hey guys i hope you are all doing well I went to family dollar and dollar tree and I got a whole bunch of stuff and I got a lot of great organization bins so i wanted to show you my haul and i am going to show you the organization bins towards the end of the video so if you’re interested in watching that just stay tuned until the end of the video. I got some really good stuff that actually literally just went to the dollar tree today and i was able to find them today they were just opening the boxes and I got really lucky today and i was able to get a whole bunch of bins that I really wanted in the teal blue color that i absolutely love so let me go ahead and show you what I got let me start off with candles i always get candles at the dollar tree i just love them i mean not just at dollar tree i do get candles kind of all over but whenever i see one that I that you know that look interesting i always try and get them and to try them out so I got a couple from a company called wood crafts and these say they have the woodwick so they crackle while burning so I got these two this is the spa scent the blue one and this is called crackling fire and this one literally smells like you have a wood-burning fireplace and oh yeah it smells so good it literally smells just like a wood-burning fireplace so I’m excited to try this one out and I bought them together because I thought it would be really nice to burn these together kind of like a relaxing and a smoky you know what I mean like a combination almost like with a spa-like if you were getting a massage and then there’s a fireplace in the room I just thought it was really nice so I think I’m gonna burn these together just to see what happens you know it’s a nice combination so I was really excited to find these there and then i also found something really fun i found this Entenmann’s all butter loaf cake scented candle i thought this is really fun and it really does smells like a buttery loaf i thought the box was adorable too this is the only one that my dollar tree had so i am going to be on the lookout to try some other scents but yeah I was excited to find this. Then I picked up some let’s see i picked up more of this duct tape that I’ve actually picked up in the past i just saw some cute other prints so I picked this one that has shoes kind of all over it I thought it was adorable I also got this kind of like pink water watercolor stripy kind of print then I also got this kind of gold hologram print this is really pretty too imagine getting a package with this one on the outside how fun and then I always get these straws when I see that first of all I love the neon colors they’re really fun and they’re the ones kind of like they’re stretchy in the middle that you can make them a little bit longer as longer flex and I loved anyone colors and you get 80 of these and i use these for my smoothies I don’t know for some reason I just dry i like drinking smoothies with straws so I picked up a whole bunch of these and these last quite awhile because nobody in my house uses straws with with anything except me so cut and now I thought these are fine i love the colors I picked up these back clip for chips and things like that and i thought they were so cute as well there are two lips so they kind of open like this open and close so I thought her adorable and they were kind of close i think they were kind of close to the Valentine’s stuff what where I found them so super cute i love them and I feel like I’m always losing back lips I don’t know where they go it’s kinda like your socks they disappear but yeah I don’t know why oh it’s got little hearts here as well so cute and I also got this water fruit infuser tumblr i thought this was also really nice vines basically in this pink tube that you see inside you can basically infuse your water you can put lemon limes cucumber cucumber water would be really good of oranges whatever you like whatever you’d like to infuse your water with just put it in their kind of squeeze a little bit and then your water will be infused with flavor of whatever you put in the middle so this is really nice i’m probably going to use this probably work yeah i got these carpet or odor eliminators in the island missed sent by armand hammer and i like to use these just to kind of scatter all over my carpet for just to kind of refresh it i do have a cat and yeah I just thought it was really good too to do that you know baking soda is really good for taking away odors so I got two of these and i also got I needed some hand soap so i picked this one up to try it i’ve tried the doll products before but i tend to buy the dial gold one because i like the antibacterial properties that it has and also actually really like the dial gold sent but this one was the yellow raspberry and blood sugar sent it is not antibacterial but I still wanted to pick it out because I needed one someone to try and it smells really yummy too so you guys see this tried out what’s real really good then i also picked up some lighters because I can always use lighters to for my candles throughout the house so I got three colors and this is by a big brand crocs crox handy later we got three really pretty colors it also came i believe in yellow and orange but these are the colors that i liked so I got the green the blue and the pink and I don’t think that these are refillable it doesn’t really say anything about that so you know when these are done you know you just have to throw them out because you can refill them but i thought they were worth it for a dollar each and I probably bought the more because of the colors because i love the colors i also got these antibacterial moist wipes and i love the fact that these are individually wrapped and they have vitamin e and a low and you get 20 of these in a box and I love to just throw these in my bag i always like to have this type of