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Our earth has filled with wide variety of creatures. We can find at least one living thing from the deepest sea to tall mountains. Scientists have discovered nearly 13 lakhs of different species which includes bacteria that was hidden from naked eye to blue whale, which weighs some tonnes of weight and grass to eminent trees. An imagination is that this number may be 87 lakhs. But, what is the thing that leading us to live and running us in a regular way? What is the reason behind unique appearance of persons from one another in this world having hundreds of millions of people. What should be the height of a man? How should his looks be? how much delicious a mango should be how much proteins, vitamins should it consists of and last what should be the color of a flower and what fragrance should it release etc, likewise the future of every living being on the earth should be decided at one place i.e., DNA. In simple words, the root cause of living and mystery of living is DNA only. What is DNA? How it works? What will be the changes that happen in the future based on DNA? Like these, Let us know about many interesting things of DNA. You will be surprised if you know about a great system running in our body in our absence of consciousness. So, watch this video completely. Every human life begins in same manner. Two single cells , each from mother and father fuse together to form a single cell. Later, it will divides into two cells, again these two into four…. This division of cells continues upto making of 10 trillion cells. How to form billions of cells into a human shape, which cells have to make eyes, which cells have to make hands, which cells have to make brain etc., can be said by DNA, which means Deoxyribonucleic acid. It means , all the instructions that tells how to build our body are present in the form of Genes inside a DNA. To be simple, if DNA is a library then Genes are the books present inside it. What color should we have, what should be our blood group, where to form head, how many fingers should our hand have etc., information regarding our entire body is in the form of Genes and reside in DNA. like this DNA contains nearly 20,000 to 40,000 Genes. In such a way, every living being contains DNA having data related to their own body. Do you know? Genes in DNA of corn are more in number than in the human. Ok, let us see how will be the DNA, pay attention. In the middle of every cell of our body, DNA is situated in the form of double helix. It is made up of adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine molecules. These are simply represented as A,T,G and C. In these, A always paired with T while G with C. All of our genetic information is stored on the basis of these configurations. In each cell, DNA is in the form of thread. Do you know? length of DNA extracted from a single cell will be 2 meters length. Just imagine, an invisible cell of size 0.09 micrometer length, consists of 2 meter length DNA, what a wonderful construction it is! It means if we take out DNA from 10 trillion cells of our body.. stretch it out from end to end, the length is enough to reach pluto from earth and returns earth, Let us see how data will be stored in DNA. As we seen earlier, any of 3 molecules in A,T,G and C combine to form a word. For example, ATC, TGA, GAC, CAG, etc. Here 3 letters are grouped to form a word, like this each cell of our body stores data having length of 300 crore letters. all the human in this world constitutes 99.9% of same DNA. remaining 0.1% causes difference in our color, height, shape, lineament etc. Also, our DNA is 98% similar to chimps DNA. Another miracle is human DNA matches 50% to a bananas DNA. Now we see what type of effect we receive if a change in DNA occurs. As we have seen earlier that DNA is a sequence i.e., made up of A,T,G and C molecules. Now, during cell division DNA in first cell gets copied into second as it is. But, due to some occurrence of errors this sequence gets changed and damages the DNA. Also, UV rays coming from sun or due to some chemicals or narcotics or during smoking time, DNA gets damaged. Like these reasons DNA gets damaged nearly 10 lakh times a day. But our body has self repair mechanism. It replaces damaged DNA continuously. But sometimes damaged DNA cannot be repaired. This situation is called as “mutation”. Damaged DNA may not harm us or become useful to us. but it can also leads to cancer. In 1990, American government wanted to find the complete sequence of DNA so that they can find their genetic code. For this, they has started Human genome Project. It has taken 13 years to some hundreds of scientists to find the sequence of 300 crore base pairs in DNA of single human cell. To complete this project, it takes 3 billion dollars, which means more than 20,000 crore rupees , as per rupee value now. Now, it takes one hour to read DNA of a person at a cost of $1000 dollars, by this we can understand how fast this field is developing. The information of our ancestors memories and experiences is in our DNA. according to a recent study, we may receive effect from our ancestors of 14 generations. This is the reason why some people come up with analogy to their parents or grandparents or uncles, or diseases that come inherently from ancestors and only because of DNA. we have observed some people who acquire arts by birth. Childhood onwards some persons can draw pictures, can do mathematical calculations well, this is due to one of the ancestors have such capability and acquired through DNA. In this way, information regarding our ancestors is stored in DNA. according to a study, we can store 215 petabytes of data in one gram of DNA i.e., 21,50,00,000 ( 21 crore 50 lakhs) GBs of data. Already scientists have started saving data in DNA. first they convert digital data into binary system then it is encoded into 4 letter DNA codes of A,T,C and G. CDs, memory cards we are using today remain for few years only. But data saved in DNA lasts for some hundred thousands of years, safely. Now we are using large servers and huge data storages for storing data. But the technology which stores data in DNA then we can store 10 crore HD movies in a size of small eraser that resides at the top of a pencil. We can store entire information in this world with in a shoe box sized DNA. In future there may be some days -when we can store images, videos and other files in DNA. Now our scientific technology step forward i.e., Genome Editing, which means a technology which provides an opportunity to edit and design our own DNA on our like. This is called as CRISPR. In some families there may be some diseases which affect some generations inherently. In that situation, we can save our children from such diseases.. by removing some part of DNA that is responsible for disease. For example, assume father is tall and has strength, mother is wise. Now, we can design DNA of born baby by giving father’s strength and mother’s intelligence. Then newly born baby will has no defects, such a days are ahead. Many persons die due to aging in this world. So to slow down old age and to improve human life time, some experiments are carrying out. Do you know? Jellyfishes dies only by killing, never by aging. So, experiments are carrying to combine DNA of Jellyfishes with that of human DNA. Elimination of death is impossible, so experiments are conducted to improve life time of man. With this CRISPR technology scientists are trying to cure some terrific disease like cancer, AIDS etc. scientists of kobe university in Japan, succeeded in blocking spreading of AIDS attacked cells through Genome Editing. Main objective of this genetic engineering is to cure diseases, getting babies without defects, increasing life span of man. But this DNA editing should be done very carefully. If any mistakes were happen while editing genes then there is a possibility of unexpected results. Finally, a living organism- how to born, how to grow, how to behave etc should be decided by DNA. actually if we are a computer then DNA is our software. A computer cannot run without a software and the situation is same in us. Giving the ability to DNA to drive millions of lives in a small cell that cannot be seen by naked eye, storing genetic information from many generations, all such complex structure is really a wonder. Ok friends, if you like this video then like. Share with your friends. To know many more interesting things subscribe to Telugu Badi YouTube channel. Activate bell button to receive a notification whenever a new video is uploaded. Also, to know about many topics check telugubadi.in website. 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