(gentle guitar music) – Okay friends, we are
at Dollar Tree today. I’m going to see all the
amazing things that they have for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. Let’s see what’s new at Dollar Tree. Today’s video is a collab video with my friend over on
Marriage and Motherhood. Now I just got done
watching one of her videos. These Christmas toy
price comparison videos. She’s got a Costco price comparison video, Sam’s Club, lots a good Christmas
stuff going up right now. She also does haul
videos, cleaning videos. She does this video
feature I’ve always enjoyed called Sunday setup,
where she gets her house and her family set up and
ready to roll for the week. She also has budgeting
videos and her top video ever is five high-paying work-at-home jobs. So you’re gonna definitely
wanna go over there for a massive decluttering. I could just tell you all her videos, but go check out my friend now. Again, her channel is called
Marriage and Motherhood. And today, she has a brand new Christmas Dollar Tree
shop with me and haul and you’re gonna definitely
want to check that out too and compare what she got to what I got. Let’s see how these mamas
shop different and the same. (gentle guitar music) So I am back from Dollar Tree and I have so much stuff to show you. They have just all the Christmas things. If you need Christmas things
at Dollar Tree, go now. I know they have things all
the way through Christmas, but right now is a fantastic time. I am filming this on November,
let me look at my watch, what day of the week are we here? November eighth as when I am filming this and I thinks it’s coming
out on the 18th or so. Anyway, go now, go in November. Get your stocking things at Dollar Tree, candy, little toys, little gifts. Really good time if you can
get in before Thanksgiving because the store as you
can see is loaded with stuff and not everybody’s buying it quite yet. So now was a good time to go. Let me just get in here
and show you what I got. Lots of stuff, huh? Why, what in the world, what
am I doing with my life here? Okay, let’s break this down. Let’s break this down friends. So, the big thing I was shopping for and you’re gonna hear
kids playing as I talk. But I got super inspired
to get everything I needed for Christmas stockings this year. Now this year, if you’ve
seen my Instagram update, you’ll have to go over there and look. Go check it out, that can be the little secret Easter egg for this video. You will see we have a new family member, so I am doing nine Christmas stockings. Now some of you are thinking it’s a pregnancy
announcement, but it’s not. But it is like another child, yay. Anyway, nine Christmas
stockings, okay, okay. So I loaded up, I will tell you the total that I spent on Christmas stuff and then we got a few
treats for this weekend. So, I got these fling shot chickens, who would not love these? My kids, anytime we’ve had
these, they’ve loved them. I got four packs because I was thinking I could just put a
chicken, not Benjamin’s, but everybody else’s, that would be fun. These are just some little candies, I was kinda thinking the four oldest. And then Zion picked
out these Andes mints. I will say Zion and Naomi
went into the store with me, here we go, talking Andes mints. Went into the store with
me, Zion picked out pens and Pringles and some notebooks. And he got like 10 dollars
of stuff for himself and Naomi got like seven or eight dollars worth of makeupy girl stuff. I did two separate orders. I did Christmas check out and I did some fun stuff for the weekend, so those totals are there. There you go, how confusing can I be? Okay Jamerrill, focus on stockings. So I got eight chickens for stockings and then I got these little
Tuff Truck chocolates. I was thinking just something
special and different for Benjamin and Daniel’s stockings. I got eight packs of the Bubblicious gum, nine of these Mike and Ikes. Now they also had Skittles
in these fun little novelty candy dispensers
here, but you’ll see, I got nine big things of Skittles, nine big things of Starburst. And anyway, the other
kind of candy they had, it was the fake knock-off M and Ms and you know those never taste good. So I got Mike and Ikes. I got nine of these tootsie roll banks and now I’m thinking wait a minute, I was including Benjamin in this, so he’ll just have a tootsie roll bank and have half a tootsie roll huh. I also got nine different little plushies. I figured I would give this one to Naomi and then it’ll just be
random, whatever kid or grown kid gets a plushie. So then I got this Frozen
candy cane for Amelia. Two of these million
dollar chocolate bars, I was gonna put those special
in Gabriel and Liam stockings. And then I got these
three packs of snowman. Creamy candy with cookie bits, yum. And I thought I would
open these three packs up and just sprinkle it in the stocking. And then same thing
with these candy canes. I figured I would just open them up and dispense them within the stockings. Then, girl stuff. So I got some fancy ponytail holders. And this is the Scunci brand, so this would’ve been more than a dollar. A cute little, just for fun, cat pen. Unicorn eraser, this a 2020 calendar book. We got two compact
mirrors, three lip glosses. These are with Amelia and mine. I don’t think she’s ever
had little fake nails and I wonder, it says press-on. So I guess it has the sticker on the back. Was wondering if it had glue or anything. So it must, yes, that’s
what press-on is Jamerrill, get with it, okay. So then I got three festive girl headbands that I could put in stockings. Then coming over here, I
got also three festive, again, with the girls in mind, glasses. Then I got, so some of this, I don’t know exactly who
it’s gonna swing towards. And a few of these things
you’ll see, we’ll need to wrap. So these will just be little
extra Dollar Tree-ish gifts that they can kind of open
along with their stockings. Two tic-tac-toe games, I got this thinking with Benjamin in mind. Fun, lots of stuff for Amelia. I mean, six, almost seven-year-old girl, they just have tons of stuff for that age. Look at these, crazy art
