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hey guys what’s going on J and bringing here in today’s video we’ve partnered with my heritage now my heritage is the leading global service for family history research and DNA testing so you can really find out the deep hidden roots of your ancestry and find out where your family’s from yeah which is so exciting I think my heritage is all about connecting families and embracing cultural diversity and this year my heritage is partnering up with Eurovision 2019 in tel-aviv oh my god you guys know that I love the Eurovision I love the idea of this partnership because the Eurovision Song Contest it celebrates diversity and creativity and the partnership itself just shows how unique we are how similar we are and more connected than we actually not so here is the my heritage DNA test kit it’s the Eurovision limited versions for the Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv 2019 there’s a cool little box they’ve got some illustration from the artists back in the 60s and on the back they’ve even got some digital fun facts from the 60s even though I’ll link where you can do some trivia games contest things like that if you do want to get your test make sure to use our discount code J and ringin the Lincoln code will be in the description below but to open it we just slide it open it’s got such a cool graphic my heritage DNA Bach embossing and we just slide open again and we get a nice little so the first thing you’ll see is the DNA activation reminder this will have the activation code and space do and then this is especially useful if you don’t have multiple tests next we’ve got the instructions which is really helpful it’s got clear in illustrations and instructions step by step to show you exactly what you need to do let me show you what’s inside I’ve got the biohazard sleeve and envelope for you below there we’ve got two swaps one for each cheek once you’ve swapped you put in these little vials but an envelope send off on the post I’m so excited to see my results are some of you know I’m mixed race like my mum is why English and Irish my diet is black from the Caribbean but you also have some Irish in there as well yeah you guys are is also going to be all over the place I’m so I can’t wait and I’m more excited about your results and I’m of mine as you guys know I am Turkish so I think it’s gonna be like 99% kitchen than like a 1% or I don’t know but I’ll be quite interesting to see that the percentages and actual and the ethnic backgrounds but also you get paired up with a DNA of our new relative that you can find online as well so that will be interesting to a thing like imagine if you find like a cousin that’s on the road or saying that you never knew yeah I’m crazy so I’m super super excited to see that aspect of it for sure and so I think we should just go straight into the results I can’t wait anymore the moment we’ve all been waiting for let’s do it so on the website let’s click over here DNA or this okay so Irish and Scottish and Welsh is 42% I’m leavin I’m not even then I’m leaving English no that’s fine you so let’s be gone Jamie – oh no no it’s gonna overview a view full estimate okay there is a man in syrup in syrup I’m 70% in Europe yes I’m full on 40 from 43% Irish I a Scottish relish behind clubs on both sides so I thought that would happen Africa yeah that’s my black side that’s 28% got Asia amazing 11.8 Asian South Asian it counts wait that’s like that’s like India I mean yeah I’d be the British not well no cuz like the Caribbean is is West Indies Indian know what Indies yes I don’t know that’s interesting though but so let’s check out the African side so I’m Nigerian wow I’ve always liked the color green I’m just so shocked by this right now this is yeah I’m kind of shocked I’m sure that I’m not if that makes sense yeah that’s really it’s Eastern European we’re worried I’m Thompson Italian no that’s crazy and 7.5% Iberian did they build Eastern European in there as well I’m Italian tapas that’s a high percentage where does that come from I’m not too sure you know is looking at flights to Italy today only let’s go to the motherland all right all right well we’ll come back to this but I need to see bring in two results now the cover Indians one know 14% Italian 82% asian what wait where’s a Turkish West Asia yes a West Asia is like Turkey Iraq Iran does it does it specify I don’t know 84% so it has like a massive broad area looks like it ranges from from Turkey all the way is that the Persian northern Iraq Iran Azerbaijan it Syria no wait wait wait let’s go back to the Italian coming from 40 was it 14% you’re 2% more you’re 1% more Italian than me whatever you tell you I and I got that that’s why I love pasta so much did have spaghetti to differentiate why is all that intervene so here’s leftovers dinner from yesterday I’m sorry dad but his Middle East what’s Middle East doesn’t that doesn’t that come under Monty sure these counters right little bit more the Saudi oh I am so amazed with these results so yeah you’re 82 percent is like the Turkish region so that’s that’s pretty much what you for would be I did but I’m very very shot with an Italian on the European side of it ah I love this so much I have a little family straightaway oh there’s a description for each part of world your phone sorry to call so if I click West Asian the people from modern-day Iran and Turkey yeah Persian in Turkic that’s interesting that’s good that’s good yeah I love each each region that you’re from that’s really good this DNA match cheese I’ll film a family great-great aunt or great niece what first cousin once removed did wait I know who that is I know that’s my clothes I’m from here this is actually accurate this is this is crazy no that’s actually insane like is that not insane it tells you what kind of relationship you have where that’s a great aunt first cousin you’ve got a cousin in Germany and Switzerland what I neverland’s what is law texts in Germany my mind is blown guys wait wait check yours check yours let me see if I can your cousins Irish these are Irish names oh my god cuz first cousin I bet your mom knows all these people maybe it goes on cuz you’re you’ve got DNA matches for loads of people but it shows you the closest the closest in the top page this is mine yeah this is actually mine is laughing that’s too much there’s too much information going on right now we have the right very emotional some of the stuff we kind of expected the son of though is a massive shock yeah but I spends quite a lot of time just to go over each of our results yeah definitely and we were browsing on DNA matches in this quiet fuse I’m gonna have to spend some time on that as well yeah until our family all the news but if you do won’t have a chance to do check out your own results and use our discount code in the description below Jay and ring in and you’ll get free shipping we just want to say thank you to my heritage for partnering with us for this video it’s so exciting that they’re partnering for the Eurovision Song Contest for 2019 in Tel Aviv which is super exciting are you guys gonna watch it which country are you rooting for let us know in the comments below you guys know I’m an enthusiastic person by your vision if you did enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up subscribe for more and I’ll see you in the next one bye


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