DNA testing chip delivers results in one hour, paves way for personalized drug treatments #DigInfo

Panasonic, together with the Belgium-based
research institution IMEC, has developed a DNA testing chip that automates all stages
of obtaining genetic information, including preprocessing. This development is expected to enable personalized,
tailor-made therapy to become widespread. SNPs are variations in a single DNA base among
individuals. Detecting SNPs makes it possible to check
whether genetically transmitted diseases are present, evaluate future risks, and identify
genes related to illness. Testing is done simply by injecting the blood
and a chemical into the chip, and setting it in the testing system. First of all, the blood and chemical are mixed.
DNA is then extracted from the mixed solution. The regions containing SNPs are then cut out
and amplified. DNA amplification uses technology called PCR, which cuts out the desired sections
by varying the temperature. With the conventional method, this process took two hours. The amplified DNA is then sent through a micropump to a DNA filter. Here, the DNA is separated for each section length. Then, a newly developed electrochemical sensor identifies SNPs while the DNA is dissolved in the chemical.


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