DNA: Why China is not happy with Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh?

Before the analysis of the next topic on DNA I would like to read out something to you This is a part of the letter which was written on November 7, 1950. by the first Minister of Home Affairs (India) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel to the first Prime Minister of India, Jawarlal Nehru. This letter is mentioned by the ex-Indian National Security advisor, J. N. Dixit in his book, “Makers of India’s Foreign Policy from Raja Ram Mohan Roy to Yashwant Sinha And the text of this letter is available on the Friends of Tibet named website The copy of the letter is in my hands and I would like to read it out to you “While our western and north western threat to security is still as prominent as before A new threat has developed from the north and north east. Thus for the first time after centuries India’s defense has to concentrate itself on two fronts, simultaneously Our defense measure have so far been based on the calculations of superiority over Pakistan In our calculations we shall now have to reckon with Communist China in the north And in the north east A Communist China which has definite ambitions and aims which does not in anyway seem friendly disposed towards us.” This letter was written about 67 years from today This letter was written by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel when China was forcefully trying to capture Tibet. Through this letter, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel he tried to explain Jawaharlal Nehru that he must not expect and trust the Communist China as a friend. he must not commit such a mistake. because ‘Tibet captured’ China will soon be a big problem for India And India will then have to keep their frontal defense in not one but two major areas That is Pakistan in the west And China in the north-east It is also believed that in trying to sweeten the relations with China Jawaharlal Nehru did not take the words of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel much seriously And after exactly 12 years later of writing this letter by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel to Jawaharlal Nehru China attacked India. We read out this letter to you because after 67 years once again tensions between India and China has risen in context of Tibet The Great Tibetan Buddhist Religious Teacher, Dalai Llama is on a visit to Arunachal Pradesh for 9 days. This visit to Arunachal Pradesh has caused severe panic in China and China has started to threaten India as again. China has even said that if India uses Dalai Llama against them, then, China might interfere in the matter of Kashmir. However the newspaper, China Daily has said this without mentioning the name of Kashmir. China is even worried about the fact that India has sent State Home Minister, Kiran Rijiju to welcome Dalai Llama at Tawang The Government newspaper of China, Global Times has objected over this matter in such a threatening voice everyone of you should know about that matter since you might have been reading about this topic in the news paper but you might not know the roots of this conflict. Global Times has published that Dalai Llama has earlier visited disputed areas That is he has visited Arunachal Pradesh before But this time, the visit is has a difference because Indian State Home Minister, Kiran Rijiju has welcomed Dalai Llama We would like to inform you that Kiran Rijiju a few days back clearly said Dalai Llama is not a political figure, but a religious teacher Hence no one should have any objection on his visit to Arunachal Pradesh He also said that China should not interfere in the matters of India. Not only that, the article also threatens India that if relations of India and China bitters off and both the enemies confronts each other face to face is India even ready to suffer the consequences? This newspaper has even tried to remind India in a threatening voice that the GDP of China is several times greater than that of India and their army is even bigger and stronger than India whose can reach the Indian Ocean easily. Under such consequences, if China plays a geo-political game with India then, will China lose to India? Similarly, China Daily newspaper says that if India plays any dirty game, then they should poke their ‘eye for an eye’ they poke. Here, by the words ‘eye for an eye’ it is believed that they wish to say that China may interfere in the matter of Kashmir. This shows that China has suffered a big diplomatic blow We would like to tell you that China believes that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of South Tibet, while the truth is, just like Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India. China had illegally captured Tibet in 1950 Before that, India never used to share any of her border with China In motive of surrounding India, China had attacked Tibet. During those times, our political leaders was unable to guess the severity of the problem Here you should also know that, when and how did the dispute between Dalai Llama and China arose and why is China so tensed about Dalai Llama and why does China consider Dalai Llama their biggest enemy. In the year 1950, China sent 40,000 soldiers to capture Tibet. Their motive was to capture the resources of Tibet and make India