DNA test reunites Korean adoptees 34 years later

I just met my brother. I mean, I knew about him all this time. I just never thought I’d ever meet him. So this is really amazing. It’s like, we came from the same parents, which is blowing my mind because I’ve never known anybody related to me, and I never thought I would. This was his little picture in there, and the first time I saw his little face. We actually found Justin in a magazine With this cute little cherub of a face. What we knew was that 18 months prior he had been abandoned on a theater step. We knew that he had a heart defect. We knew he had been abandoned. We knew that he was in a foster home. That’s really all we knew. I was content with what I thought was my story, and what I thought it was is my mother may have been a prostitute, a young prostitute, who had a baby out of wedlock or whatever. I was content with living that. I was adopted because I had open-heart surgery. I was special needs. I needed it. They found a note in my pocket and it said ‘This girl is an orphan. She has no parents, please take her to the nearest police station.’ They asked me questions and I said that my father had drank too much, and he would beat my mom, and she ran away. I was adopted to California. Couldn’t have wished for a better place to grow up and live. We matched. Out of one-in-a-million, maybe even more. As a mom of an adopted child, I could not have planned a better gift to give Justin than this. You could see that hole, you know, that was missing for him, that piece of them that they don’t even know or understand. I always thought I was alone in the world, and I was content with that. Now you’re stuck with me, see how attached I am? I know, she’s already on me like a leaf.

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