re gonna turn down. (upbeat music) – Little nubby nub. – Sorta looks like a cactus, right? – I think this needs
to be the taller part. – I do too. Okay, so we should maybe make one more cut just so he is.
– Yep. One more time.
– Okay. (whimsical music) – So, I think, just nature, nature comment? I think all cactuses
are pointed up, right? Like they always point up like that? I’ll have to look again. I don’t think cactuses go like, I think they were thinking of the “Walk Like an Egyptian” song. Hey guys.
– What’s wrong? – Well, nothing, I just, I feel like cactuses–
– No, no, no. – This is where you had it. – Yeah, yeah. – Don’t cactuses all point up? – Oh yeah!
– Just before we go too far. That’s a really sad cactus when it’s pointing down like that. So maybe so do it this way.
– Maybe that was our problem. – Look, look, look.
– Maybe we just point it up. Yeah, does that adjust it?
– Okay, they’re right. You’re right, you’re right.
– I’m really glad. Hi, love you guys. – So you don’t need any adhesive on this because the fittings and the pipe pieces fit really tightly together. (sings) – Does that look like cactus? (Monica sings)
Okay. – So now we are gonna
wrap this in garland. And this is the lightweight garland. This isn’t like real
Christmas tree garland, because it’s much easier to work with. – [Kim] Right, should we tape the– – We’re gonna tape the starting point. So we’re using a heavy duty duct tape. This puts the Christmas in cacti? Okay, I’m gonna use wire
cutters to snip this garland. I’m gonna put a tiny piece of tape, and then I’m just gonna stick
some garland in the hole. Any time I have to go to a new garland I’m just putting a small
piece of duct tape, and then covering that
duct tape with garland. – Oh, it’s so, oh!
– Oh, it’s so cute. – Okay, here, hold this. – I think we should put it in the pot now. You wanna grab the pot? So we’re just using a
planter that Kim already had. – Oh my gosh. – Is that heavy? – Yes, and it has dirt in it. – Pre-dirted.
– It’s pre-dirted. Okay.
– This is nice, loose dirt. Just wanna get it really down in there. Cool, so we need to add some
dirt to plant our cactus. Wanna really pack it down, because this is what’s
holding it vertical. Dump them.
– We got the rocks from our backyard fire pit area that Monica actually designed. Yeah.
– Yes. – Uh-oh. – What? Fricking mother. – Those aren’t Christmas words, Monica. – We need a tree skirt. Tree skirt! – Okay.
– Tree skirt. – We found a Christmasy hand towel that we’ve actually been
using so it’s already wet. (upbeat music) Look, it’s like a Charlie Brown Christmas. – That’s cool, it’s like a boho scarf. Now this is just for kicks, right? – Right, we decorate.
– This is just to make do? And then we can do that arm and this arm. I’m gonna back up and look. (triumphant music) – Eyes closed.
– I’m super excited about this one, Penn,
you’re gonna love it. – Eyes closed. Ready and open. Down. – I love that! Yes, okay, that’s how
you do it right there. Good job! You got rocks, you got green
thing that matches Christmas, you got a hat, that makes it good. – It’s cool, right?
– This is a good craft. Well done, very creative. – Look at that!
– High points for creativity. Okay, girls, time for the three Ts. We got time, we got tab, and we got tips. Time, how long did it take? – 28 minutes. – That’s really good.
– And the bulk of that was trying to figure out why our cactus looked weird like this. – Yeah, this way.
– Yes. – Okay, so tab. The last Christmas one that
we did had about a $160 tab. (eerie music) – We’re still in debt from that one, but this project entire
thing, we’re gonna say $30. – Oh wow, okay.
– So the PVC was 20 bucks. All right, and then garland
would cost you five, and maybe some little decor, five. We had it already. – Everything else we already had to do this.
– And we’re assuming that people are gonna
provide their own base and rocks and stuff like that.
– Yeah, like dirt, I’m sure you have a planter. There’s no need to go out
and buy a special one. Use what you already
have around the house. – Okay, awesome. All right, so tips,
what did you guys learn? – So this is definitely
a two-person project. – Why is that? – I think just to hold while
you’re wrapping and digging. So another tip, we should’ve put it in the pot first and added the rocks so we should’ve measured that, and then it would’ve made it a lot easier also to string the garland. – We coulda just started
wrapping from here versus having to hide it with a scarf, which, by the way, looks really cute. Another tip would be that the PVC does not cut super easily by hand. You could’ve done it, but it would’ve upped
the time significantly, so we used a circular saw. – I don’t know that the
circular saw is the best power tool to use, but it’s the only one we have. – We love it so much that we almost wish we bought
stuff to make many of them. – Yeah, so another tip is buy more because you’ll want an army of cacti. – All right, so it’s time for
the thumbs up, thumbs down. And this is just, we’re
taking all this into account. Is it worth it, should you do it? One, two, three. I mean, right? – Yeah.
– This was my favorite one so far.
– Yes. – And it was cheap and
it didn’t take much time. Those things really matter to me. Your time, if you’re married, her time doing that means I’ve gotta be doing something else. – Yep.
– True. – So I’m, good job. – Thank you so much for watching. If you are just moved to
try a Christmas cactus, do it, please leave a
picture in the comments. – Cactis!
– Google what a cactus looks like. – This is “Walk Like an Egyptian,” cacti. – We really aggressively thought the cactuses did this.
– We were so sure about it. – [Kim] Hey, don’t forget to
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