DNA Tests – wissenschaftlich analysiert | by Rheinländerin Sophia Transistor (auf deutsch)

Q: “It’s all in this little pond of goo!” * Picard thinks: wtf? * Hello! That’s a tricorne. Based on my
Appearance and my carnival costume you can see: I am a true-to-life
Rhinelander; I’m not there yet sure and that’s why I have a DNA
Test and the question is Now: is that science, or is that
just stupid? Who directly my personal
Wants to appraise results until Zap end,
because we have to first about the Problem behind the DNA analyzes
entertained or at least mine Research and analytics also from the sooner
to ignore unobserved things: First the falsification arguments, the
everyone can understand when he is unprepared to entertain about this zhema in the tavern: I quote a comment below that
DNA Test Video from: * Farin Holiday: “Vegas Films Presents!” “* Maike *: DNA test”! “I think it’s scary that
so many people are ready for theirs To give DNA without knowing what the
Company might do it … ” “Well, that’s probably my dream
Getting serial killer in the way. “” Wow! ” “Here I come from!” The conspiracy theories are really there no limits;
I find much scary, for example. the Imagine the whole thing just so
Deck Billboard Box Company is, behind any such rich
Schnösel is stuck with it some kind looking for genetically compatible people to stop … scary. Or what could you think twice? The end of the world!
All people gone! Aliens come over and find in Area 51
the database with your sample and that’s why only humans will survive,
that are in there because now the possibility exists
quasi-reawakening by cloning. is Of course, all nonsense but that behind
Maybe it’s not such a thing to be so insignificant. For this
a fitting anecdote from one of the vlogbrothers: John Green: “No matter what you do, the tides of time will wash away your sandcastle, so there is no sense in reaching some foolhardy notion of immortality, when there is real work to be done with real people, right niw! ” But what were we talking about? Right …! ” What I have taken from it: In a few 1000 years, it is no longer a pig anyway … And you only live once! Criticism 1 are something like
Profit interests with your data. With sending in his saliva sample
the customer does not just consent to that his genome becomes part of the database,
but also that it is anonymous may be resold.
An extremely lucrative business. DNA data is the raw material of a booming genomics industry. The market value of largest American GEN database
is at 1.76 billion dollars valued. My DNA analysis was a free one
Internet bookable service and me can now start a business
Do not blame me for making a profit want…
But I am also someone who Account maintenance fees justified
finds, therefore from therefore … I have the whole thing
Fine print led to mind and in the summary of privacy
highlights is here: Unless you agree, your de-identified (anonymized) genetic Information in a database
be created to do research with it. Does not sound bad,
Nevertheless, there is a lot to it criticize. Here’s the internal one
Area of ​​my provider … research … here can you actually attend,
but it is widely advertised with genetics research. Here is a picture with nice
researchers; you will also agree with me after enough informed about it.
Then you can clearly choose here. What a pity, then
You can also do a lot of surveys take part; I already did that.
First of all it is only in English and I have to me here really every technical term
translate. More and more questions are coming, more and more
Questions and there is no ad when it comes to an end. Was one of my
Ancestors on the Mayflower? I think Not!
And if I fill it all, I want at least a few results
know because that costs me everything a lot of time. Here it is: I have
187 questions answered and thus the 0 Contributions contributed.
Here is at least a list of publications (paper=publications) and what they look like
which also freely visible, but I have not so much the need for me now
read through “peer review scientific journal. “Here stands the research
works: collect data, DNA compare, discover something and
publish. Madness! 124 Publications since 2010. Where should
the data does not go? My data should not be to any
public databases, insurance or employers, law enforcers
or any governments. Do the set up here, they also assure
that they are doing some things with that the data is also safe; yes, too
be hacked. You can get his data delete.
In the whole company history seems There are five US government requests
To have given user data; that will be after all, from the company here open
communicated. The data will be admittedly with any
shared service providers, but that is also necessary for that at all
To be able to do analysis is here. Yes and the personal information … what is
now personal information? … will too shared with research institutions though
only if you have agreed. Uh-oh! Personal information is information
with whom you can be identified! Why do not we do that with the
anonymous data, I wonder? The is a big criticism for me because
who can not make sure what then these research facilities with
to do my data. Here a real one Customer support response to mine
Concerns. On the internet and especially on youtube are the top providers:
myheritage.com, ancestry.de and 23andme If you’re on youtube though
DNA tests in German looking for … really a large part in German-speaking countries
was made on myHeritage DNA and all the videos have one
Affiliate link underneath or say directly In the beginning, that’s free
have been sent: so that Marketing of myheritage has in
Germany done a great job! That’s why I do not support it
decided, but rather lead one here Unknown: Namely 23AndMe …
and here we come to the second Criticism: “You are subject to the companies DATABASE …. so It is possible that they may not have that information about that particular group yet. ” In addition to unsurprising results
Evolutionary geneticists also criticize the Seriousness of such genetic tests. The
Percentages are purely statistical a very limited database of
Determined world population. They throw that commercial test providers before, one
type of genetic astrology. And behind it were profit interests.
