dnA-Team – Part 1 – Overview

[Music] We build all our microscopes and so we came up with this idea of allowing people to name them. I named the Buffybot microscope after I put it together. He wanted a cool American action star. And then I came with the name Chuck Norris. So he called it Chuck Norris Chuck Norris! I have an affinity for 80s action movies so I was trying to kind of force that on people Which is not really my genre of choice. So we have some microscopes named BA Baracus from the A-Team, Rambo, Lore… So Chuck Norris is – I was gonna say badass, maybe, yeah, maybe I won’t say that. It’s a
little intimidating at first to work on a microscope called Chuck Norris. Okay so let’s try this: So Chuck Norris is a tough guy who gets stuff done and we like to think that the data that we can produce using this microscope really gets to the bottom of our questions. So I study DNA-binding proteins. We look at double-strand break repair of DNA. I study a process called translesion synthesis. This is a process that lets a cell tolerate DNA damage that’s present during replication. It’s pretty cool to be able to look on the screen and realize that you’re looking at individual molecules that are undergoing a very complicated biochemical reaction that is essential for life. It’s my hope that in our work that we will be able to really better understand how the molecules that carry out these DNA-repair reactions function, and hopefully with this knowledge we’ll be able to work with others to design better therapies to target certain cancers.

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