(upbeat music) – Hello wonderful people of the internet. Today’s video is gonna be
a little bit different. We’re not doing a challenge and we’re not trying
to do something funny. – [Crowd] Aw. – Today we are going to be exploring the DNA ancestry of our puppies. So you guys have probably seen we got a new puppy a few weeks ago. (happy music) Her name is Bella Luna. – I call her Loony Toony and Luna Tuna. – So a little backstory, Bella Luna came, we believe, from Mexico. A friend of a family member
brought the puppy back but didn’t have permission
to keep the dog. It changed hands a few
times in similar fashion and we ended up with her. We were told that she’s probably
a Chihuahua Terrier mix. She’s been a little bit
harder to housebreak than Sookie was. So we were very curious about her breed, because that might help
us learn better techniques for how to have trained her. And it will also give
us some insights into potential health risks
and things like that. Also, our dog Sookie, who is about seven and a half years old, when we got her, we were told that she was a pure bred Chihuahua, but
there’s no documentation. So Sarah went online and she
found these, Wisdom Panel. The way this works is
it’s got some cheek swabs. We’re gonna swab the
inside of their mouths. And then you let it dry and
then you put it back into the sealed container and
you mail it off to the lab, and in two to three
weeks, we get the results. You’re gonna get the results
at the end of this video, along with a special surprise,
so stick around ’til the end. Step one. Obtain cheek cells by
firmly rolling bristles between cheek and gums
for about 15 seconds. So this is one swab right here. – Do we do the other cheek now?
– Bella. There’s one. – We did 19.
– Alright, we got her. – You’re so good, you’re doing so good. You are so good. – Our next instruction is to log onto and activate your test using sample ID. – As a PDF.
(chimes ringing) – Ohp, five minutes, they’re done drying. – Cool. – Now we’re going to reinsert dry swabs into protective sleeve. Place sleeve with swab
into main box, seal carton. – So do you know how to mail something? – Yeah. So go over here, and then There’s isn’t mail in there. Then you take it out. Replace the other mail in there. – Okay. – And then you put this flag
up, and then you’re gonna run. – So that’s that. Two to three weeks, we’re
gonna get the results. Okay, it’s been about three weeks. Guys, I have some exciting news. We got the Wisdom Panel results in. – Do you want to guess? – I think Sookie’s
gonna be pure Chihuahua, and I think Luna’s gonna
be a Chihuahua Terrier mix. – So you think the people
told us the truth, okay. – Yeah, I think she’s gonna
be a Chihuahua Terrier mix. – You think so too? – Terrier like Harley? A Rat Terrier or a
different kind of Terrier? – Different kind of Terrier. – When you go like this
she looks like a Chihuahua. – I definitely see Chihuahua in there. Who should we do first? – Luna.
– Sookie. – Sookie, ’cause she’s
– You want to do Sookie first? – She’s less of a surprise. She’s for sure Chihuahua. – Here it is. (surprised inhaling) – I want to see. – 100% Chihuahua.
– Aw, she is puro. – Sookie is 100% Chihuahua. – Aw, Sookie, congratulations. – The results are in, our findings show that Sookie’s results are consistent with the pure bred Chihuahua
samples in our data base. Guys ready to find out what Luna is? – Okay.
– Yes! – This is the big, we’ve got, oh. Oh my God. So it’s got Chihuahua, Cocker
Spaniel, Poodle Miniature and then in the mixed breed groups, Terrier, companion and herding. She’s half Chihuahua. – Oh goodness, Luna. You’re half Chihuahua. – When I grow up I’m gonna have 14 dogs. And they’re all gonna be the cutest. Every time I go to humane society, and I see the dogs that
I feel bad for them I would buy them.
– Okay. – But I would only buy the small ones. – You’re gonna need a lot of land. – I wouldn’t buy any big ones.
– And a lot of patience. – And then a small one. I would either have to buy big ones for a long time or small
ones for a long time. – You were right, Johnna. I didn’t know she was Chihuahua. – I’ll pay you all the money I ever get once I get all of the
money that I ever get if I ever get any more money. All the money that I ever… (trails off) – So I just wanted to
shout out and say thank you to Wisdom Panel, you
guys were very helpful. If you guys want to check them
out we will put links below. So for those of you watching on Facebook we have a little surprise for you. Wisdom Panel gave us
one more of these things that we can give away to you. So if you guys have a dog and
you either want to find out what your dog’s ancestry is or if you suspect that
maybe you’ve got a purebred and you want to verify
that, this is for you. – So make sure you’re
watching this coming Monday. We’ll do a livestream. – On Facebook. – On Facebook 5:30 p.m. Pacific, so
it’ll be 8:30 Eastern. – So if you want to leave
a comment on this video and include either a picture
of your dog or your dog’s name and we will randomly be picking one of you and sending this to you. So again, I want to give a
huge shout out and thank you to Wisdom Panel for working with us, for giving us to give to you. Very cool of them,
they’ve been very helpful, they’ve been very generous. We’re very happy with this. I hope one of you are
gonna be happy with it too. – Peace out. (upbeat music)

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