feel their presence at her doorsteps When Chinese troops had conquered Tibet in 1950, the leadership of the Tibetan government was under the 14th Dalai Llama and his age at that time was only 15 years The Chinese and the Tibetan Governments agreed on a treaty which had 17 points and this agreement is also known as 17 point agreement. According to which, China had to grant an autonomous authority over the Tibetan state. That is, China will have the capture over Tibet, but Dalai Llama will be allowed to run his own government on his terms However, China did not keep his words, From there onwards, protests against China in Tibet started On 10th March, 1950, thousands of Tibetans surrounded the Potala palace of Dalai Llama in the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa. They were afraid that the Chinese soldiers may execute Dalai Llama or even kidnap him After that, on 30th March, 1959, Dalai Llama, with the help of American Secret Agency, CIA he left for India Along with him, his supporters also fled to India. After coming to India, Dalai Llama established ‘Government of Tibet in Exile’ Dalai Llama and his supporters till date, live in Dharamshala of Himachal Pradesh. And now, Dharamshala is also nicknamed as ‘Little Lhasa’ When Dalai Llama fled to India, he also stayed at the monastery of Tamang for some days. We would like to inform you that the 6th Dalai Llama, Tsangyang Gyatso was born in Tamang of Arunachal Pradesh This is why Arunachal Pradesh and Tawang is considered very holy among the Tibetans And they are very emotional about it Tawang monastery, is the second biggest Buddhist monastery after the Potala Palace in Tibet China claims a big area of Arunachal Pradesh, including Tawang. This is why China is very disappointed about Dalai Llama’s visit to Tawang China believes that Dalai Llama is a political figure and is damaging his international fame while India is using Dalai Llama to teach the Chinese a lesson Whereas the truth is that China is suffering his own deeds because China never stand with truth. China always help terrorists like Masood Azhar also, is not willing to cooperate India in NSG. and with the help of Pakistan, interferes in the matter of Kashmir And when India stands up fearlessly against the Chinese misdeeds they threaten India with war and economic damage Dalai Llama represents Buddhist religion Buddhism was born in India from where it reached China And today, maximum number of Buddhists reside in China There are approximately 240 million Buddhists in China Buddhism preaches peace, but we think China has forgot the basics of Buddhism, Maybe this is the reason he can see an enemy in a religious teacher. China repeatedly threatens India, but by standing with Dalai Llama , India has proven that the mistake commited 67 years ago will not be repeated again. Buddhism reached Tibet from India Tibet was a strategic and cultural ally with India. The most important Hindu religious place, Kailash Mansarovar is in Tibet. That is why it the duty of India to stand with and safeguard Tibet and India will keep on doing this ethical job Tibetan Religious Teacher Dalai Llama when reached Arunachal Pradesh, caused China to get tensed Dalai Llama is respected all over the world For millions of Tibetans he is more than a religious leader, he is ‘The Light of Hope’ With the message of Buddha, 58 years ago, the 14th Dalai Llama came to India and from that day since, he is not only the most respected guest of India, but a small India lives inside of him. “uh a then… this physical….” This, my body is more than 57 years, is still alive I consume dal, rice and roti of India. “This body survived by Indian rice, dal and chapatti.” But China can see the Indian victory in Dalai Llama’s visit to Arunachal China seems to forget that Arunachal and Dalai Llama, both belong to India Until China relaxes his illegal stronghold of China, till that time Dalai Llama can feel at home in India, and can run his government from here China is a little afraid and is shouting loud that Dalai Llama China is not interested (willing) to permit Dalai Llama for visiting Tawang They are replied back that he is a religious leader The Buddhist population in India is requesting him to visit Tawang See how grand was the reception at Bomdila They (China) is pressurizing India as the boundary is still not settled. And the position of India is constanly increasing which is upsetting China But China is constantly threatening India And saying Indians will have to suffer the consequences But Chinese have seem to forget that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and also a center for centuries old India- Tibet friendship So China must not interfere in this matter We expect China also should not interfere in our internal matter Being a democratic and secular country India cannot restrict or stop the visit for a programme of any religious leaders in our country In 1959, when Dalai Llama and 80,000 other Tibetans came to India from that day onwards, Tibetans have merged with Indians without any problem just like sugar dissolving in milk “No problem, no problem!” “To some people even you see, considered me as a demon” No problem, they can consider me a Satan I was asked before that the Chinese Government calls me a Satan Well yes, I am a Satan “What do you feel?” “And then I