DNA 101—Traits

This is a gene. It’s a stretch of your DNA that contains a specific set of instructions to make a specific protein. It’s the proteins that are involved in everything our body does, and make us unique. This gene could be for a type of muscle fiber that makes you run faster, or it could affect whether you digest gluten properly. Genes result in a lot of different traits, from lactose intolerance to a risk for certain diseases, but being predisposed to specific traits does not necessarily mean you’ll develop them. In other words, DNA is not destiny. A multitude of factors can affect how your DNA makes you… you. Especially when it comes to our health and wellness, almost everything is a mix of our genes, our environment, and the choices we make. Take running, for example. What you eat, how often you train, and even how much you genuinely like to run impacts your performance, but a DNA test may reveal you’re predisposed to sprinting. With this information you can adjust your training, and it could give you the edge you need to start succeeding. Helix: The next great discovery is you.

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