stuff in my bag because you never know when you’re gonna need it you know you go to a restaurant I don’t know I just think they’re handy if you ever want to clean your hands your hands dirty or whatever I just got these really handy and I really just love the fact that they’re individually wrapped so I thought this is really useful i also picked up more of these brillo basic pads because i always use these for my sink and my dishes primarily my pots and pans so they really work really good for that and I also got some more sponges by brillo as well a three pack for one dollar which is wonderful and then i also got some more loves these are the Barolo brand got the red and the pink and the red has like the red polka dots and I thought this was really cute with the with the with the cute hearts of these are adorable and you fall I go through these like crazy because you know when you clean but sometimes they end up ripping so whenever I see the ones i like I just pick up a few because you know you can always use start on gloves alright and then i got these cute little halloween halloween Valentine’s Day a Sox the block with the red hearts and their super supersoft I’ve never bought these at the dollar tree but I wanted to give them a try and I like the fact that they’re short they’re not like the high ones so i won’t get hot and they have these little kind of like rubbery things at the bottom so you won’t sleep with them so i just wanted to give them a try then I also i wanted to try these candies i love the worlders original candies the chewy caramels I don’t have a soft caramel and the two caramels and else of the hard-won out of the chewy caramels so I got these these are new there the sugar-free kind and i have to tell you guys these are ok I really of course prefer the original the sugar-free is ok but i am kind of died i am dying right now so I wanted to give them a try they’re not bad i mean i would definitely you know as a little treat finish the bag but i probably wouldn’t buy them again because you’re not I don’t know they just don’t compare to the originals but they’re not that they’re really not bad but what’s up these off then it also got i love these to add to my water because I personally just don’t like drinking water on one of those people that have to force myself to drink water but when i put these then I’m good I’m good I get the Wyler’s and you know the power that you put in your water this is the regular lemonade and this is the pink lemonade and you get I think 10 singles in these but you know what guys I only use half of one in my water so I you know I get my money’s worth with these and they taste really good and they don’t have any aspartame which is great using so if you guys series pick them up they really flavor your water really well and I don’t know they just taste really good i really like them re and i also got I needed some more ponytail elastic bands for my hair and I just had this was adorable look at this you guys it looks like a little like a pot a lollipop and again i love the neon colors i think they’re really fun and they have these are the class free round elastic so they don’t have that little silver thing that sometimes get caught gets caught in your hair and then just kind of brace your hair this is just the elastic band all the way around so and these are 40 so these are gonna last me a while I thought this was a great deal as well for only a dollar and i got these glue dots i don’t know if you guys have ever used this if you have let me know if they’re any good you get 36 of these so I thought this was a really good idea I’m it says here that they’re good for for your home for I mean for anything really it says that it it’s good for wood for foam for plastic or paper for metal and yeah so kind of works with pretty much everything so let me know if you guys have use these if they’re any good and i also picked up these are called wrapping paper cutters but I use these for my mail because I’ve gotten plenty of paper cuts and I do not want to get any more paper cuts so i actually have one of these at work but I use but I just figured I would you know use 1 i’ll keep one upstairs in my office and then one downstairs because downstairs is usually work with my mail so yeah I picked up that right and then I got some I got some fun pens that I found in the office area i got this one which is a multi colored pink gel pen and these are really fun colors and these are actually three colors per pen so it’s kind of like a rainbow pen and I thought that was I thought it was really fun so I can’t wait try these out in my planner basically i got them for my planner because i love the colors and then it’s kind of like pastel colors but like bright pastels i guess since I makes any sense but i just thought they were really fun got those to try and i also got these which are the fruit scented gel ink pens and then these are with the sense a strawberry blueberry and I believe this is great and i actually have markers that are fruit-scented and i love using them so when I saw these with the you know with the scented of pens i was like oh yes those are coming home with me so that these are these really fun and I also came across them washi tape they call it deco tape and i love the colors that i found the gold and the silver and then the pink and like the teal blue I got that and then I was also able to find these stamps i got the one with the flowers on it super cute i got this one with like the you know kind of like four notes and stuff i thought this is really useful and then I got this one which is more like a happy birthday one that and then I got the acrylic block to use with them so basically just kind of like remove whichever stamp you want to use you put it on this acrylic block you get the ink you know you stamp it on the ink and then you stamp it on whatever you want to use