response” “Yes I am a demon” [demonic sound mimicry] China follows expansionism theory So, he sometimes claim over Taiwan, sometimes Tibet, sometimes over South China Sea. sometimes over Arunachal Pradesh So there hardly any country out there who seriously even believe in them Whatever we believe, China wants to destroy it They wish to convert Tibetan Buddhists into Chinese They want to close down the Buddhist Stupas and monasteries They want to teach them chinese So as a friendly neighbor, we feel sorry for those who are distressed out there This has no relation with Tawang Tawang is a part of India Tawang belongs to Arunachal Pradesh India-Tibetan relation is several a centuries old Not only rivers, but culture and religion acts as a bridge to link Tibet and India “Last time when I came, I said yes, Tibetans are seeking refuge in India” “But Tibetans are the ones who granted refuge to Lord Shiva” Tibet exists now because India is with him Tibetans have granted refuge to Lord Shiva The center for Indian Civilization, Indus river is in Tibet Manasarovar, Kailash Mountain is also in Tibet, that is whenever Tibet will gain something, India will gain automatically “Indus River the kernel of Indian Civilization sits inside Tibet” “Manasarovar is in Tibet” “Mount Kailash is in Tibet” “Hence protection and success of Tibet is also beneficial to India as well” Tibet is considered the ‘Roof Top of The World’ And till that time Tibet is unharmed, no one can defeat India Dalai Llama considers himself a son of India So China cannot succeed in their plan “I am son of India, reason…” “…different ideas, different concept, philosophy… ” “…. and logic” “uh…. which filled my brain….” ….all this coming” I would like to tell everyone that I am a son of India because idea, concept, philosophy and logic has come in my minds from India My body is made from the dal and rice of India for the last 57 years “This body survived by Indian rice, dal and chapatti.” “So, physically, spiritually, I am son of India” “And then” “Over 57 years, I am I think the longest guest of Indian Government” Dalai Llama is on a visit to Arunachal Pradesh after 8 years and India has clarified that there is no political conspiracy behind it but he is on a visit to Arunachal Pradesh for religious purposes China should understand that they are forcing India not to support a spiritual person while China shall keep on supporting terrorists and terrorist nurturing country “Our military is very strong over there” “So the Chinese have also come to know that the Indian military” “now” “is not that same army of the (Sino-Indian) war of 1962” “They will not tolerate to see you capture a foot, even an inch” “So China is playing pressure tactics” “as China is trying to achieve the levels of that of America” “and don’t like that India is going ahead of them,” “and also boundary is yet to be settled” China should understand that though their army and economy is bigger than that of India But after the lesson learned in the war of 1962, India has grown stronger as an opponent against China. And if they dare threaten India then India has the ability to retaliate back China should give up jealousies related to military economic and political, and shake hands of friendship with India stop supporting terrorists and perform the duties of a good neighbor. Bureau Report, Zee Media Indian ambassador in China, Vijay Gokhale, was summoned by Chinese Government and registered their objections related to the visit of Dalai Llama to Arunachal Pradesh It is the first time that the ambassador of India was so strictly summoned after 9 years All of the Tibetan refugees residing all over the world including India believe that China had forced Tibet using weapons and power to sign the treaty Hence, that kind of a treaty has no value For the time being, more than 100 thousand Tibetan reside in India and through protests, they raise their voice for freedom of their country. Dalai Llama often said that Tibetans have all their rights to protect their culture and their religion should be safeguarded But because of the expansionism policy of China is by all means is trying to destroy the culture of Tibet and this is the reason why Dalai Llama and the exiled government of Tibet is protesting against China Dalai Llama already said that India has never used him for her political benefits You should also know what is the official stand of India regarding Tibet In the year 2003, in the statement printed, “Declaration on principles for relations and comprehensive cooperation between the Republic of India and the People’s Republic of China” India clearly stated that India believes that Tibet is an autonomous part of China and India will not perform anything in her soil against China which can destabilize China But India knows that China has several times violated his own words And they can do this about the Tibetans once again So, protecting of all refugees from Tibet is the primary duty of India who are deliberately tormented by the Chinese We believe that you have all the answers related to the tensions between India and China regarding Tibet and why the Chinese hate Dalai Llama, we hope you know about it and all of the questions related to this context coming in your mind is perhaps answered in this report.

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