Does Your DNA Affect Who You’ll Love? | Do These Genes Fit?

– We haven’t really thought
about our genetic compatibility other than wondering if we
might be related distantly. Hopefully that’s not the case. – I’m Lissy.
– I’m Shay. – We’ve been together for, it’ll be three and a
half years in February. – Hi, I’m Chance.
– I’m Lauren. And we’ve been together five-ish years. – Yeah, so we got engaged a month ago. I was really surprised when he asked. – There was no nerves whatsoever until three seconds before
my knee hit the ground and I just all of the sudden
couldn’t even breathe. – I think your voice cracked and like you said something nice and I was like but he got enough out
that I was like “Yes.” – We met in college in an acting class and we were friends at that point. – Lissy loves very hard. She’s never hesitant to give support, to give love and that’s amazing. – He’s very patient with things that like I get really anxious about. So he really balances me out. He always makes me laugh. – She’s very resilient and really focused and she helps me with staying focused. – Chance is very
transparent about who he is and I think he just also
is really good at listening to other people and meeting
them where they are. – What if it’s like 12? – Okay.
_ That’s pretty good. – 70%.
– 70%, I also got 70%. – Hot dog. – Overall compatibility 77%. – Okay, great. So we got 75% biocompatibility, which would make for decent kids. – Yeah, decently strong. – We’ve got 76% for biocompatibility. – Our child is gonna
have a pretty big butt. – Yeah, they’re gonna
have really big butts. And then neuro compatibility is 92. Says we have a unique combination
of physical attraction and psychological
compatibility, so that’s good. – Neuro compatibility 84%
which is above average. – Oh, this is interesting. So dopamine, as a couple one of us carry the explorer version while
the other person does not. But that’s a 100% ideal match. – Says we’re both more level-headed
than the average couple. It identifies us both as builders. – Interesting. – As a couple both of
us have similar moderate responses to emotional changes. – We both received practical on serotonin. – Yes.
– 100% match. That’s pretty neat. – I guess we’re both practical
but about different things. – Yeah.
– Do you think that’s funny? – No. I think you generally have moderate responses to emotional change. – I think it depends on what it is. – As a couple, it may be more challenging for you to interpret each others emotions. I think that’s true. It labeled you as the
listener and me as thinker. Definitely I think that’s true. – We both have a good ability to interpret the other’s
personal emotions. – Even if you’re not
saying what I want to hear, I’ve gotten better at
being like that’s okay, I’m gonna keep listening because there’s value in what you’re saying. – I think this is pretty accurate. I don’t think it really
changes anything for us, it probably just gives
us more to talk about. – Yeah.
– Explore. – It’s certainly a helpful tool. I think I was preparing to find out that we were second
cousins or something crazy. So, I feel good about it, yeah. – Definitely still getting married. 77% is good, I’m glad that–
– Yeah. – Sounds like a good number.
– Three out of four. – Three out of four is good odds. The neuro-compatibility
one is really interesting ’cause I didn’t realize that that was even a factor
that I could take in. It said dopamine, serotonin,
and oxytocin were all 100% well matched in that category which is super-interesting. And isn’t serotonin what makes you happy? The happy molecule in your brain? – We’re 100% matched for happiness. – Good job, proud of you. ♪ SoulPancake ♪

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