We went through last night and tallied up
everybody’s vote for the DNA test thank you guys so much and it took awhile because there
was a lot of them there was a lot we have our winner we’re going to go through that
with him in just a minute but we went sat down with all of the kids and talk to them
about it none of their feelings are hurt they love all of you guys they don’t feel like
you’re playing favorites it is strictly just who knew the least which he actually knew
the least out of everybody but the good news is we had a fan reach out to us that gave
us who to contact on 23andMe so we contacted them hopefully they’ll be sponsoring us soon
so we can do everybody if they don’t know not sponsoring us though we are working on
our budget to where we’re going to get to do everybody soon so super excited about
that these DNA tests are extremely important and the biggest reason is they are able to
provide health information for kid we don’t know where our kids came from we don’t know
their parents in most cases we don’t know what genetic things they have going on so
these tests are awesome and not just the genetic test for our adopted children but also our biological children too theres things about my health history that I don’t even
know I know in Aaron’s family Parkinson’s runs in it and we would like to know if our kids
have the markers and kind of where it is so we are going to be doing everybody thank you so much for everyone who voted we got over 1000 comments it took us forever to tally it I should have just done a ICard I don’t know why I didn’t Anyways Alex won . Yes! Thank you guys so much. We are so excited for him because he knows absolutely nothing about his past we don’t know his ethnicity We don’t know anything Its actually really sad. We don’t even know your biological Mom or Dads name. Like we know zero. So we are so excited about this. Thank you I’m really happy I can’t wait to get the results back. We did recently find his biological brother and sister and we reached
out to them through Facebook but we haven’t heard back. So unfortunately sometimes when kids are adopted. families are really protective of their
identity or they have you know there’s so many different reasons why they would contact with
biological family feel a little bit different in our family I think the more people in someones life that love and care about them the better. obviously it need to be a healthy relationship and good for them but we think it is important for them to have relationships with biological family Hopefully they will reach out to us soon and I can meet his brother and sister. That would be awesome He remembers his brother but not his sister She was a baby last time I saw her It would be really cool to reconnect with them someday Hopefully with this we get other answers Maybe he will have connections with cousins. That would be awesome We can’t wait so lets go do it! While they are opening it how do you feel about winning the election? of I feel great thank you for everyone who
voted I wouldn’t have done this without you I would like to say thank you to my parents
are very inspirational unfortunately Hannah sorry you took a Big L but maybe next time
I did take a big L You all witnessed it on Crazy Pieces Hannah is out! Wait come back guess what We are twins


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