DNA Genetics Testing | Finding Out If We’re Related

Fingers crossed, cousin. Nooooo! No no no no no! Hey guys! *cough* Today’s video is very exciting, one, because I’m here with – You guessed it! Did you guess it down in the comments? My name is Dallas. This is Dallas. He’s my bae. My Dallas. Right? And hopefully not your relative. Yes! Today’s video, I’m partnering with a company called 23andMe. They asked me if I would be interested in receiving their 23andMe DNA kit to test my ancestry and my genetics. And I said: ‘Can you send me two? Dallas and I are from a small town, and we just wanna make sure.’ Just gotta make sure. Oh, no food or drinks for thirty minutes. I had an orange about fifteen minutes ago. Do you think it matters? Yeah. We should be safe. And we’re back. Thanks for that. Bae. As far as I know, my family comes from Russia and the Ukraine. Ukrainian and Russian, that’s my – That’s my background. Yeah, I don’t really know.
Bolivia? Yeah, my mom, but her family came from Europe somewhere, so… It think it’s like Danish or Belgian? Interesting, I’m already excited to see like what we’re gonna get! What I’m the most interested to see, is if I actually am like Russian-Ukrainian. Because this doesn’t make any sense. People have always asked me if I’m Métis, if I’m Mexican. I don’t look Russian. *laugh* When you open it up, it looks like this. No food or drinks for thirty minutes. Done. Got it. Spit to fill the line. That’s a lot of spit! Why do I feel the need to cheers you? Eeew! Okay! Next time you see us we’ll have our results! And we’re back. *laughs* Do you do that all the time? No, I don’t know, now I do. Now I do. So, there’s three reports that we get back and the first is the one I’m most excited about. This is the ancestry composition. Oh I’m 100% European! Wow! Wow! What, Balkan? What’s Balkan? Ashkenazi Jew. Well, this is the Balkan peninsula. I ball so hard I’m a Balkan. *laughs* So I’m 75% Northwestern European, so French and German is the highest, which makes sense. Just a little bit jewish. And then Eastern European is represented by people of the Ukraine, Russia. That’s exactly what I said at the beginning of this video. Yeah. Is that my family is like Russian, Ukrainian, German. So I guess there wasn’t any hanky panky going on in my town. Shoot *laugh* ‘Cause I was really hoping there would be like some Mexican in there. *laugh* So I’m European. Nice. I’m white. Plain and simple. That’s alright. Ooooh! So they’re saying we’re totally related. 100% European, but your top one was – Scandinavian I believe. 83.3% Northwestern European. I can totally see that you’re more Scandinavian. Yeah, you’ve got that tall light thing going on. Tall and light? Yeah. That makes sense. And then it also shows how much neanderthal ancestry we have. How much neanderthal DNA runs through our blood. So I’m guessing I’ll be high on this one. I have more than you?! Really? I have more neanderthal variants than 66% of the 23andMe customers. I have less than 53%. So what does that mean? *laugh* I’m more civilized, more evolved. No! There’s no way! There’s no way! Yeah, it just means, like, when humans and neanderthals interbred, your human parts got a little more monkey hanky panky than mine. Well that’s interesting, so your maternal haplogroup is Spanish. Which makes sense ’cause your mom – Is from South-America. Yeah! And you get the Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian from your dad. Yeah that makes sense. See, I don’t get a paternal haplogroup, but my maternal haplogroup from my mom’s side, shocker! Is from Europe! My haplogroup also involves the Scandinavian countries. Maybe we’re related after all! Oh, I bet! We’re so alike. And we know that your mom was really your mom, ’cause of the Spanish thing. *laugh* Well there you have it! I think that means we’re safe? Safe from genetic mutations. That is it for this video! Thank you again to 23andMe for sending us these DNA kits. This video is not sponsored, they just asked if I wanted to take part and I said ‘Uh, hell yeah!’ If you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you wanna get your DNA tested, you wanna see your ancestry, the link is the top one in the description. Thank you so much for watching! Dallas, thank you for being here. Oh, no problem. Thank you for being my Scandinavian man. You can call me whatever you want. My Scandinavian minx. I love you guys so much, thank you for watching and I will see you next week. Bye! I’m a dry human, I don’t have a lot of saliva. I need some sour candy. I can’t believe we’re filming this. *laugh* Lemon. ‘Cause it makes your mouth water. Lemon. *laugh* So would that be it? Oh yeah, ew. Oh yeah. Gross. I’m almost full. Eeew! Stop showing them! I’m actually gonna throw up if you keep showing them. *laugh* You can have some of mine, you’re allowed. No, we don’t wanna be related, Dallas. Turns out, you guys are almost identical. Should we be wearing gloves.


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