it on so and then I see the michael is a really expensive Michael so it was happy to find it for a dollar and I can use it with these and with any other stamps that i have so yeah I was happy to come across that and I picked up some fun stickers i got these this feather one that 1i got this one was like a whole bunch of arrows and i love the bright colors in these and then this one is like butterflies and rainbows and kind of looking at and outdoorsy one and then this one has mushrooms this one at flowers and this was a Paisley one really fun and then these are other kind of flower print ones which I thought were really really cute outline now I love the colors in these and like the silver that goes through them to dollar tree has really been stepping it up with stickers they have such great stickers i love them and I primarily use these for my planner and I found this one with like little glittery dots super cute and then I found this one and be Valentine’s Day section and these are scratching and sniff stickers and i love the donuts on these in the cupcakes of course that love all that stuff super cute hey and then I found I’ve never bought the makeup a dog for you but I wanted to give it a try because i’ve heard good things about it so i picked up three things I picked up to lip glosses and one kind of like lip balm lipstick combination so i got this one and kind of like a peachy color and then this one is called just kissed then I got this pinky metallic color which is called dreamy pink and then I got this one is called this was a color bomb this is the lip color and bomb in one and this is the color why am I got that right guys let’s go over the organization stuff that I got some really excited i was able to find it today so the first thing i want to show you is I got this kind of acrylic organizer I got two of these and as you can see i’m going to use it for my nail polish if it’s really really well and with these two I can fit 18 nail polishes so I’m going to death declutter my nail polishes and if I have more than 18 they’re just gonna get you know gifted or if they’re not any good they’re gonna get thrown out so yeah I’m going to stick to 18 and that’s it and then I got my husband this this thing here and basically it’s gonna be for his nails and screws and all that hardware so you can kind of organize that I thought this was a good find as well alright so let me show you all my organizing bends up so excited that I found these and I found them in my favorite teal blue color and these come from the dollar tree and from family dollar so let me show you the rest of the family dollar ones first and i’ll show you the dollar tree once alright so i got i got these three bends and three different sizes i got bees and you get three back and these are really pretty and I love this teal color i got this one this one comes three and a pack as well and this one’s a little bit bigger super pretty and i got these and these what I like about these there are they’re kind of small but I think I can fit a lot of stuff and they’re just super flexible so yeah so kind of step sucked up i am going to be organizing my house even further but Alan don’t know exactly what I’m going to use these for yet but I just you know I didn’t want to let this opportunity go because this color is kind of hard to find and it only really comes in the springtime so I kind of just stocked up i mean i-i know eventually find places for you know to use these things so i got this one really cute then I got this one which is a little bit kind of shorter one that one and it got these i got four of these kind of like a laser cut one and i thought these were so cute i love these afraid you guys alright so the next I’m going to show you are from the dollar tree because I picked up today they were literally just cutting the box is open today and I grabbed a whole bunch so I got these these are Daisy laser-cut i think they call them cut pretty these are you guys i just love these and this is one of my favorite colors are so excited to find the laser-cut ones this this been in the bigger size is my favorite been a dollar tree of all time and there’s a couple of things a couple of reasons why I like it first of all it’s super super just I don’t know I think it’s really strong sturdy been and they’re stackable so if you want to stack these it would be like this you just stack it like that so I love these if you guys see this been dollar tree it is so so good so I picked up for these and this again is the smaller size i am going to go back to dollar tree seed to get the same color in the bigger size eventually probably tomorrow i know i’m obsessed and then I’ve got these bins this is more like a bucket style and again this is kind of like a flexible one so i might use these in my closet to organize my closet like all use one for maybe like my bras and underwear I could use the other one for like my workout stuff the other 14 like t-shirts things like that so that’s prob i’m going to use these for and then i got these as well I thought before super cool because they’re like completely open I love these and then the very last one I got is this one and i got for these I basically got four of each one again I was just kind of sucking up when I look crazy buy stuff but eventually i use them know that is it you guys I know what a little crazy with my dollar tree purchases an organization and just in general but again I think I’ll get you that of all this stuff you know eventually while I organize my house so that’s it guys if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up i would love that and if you like my video or want to see other future dollar tree videos I do videos on a lot of different topics so if you want to see the videos please subscribe and hit that Bell so you can notify the future


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