Does DNA influence our Character? | Demetra Jiova – #AskDemetra Series(5B)

That’s a very vast area of science and there’s been so many, you know, different ideas and different experiments. What I know and what I’ve learned from the recently experiments that are done -actually mostly in Russia- is that yes, there is a part of DNA actually almost ten percent of it, that’s so far we knew, carries all the genes that, you know, have all the information to create a physical body and in there we have the genes about specific diseases or specific, you know, ways of reaction and some people thought even patterns of character. Now the new idea is the ninety percent of DNA, that for many-many years we consider it to be junk, literally, I know it’s funny but that is actually a scientific term. Scientists have named that ninety percent of DNA, “Junk DNA”, because they thought it does nothing. Recent research shows that, that is not absolutely true, but we know for a fact that, that ninety percent plays a huge role, and many-many people when they combine science, they combine the new research and DNA and they combine what we call spirituality, they truly believe and they actually, you know, refer to this idea of Akashic records, so what are the Akashic records? Supposedly if we believe the fact that the soul comes and you know, reincarnates and whenever one dies and death is just another way of, you know, passing through one experience to another experience and we also actually agree with the new indications that there is this thing that we call past lives, future lives and also the fact that all of them, probably are happening simultaneously, because we know Quantum physic-ally that time is not linear in the above dimensions and some people are going to say: dimensions and linearity what are you talking about? Let’s just say that scientifically, Quantum Physic-ally we do know that in this creation: All That Is as I call it, we already know there are eleven dimensions, right? The equations solved that. We experience only four of them, as you know, human beings. What we call “reality”, what we experienced as human beings as our environment around us, right now: the table, you talking to me, the sunlight coming through the windows and all this experience or everything I do, say, or you feel, we call that our human experience, scientifically that is called fourth dimension, right? Because, just to give one small, you know, piece of information, scientifically it means: the three dimensions of space -that’s why many times we go to the movies and we see 3D movies, right? So it includes that idea of three dimensions of space plus time, because every one of us experience our life with the passing of time, right now you understood that a second ago you asked me something and now it’s a second later, so you realize that you perceive your life as past-present and future. That’s called: “linearity of time”, now scientifically without going too deep right now at this moment, we do know in the above dimensions that exist, that we know exist but we don’t have a, you know, experimental sensation of it, we do know in those above dimensions from the fifth dimension and above, time is not linear. Someone might say, what does that mean? It means, somehow which is hard for our brain to grasp, time is always “Now”, so you experience the past, the present and the future in a sense: Now. And that’s a huge discussion here that we can actually enter very soon, but let’s put that out because I really want to go back to the initial question of DNA, so in a sense people believe there are parts of DNA that actually pass through your parents and your ancestors some biological traits and in there sometimes they might affect your experience or your mood, for example if I am in pain, I’m going to be a little bit, you know, cranky. That is not really my character though, even though it seems to affect how I react it’s not really my character. My character, my personality is the combination of those convictions we were talking about, is actually the EGO and in that sense, the EGO is not connected with the DNA. So if your parents are in a certain way and most of us have heard the idea: Oh, you look like your father or you act like your father or you act like your mother, all that.. That’s really not true, that’s actually another conviction: If you believe, because your father and mother were a certain way, you are going to be a certain way, yes then you are going to act that way but not because it was in your DNA, it’s because you believe it and then we go back into that idea of: If I believe it, then the universe will prove me right et cetera, et cetera. So it’s a vast subject here…, right?

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