stickers, 63, lots a fun. Benjamin is all about Baby Sharky. So that will be for Benjamin. And Daniel, all about
Paw Patrol of course, so got those goodies there. Let’s see, okay, so then
this is a make-your-own crystal ring, little
art set, again Amelia. Another Amelia puzzle. Hello, Elsa puzzles and
then this is for Daniel. I figured Gabriel and Liam. And then I’m gonna get to my other stuff. Star Wars puzzle I’ll
give to one of the boys. These I figured Naomi and Amelia. Of course, Amelia probably, Liam. Then I got a stack of calendars here. So, figured that would be for Amelia. This would be for one of my younger boys. This would be for our new girl. This would be for one of the boys. One of the boys and yeah,
either Naomi or Amelia there. Yeah, that is everything that I got with Christmas stockings in mind. I will do a wrapping video, if you haven’t seen my
Christmas wrapping videos then we’ll, I’ll make the stockings with all these goodies and
we’ll see how all these little extra Christmasy
Dollar Tree presents work out. Benjamin’s coloring book I can
probably get in his stocking. So yeah, I’ll show you all of that. So 109 dollars divided by the nine kiddos, big and small I’m doing stockings for brings it to about 13 dollars and 22 cents per stocking, per kid. And you all know, when you do stockings, it adds up quick. So I’m happy with that
amount for stockings. 13 bucks and some change
per kid, we’re good. I’m gonna show you this
fun stuff I got for now, let you know how much I spent on that. I cannot wait to show you these little sandwich cutters I found. Exciting. I know I have seen this
same sandwich cutter at Walmart for almost five dollars, it was four dollars and some
change, I want to say 4.87. I have picked it up several times and Daniel has been with me and I’m just been like,
“I just can’t spend “five dollars on a sandwich cutter.” I mean I could, but every time, I just, I end up putting it back. And I’m glad, because hello, I just got it for a dollar. Daniel is gonna love
everything about this. And then they also had this FunBites, bite-sized food cutter
set as seen on Shark Tank. So it looks like it makes
those little sandwich bites. Looks like a lot of fun,
definitely for a dollar we will have, (mumbling),
how many times can I say it? We will have fun with those. I got this paint posters for
one of the boys this weekend. I got several of these. We were in the car, we went to a roller skating event this afternoon. I didn’t know if we would get into these, because we have that hour drive, or not. So I got several of these. Travis is taking kids
to basketball tryouts and signup tomorrow. I mean they quote tryout,
but everyone makes it and gets on a team. It’s with Upward Sporks which, sporks, yeah Upward Sporks, Upwards Sports. So I’m figuring Daniel and Amelia and then Gabriel and
Liam as they so desire. Again, Amelia, Amelia, Amelia. So easy to get girl stuff at Dollar Tree. So Hatchimal puzzle, she’ll love. This will just be whenever. And then she is all about
Spirit horse right now, all Spirit horse, all the time. So I thought this would be super fun treat for her for this weekend. Again, Zion and Naomi came in with me and picked out their own treats. This was another car for Daniel. Yeah, they picked out their own treats. But still, Naomi liked these books last time they had them there. This one is for manicures and pedicures and it comes with the stickers and such. So I got it for her for
getting, she picked out her own loot, but there you
go kid, there’s another book. I picked up, oh, and then
for Gabriel and Liam, they always like erector sets, so I got them two erector
sets, got myself some tissues. I thought it was nice to have the Barbie tissues for a dollar. Several kids have really
been enjoying word searches. And we have one big word search book that’s being worked through right now. And what I find they do, is that again, during homeschool time, if
I’m working with one kid and they’re waiting, and if
they get done with their work, they just get the word
search book and work on them. So I thought, well hey,
if this is going well and I have multiple kids enjoying it, I totally forgot about looking
at Dollar Tree for them. The last one I got at Walmart
I think was five or six bucks. So hello, five or six
bucks worth of dollar ones. But again, these look
like fun and challenging. I mean, asparagus, coffee, curry and oh, endorphins and
marathon and second wind. Just I imagine, good conversation
will come through it. And then because it is cold outside, but we’re still getting some
good outside playtime in, went ahead and got Gabriel,
Liam, Daniel and Amelia each one last kite for this year. They’ll probably do them tomorrow. Tomorrow will be Saturday
when I’m filming this. Do them tomorrow and use
them till their end tomorrow. And that will be it on the 2019 kites. So total for our little weekend haul and extra little goodies,
it came to 50 dollars, it happens quick. And about 17 or so of that
was goodies that Naomi and Zion got and then all
these other little kits. And it’s gonna be 33
dollars of weekend happiness for us with these treats. So if you have never seen my
various Christmas wrapping, Christmas shopping, Christmas
present-opening videos, look for those, I will link them down in the description below for you. And go over to my friend over
on Marriage and Motherhood. See her Dollar Tree shop with me, see all the Christmas stuff
and Dollar Tree goodies that she got for her
family over on her channel. Be sure to subscribe to her channel. And by the way, if you’re new here and if you’ve come over from
Marriage and Motherhood, I should’ve said welcome in the beginning. We do things a little differently
around here sometimes. I’m saying welcome at the end. Subscribe, thanks for stopping by. Some things you should know,
I say yes and amen a lot. I have talking hands and
feet and hats and candy and various things and I
confuse people sometimes and I chat in the comments. So I’ll see you next time with another brand new video, bye bye. (gentle guitar music)


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