DNA Tests Revealed!

we and others have turned this into a
very automated process where you can put in saliva get out DNA Joe Pickrell is a
geneticist and CEO at Gencove a company that makes genomic data accessible and
interpretable. Most of the the tests that you’re familiar with and that we’ve used
are based around a technology called genotyping what our technology is based
around is increasing that by orders of magnitude instead of looking at 100,000
sites you would look at 10 million or 100 million sites and in the long run
this is the type of data that will make these tests much more powerful the
genetic genealogy market is currently dominated by ancestry.com and 23andme
which use genotyping to give consumers information based on their DNA
I ordered a test through ancestry.com and was surprised that the test actually
worked when I was matched to relatives I had known taken the test so how do these
companies extract your DNA from the saliva you ship off to a lab so in your
saliva or their cells most of them it’s a it’s kind of interesting half of them
probably about half of the cells are you know white blood cells there’s sort of
blood cells that you spit out the other half is your sort of skin cells and in
each of those cells is your genome and the genome is about the same and every
cell in your body its 3.3 billion chemical bases all strung together and
in those 3.3 billion there are many that are different among people so you might
have a particular genetic variant that I don’t have but the genetic variant that
you have as probably shared is definitely shared with one of your
parents and it’s definitely shared with one of your grandparents and so on
surprisingly the popularity behind DNA kids is nothing new well it turns out
genealogy has been a hobby for people for hundreds and hundreds of years it
was probably the biggest hobby in the 1800’s among you know certain classes of
people and now that’s just now we have sort of a modern-day equivalent of that
a lot of them it’s more of a focus on either an ancestry genealogy pure
genealogy product which would be your my heritage or ancestry DNA. Their tests
like 23andme they’d also have a more medical angle. For example my health results from 23andme showed that I have a slight risk for macular degeneration but no variant for late onset Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile my DNA results were very similar to my ancestry.com ones although
it seems like fun to order a DNA test kit without a second thought these kids
can stir up issues about privacy as well as open up
a Pandora’s box of family secrets anonymity is gone that’s the that’s the
short answer and there’s no such thing as anonymous
sperm donation anymore there’s basically no such thing as anonymous sperm donation
anymore. And at the end of the day who owns that DNA data? I think all of the
companies would say they that you own it and you’ve given them a lot of rights to
it my understanding is you can take those rights away if you choose to. You
can take your data and delete your account and tell them to delete
everything so whether you want to simply find out your ancestry or delve into
your medical probabilities think twice before you purchase a DNA test because
your privacy may be at risk while the industry will continue to boom! I’m
Tinabeth Pina for Simply Science.

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