My name is Tinja Myllykangas.
I live in the forest in Inari. My home is on the southern edge of the Muotkatunturi wilderness. I have fallen in love with winter.
It’s a wonderful time of year. There’s a freshness in the air.
You breathe it in when it’s cold. It’s invigorating. The cold gives me an energy boost. The landscape is at its most beautiful in the snow and ice. I like being on my own, with my dogs and horses. I think being alone is the most peaceful way of life there is. I harness the dogs and head out right from my own doorstep. A sled safari can last from a couple of hours to five days. We always go as far as the customers want us to go. We enjoy going on really long safaris. All this has come out of my love of animals. I didn’t set up a dogsledding business for commercial reasons. It’s about my own love of nature and living out here in the wild. I don’t want material things.
Nature provides all I need.


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