DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

Salut YouTube I’m so excited for this
video I don’t know if you guys watched the video but a few months ago at my Q&A
someone asked me about my DNA so what is my ancestry I mean genetically what’s my
makeup even though my channel name is Not Even French I don’t actually know
that for sure my family history is a little bit complicated because my
grandfather on my dad’s side was adopted and my grandmother on my mum’s side was
adopted and so I’ve got a lot of blanks in my family tree and I’ve never really
known what to say when people ask me okay you’re a New Zealander
but where are you from where were your ancestors from was it England Ireland
Holland I mean what are you? And the answer is I don’t really know and so I
was so curious and desperate to find out that I contacted a company called MyHeritage and MyHeritage are actually famous for their website because they’ve got
over nine billion historical records online if you guys don’t know their
website I’ll leave the link down below because it’s really incredible you can
do so much research on your past your family there’s a family tree builder
tool there’s all sorts of stuff going on on the site and one of the big products
that they offer is the MyHeritage DNA kit where you can do DNA testing to
figure out more about your ethnicity so your genetic makeup where are you from
and they kind of cross-check it with all of the billions of records that they
have on their site and they’ll actually let you know who you are related to
they’ll let you find family members cousins second cousins and so on so as
you guys can imagine I was so excited when they said yes they’re going to send
me a DNA kit so I can figure out more about my genetic makeup but they haven’t
just sent me one kit they sent me two kits so they have one for me and one for you
guys so if you’re interested in getting your own MyHeritage DNA kit keep
watching the video I’ll show how it’s all done what the process is like in the
second part of the video you’ll see me receiving my results online and
if you’re interested in winning the kit let me know in a comment down below why
you would love to have one of these kits what you’d use it for what’s your story
why would it be interesting for you to figure out more about your genetic
makeup more about your DNA and more about your past okay so I’ve just unwrapped the parcel
and this is what the box looks like okay so the instructions what do we have here
open the test kit and lay out the unopened swabs and vials on a clean
surface okay so inside the box you’ve got these
kind of little swab things and these little vials to put the swabs into okay
so the cool thing is that there’s no blood or urine samples or anything like
that involved I’m just gonna use the swab and I need to take a sample from
inside my cheek okay so here we go break that off screw the top okay so that’s
the first one done now you’ve got to do the same with the other side there we go
there’s my DNA okay sealed it up and it’s ready to be
sent away biohazard I didn’t know that my DNA could be a biohazard but there
you go cool guys I’m gonna go mail this bad boy off time we see each other we’ll
find out more about my background and importantly do I have any French in me?
oh I can’t wait to find out! I’m so excited I just got the email from
MyHeritage saying that my results are ready the DNA results have come back
from the lab so I’m gonna go check them out right now you guys are gonna check
them out with me and you’re gonna see my real-time reaction I have no idea what
they’re gonna be I’m assuming that I’m gonna have a decent chunk English but
yeah let’s see What?? 53% Scandinavian and I’m too short to be scandanavian?! 53.1% Scandinavian so it’s got denmark
norway sweden 37.4% Irish Scottish and Welsh only four percent English what and
2.8 percent Ashkenazi Jewish and 2.6 percent
Finnish what this is I mean I’m just super surprised because I have no
markers of being Scandinavian you know like you imagine straight away blond
hair blue eyes tall and I’m none of those things so I’m just processing this
I’m a little bit gutted to have zero French
but my French boyfriend I guess is definitely bringing a hundred percent of
the Frenchness to the table well I would have never ever guessed that and
the cool thing is that now that I have my ethnicity estimate I can actually go
and find my DNA matches and on the MyHeritage website alone just from their
database I have four thousand one hundred and fifty eight matches so I can
actually go now exploring to see who comes across it as close family first
cousins and then the next layer second cousins and so on and I can actually
find family members on the site which is just kind of mind-blowing .Wow
zero percent French no wonder I struggle so much with my accent. I’m gonna go and
process that a bit I’m gonna go and do some investigation to see who my DNA
matches are I already see that it’s got my Uncle Jeff on this so they’ve
identified him. Just a reminder that if you guys want to go into the draw to win
the extra MyHeritage DNA kit that I received just comment down
below let me know who you are and why you’d like to see more about your DNA
your ethnicity and where you come from like what’s your story?
You’ll get notified because I will heart and pin your comment so look at via
YouTube notifications anyways guys that’s it for this video I’ll leave the
links down in my description box of course to the MyHeritage site and the
my heritage DNA kit until the next video I’ll see you guys next time
à bientôt!


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