This information is also available here internal area. The reference data set
consists of just over 10,000 people, includes freely accessible data
and also other customers of the provider. I am now for the most part European
and there the data already looks pretty good. A company that works in the
large-scale saliva samples is evaluated not just a science lab,
it’s a huge database. The genome of the individual is with the
compared to the entire database looking for DNA sequences that are for
certain ethnic geographical Populations are typical. Out
their distribution becomes the individual Group affiliation calculated. Work, Many of these mutations slip through to the next generation. These genetic changes accumulate a steady rate through time, So scientists can read them like a mulecular clock, and estimate how much time has passed. And which changes induviduals share, tell us how close or distantly related they are! Human’s seemingly different but on a DNA level are remarkably similar! Groups of chimps in central africa living right next to each other show more And these genetic similarities are: and that one point our population was small. Maybe as few as thousands of us. Bruce Springsteen crowd. To put that in perspective, that’s just a third of your average Bruce Springsteen crowd. Sorry boss! Today any two humans only differ by about one of 1000 DNA base pairs but our genome is so big, that is still millions of single letter differences or snips for single nucleotide polymorphism. We tend to see combinations of these changes, chunks of snips, associating with different geographic locations. Companies that test your DNA Ancestry. Every thousands of single letter changes in your genome to make a sort of signature of your unique genetic variation. Then they compare their signature to thousands of reference individuals math to see which parts of your genome most likely came from certain geographic areas. “Every generation doubles
our ancestors … ” How many ancestors do you have? If we continue this line doubling every step, just 40 generations ago, we would find a trillion ancestors, all living at the same time, which is ridiculous! That’s not how many people have ever been alive. It’s more stars than are in the milky way. So where are all your missing ancestors? Every human alive today shares a common ancestor in their family tree. And this person lived only about 3000 years ago We all carry a record of our ancestors in our genes, because DNA is over and over, every sort of a mistake is written in. How likely is that out of one
Soup of random molecules through chemical reactions something like life
arises? Q: “You see this? This is you! A group of amino acids are about to combine to form the first protein. The building blocks * hehe * of what you calls life. Strange, is not it? Everything you know, your entire civilization … It’s all in this little pond of goo … “* Picard: wtf? * Dr. Mai-Thi Nguyen-Kim: “And we’re right in the middle of optimization!” From the DNA data can be the
Facilities for hereditary diseases such as Reading Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
Precious for the research but for the Individual of questionable value. In
Germany may only be a doctor arrange diagnostic genetic tests and he
also needs his patient Make results understandable.
Self-service genetic test from the Internet let those affected against it
with her questions alone. That’s true! It is also available at my provider
ancestry service plus health kit for 200 Dollar. I would have been burning interested,
but: Health reports are not available in these countries: Germany! Unfortunately, too
Neighboring countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Poland … but Sweden! Or even better:
Holland! I could holiday in Holland make me send the kit there
let, spit in, send and the I’ll get the results online anyway.
The sample must be taken in the country be done by sending that too and
have the appropriate German law I also quickly found: that
Gendiagnostikgesetz! “And then what do you do with it?” “That’s a good question…” “I’m smarter now!” “What can you do with it? “Nothing!” * hehe * * laugh * DNA kits for your pets, dogs and cats. ” “What? You get them to spit in that tube though?” “Yah, fill them to the front.” Let’s come to my personal assessment … I am relatively tall and depending on the exposure so
medium … blonde … no idea, light brown at least. I always have unvarnished, unhypnotic,
gray-blue eyes. Something like that it is in my passport.
On the whole, I am unique! I’ll bring you some numbers, dates and
Facts include: 90 60 90 80 70 90 89 That’s faked that’s not me. 82 and
how much would be 90? That would be 90. With and without clothes 70th Well, you can still
get out a bit … 66! And an interesting fun fact:
The blouses just go right up to here so you do not have to wash so much. Pretty handy. What did you say? Bavaria value on wood in front of the hut. They hot a wood in front of the hut and a big fence On butt like ran Ross and at Watschelgaum yes you hot hair on your teeth ‘ yes, the hoilt koaner! Joa may, joa may she is a horror! While Rhinelander tend to emphasize the legs: Because we are kölsche girls! Ham ‘Spetzebötzje! We do not fumble! Do not let me off! That’s fascinating how different
because the insights are shared. But that It’s all for the tourists. The
You can tell tourists how they like theirs Bind loops: like cabbage and turnips!
But those are just clichés. In Reality it looks like this:
“… and that we say what we think that we do what we say and that
you can rely on us! ” Grünwald: “Take off your clothes and take care of your clothes!” The cliché-German is
namely, because Bayern was annexed by the USA,
or something like that. Now we have to go in to live with our external action.
