DNA Gun? — Mind Blow #58

Vaportini is a device that lets people inhale
alcohol. And this parasite eats the tongue of a fish, hooks itself into the muscles of
the tongue stub, and becomes its new tongue. Vsauce, Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. This DNA gun invisibly tracks criminals for
weeks. Developed by UK-based company Selectamark, the High Velocity DNA Tagging System fires
small, soft, green pellets, kind of like a paintball, filled with a unique DNA code that
can penetrate clothing and mark a suspects skin. The idea is to mark criminals during
a riot so they can be arrested later when DNA tag is revealed using a UV light. The Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany
has an interactive floor that creates a computer-generated reflection of you. The video screen floor
is touch-sensitive and the system uses an infrared camera and high-resolution projector.
It tracks footsteps and beams video up to the glass. The hope is that this technology
eventually leads to new ways of playing games, controlling objects in the home, or assisting
disabled people. The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
department at NC State University has developed self-healing stretchable wires. The wire is
made of a gallium liquid-metal alloy, and a self-healing polymer that heals it both
mechanically and electrically after being severed with scissors. “Dear Diary. Today I’s made a desk wit a pillow
on it. So’s I can sleeps on my desk. Yeah!” Engineers in Taiwan are developing displays
for fingertips. The point is to still be able to see the display on your smartphone or tablet
while your thumb is obscuring it. It even enlarges the view so it’s easier to tap small
buttons on a 2.5 cm diagonal OLED screen. And, you can also see and answer incoming
calls with it. The Artificial Photosynthesis System is being
developed by Panasonic and is producing organic materials with the efficiency of real plants
used in biomass energy. It uses sunlight to produce oxygen from water and carbon dioxide,
and they hope to use this to solve global warming and energy problems. Find the link
below for more. Kilobots are tiny, cheap robots that are being
used to research swarm algorithms. Designed by a research group at Harvard, they cost
about $14 each, are 33 mm in diameter, and can communicate with neighbors up to 7 cm.
Now, let’s just watch them swarm for a second. Okay. The University of Southern California did
a real-time MRI study of human beatboxing. This allows researchers to visualize the movement
of the vocal tract from the upper trachea, to the lips, and the opening and closing of
the vocal folds, to help study the mechanisms that produce various sounds. Finally, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a great
video of the Lobed Comb Jelly which has comb rows that diffract light as they swim… I’m gonna leave you with sperm from two males
competing within the reproductive tract of a female fruit fly…Seriously…and, as always,
thanks for watching. “I have such a large selection of crackers
in my grocery store. It’s a Mind Blow.” “Wait, what’s a mind blow?” “Ah, I’ve been waiting for you Vsauce.” “Darth Vader, why are you working in a grocery
store?” “I’m Chad Vader, and I don’t work here, I
rule here! As day shift manager…Click here to check out the latest season of Chad Vader…” “Oh…and, as always?” “And, as always, thanks for choosing the dark
soul half.” “Eh…close enough.”


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