But there are worse ones. To stop riding in there * washed * … “My genetic results look pretty much like this!” Where is my tricorne? And I think
the concept is very good first of all Assumption and then that
whole dissolve. As I said, I am a Rhinelander and
my ancestors are mostly from Cologne. Deviations from this are the
Ancestors of my paternal grandmother. They come from Medebach, that lies in the
Sauerland; that is right bank of the Rhine and right bank of the Rhine that is so with us … the
“wrong side”. And my maternal grandfather also comes Strahlsund, that is still
much more rechtsrheinischer. The pure paternal line of my family
originally from the Lower Rhine and our surname should be from Holland
come from the Netherlands. celebrity Ancestors are unknown. It exists
However, a degree of relationship to the SPD or quasi-SPD politician Friedrich Ebert. That’s a cousin of me. Then Let’s take a look at my ancestry composition: over 50 percent French and German. Germany, Netherlands,
France. Well, I’m not Alpine countries unfortunately. That had with Holland
I already feared. Here you can still the regions look, but in
considering the fact that this Provider mainly American
Customers, this is likely not representative. Germany: Saarland.
Well, I do not have any Connection to;
I do not think so. Probably only from all over Germany
another customer made this test and he happens to be from Saarland.
Almost 17 percent British and Irish. 3.5 Percent Scandinavian. My grandfather
maternal has probably a Danish Had grandmother. That’s definitely true
already impressive, that something Find. Eastern Europe 0.1 percent there I am
yes calms down. Yes, and this one here “broadly”=”largely” is titled, that is
probably not exactly assignable. So I am mainly north-west European. Still
Northwest European does not work anymore. So I can do it all out here
oral narratives of my family too vote. I would have something
Exotic wanted for example the here, but you can not have everything.
Until the 19th century french-german, yes okay, the Grandmother of my grandfather … 1800 something,
can vote. This graphic does not mean anything to me.
Neanderthal ancestry. The Neanderthal is about an hour’s drive
away from the place where I grew up am.
There is traffic jam here at the moment. But that says yes nothing, there was just the first
found. Does not mean that too originally come from here. Here it is: Less than four percent of my DNA. The Differences between persons called
one variations. Some of this variation have influence
on health, conditions, characteristics, Ancestry. Some of my traits
most likely influenced Straight hair, I can not
confirm, I have waves. Here again some nonsense; little back hair. My DNA family: 739 cousins ​​or cousins third and fourth degree. On
new feature: now with map. How to get here also looks at the numbers below: The
Whole customers live in the US of that Provider here. It will not hurt me. This is maybe a bit interesting, but on the whole
rather bauble. I once had a dog. Yes, the koreander.
That’s the way it used to be: I used to ever not knowing that there are people at all
there who think that it is like soap tastes. Now that’s my first time
I could say: Yes, I could be the farthest sense because so really
Coriander does not taste green. Something like coffee I do not drink.
I made myself a tea * Schlürf * This with the less “likely” that is totally confusing:
“Improbable” So it is for me
probably one note after sing too can, but I have an absolute pitch
neither. I have the maternal Haplogroup T1 and here it says that
at least exotic is for Europe and based on archaeological excavations
in England one suspects that the Haplo Group T1 about the Vikings in Europe
was transferred. Speaking of Wickinger …. if already … Here is this “single woman” in
East Africa: Group L, L3, N, R, T has it until after Europe made it. At least you can
look at his raw data here as well. I think that if you fool around enough you can do a lot yourself find out what is not here in the report
stands: Here, when looking at a marker clicks, then you will automatically
forwarded to a free public accessible medicine database, but me
just see: that does not mean anything to me! You can download that, too. xy? A very large text file with the raw data but it is very clear: not for
medical or other use. Increase some variations the risk a certain
Develop health status. One can also go into his own
Look at family history, if there already something has happened
health technology. Here’s it: a multi- causales related game: environment,
Lifestyle… These are definitely things where
you can do something rather than his Genes.
At this point I would like one too not online, but book literature
Include source with … a book about atopic dermatitis, more precisely
here’s a chapter on epigenetics. Eczema is a “disease” where the
People quite often just say that Cause is genetic disposition: “Can not do anything …”
But he writes: “The new biological Specialty of epigenetics has emerged
from the knowledge of what until before no one for a relatively short time
had held possible: our genes are beyond the specifications in
the DNA, the whole life through in motion.
Whereby there are single phases in which the People both in the positive and in the
negative especially prone to adjustments
the environment is. These phases are: in the first three months of
Pregnancy, in the first three Years after birth and in the
Puberty. “What do you say to this theory? I’m not an expert, but I’m just saying
that it sounds logical, otherwise it would yes mankind and DNA-technically
can not evolve. who’s there better sources, please have a look in the
Write comments! Do I have any conclusion yet?
I’m a bit smarter now, Overall, I think that
Information situation still pretty much, the was delivered to me there.
At least I have the thing here dressed again.
I bought that in 2013 and it still suits me, although I already do
got old. Ciao, servus, Alaaf!
Finally, even without a genetic test, the Realizing that all people, no matter whether
European, African or Asian to 99.5 Percent have the same genetic material! High spirits and so much mirth have a child from the Rhine only. That’s why I’m supposed to free a girl in my life, then it just has to be born on the Rhine!


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