è ancora la migliore ??? Orion PLUS DNA Go by Lost Vape – UnikoSvapo Recensione 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back home in the corner is the only mental leisure 2018 video review of the best podmol in the world I was unbalanced talking to his time and the lost faith orion a pot way to divine forms that then in months was a bit copied by everyone have created the orion style also on same channel I reviewed several all-in-one eras designed in style of the same orion today lost maper puts on the market the plus version compared to the previous version is practically identical, it adds two steps pirating bringing them from 3 to 5 of cloyne interesting indeed the door o languages ​​have better podmol all in one succeeds we can have that same product called non-thermometer so the pair also lost while in the world of the pair in pack we find 2 with them for the cheek shot 1 for the flavor shot you can bring the pot mode of course to the collapse and it is this here lost bay port is a plus now, as usual, make yourself comfortable let so many reichs share also this video subscribe to the channel and activate the little bell I recommend it and we see each other immediately good vision [Music] [Music] ok no [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] enough [Music] then I tell you immediately after this part also because there was this usual indication that it is a bit over black boxes the new package of this orion home class the swipe the fashion preview inside the package 4 of the features coils are replaceable to five advantage levels use both cool and be with the regular on the side we find replay written see him together but saw old dna go video knows what i I refer now is a plus power by havel dna compatible with both things replaceable both with old gods of the old oil that we go to the back we find some of the features main contents of the package  www.vastoweb.com the home page the house instagram clue builder and facebook to keep in touch with fans of the brand ce is disposal and life rimini 18 prohibited coloring in pregnant women in suppression of all the others available colors the new the land i know jack for truth of online photo mode but we go to open shaking the package and inside naturally we find the new oria a plus of home lost mail moreover we find box of color yellow inside which contains cable flat usb micro usb for charging pole mode the accept lost gate with lots of rubber coupling you already know what it’s for but I’ll do it see also how to use a second croyle because one arrives pre-assembled guarantee certificate lo state all languages ​​a card very important that reminds us seen there are the five-step advantage selectable with pods with things from replaceable we can select all and five steps with the old pods with the non-replaceable things are precisely the one from zero 25 and from 05 home we can it is advisable to select only the first ones two steps also beat this thing then the moments that I will have to make a specific tutorial we’re going to see ea studying together is how to modify it both how to update the old north por I’m not a bit of stuff as usual wait for a tutorial here tells us about be careful not to wait until I say I totally end up leaving it always above the hole of the same hill to prevent the rows from going in 7 yes burn other interesting things when let’s replace the teniamola coil pod in this way in such a way that the liquid does not go out manual instruction this air a plus we go as usual to leaf through it together let’s focus on the features main dimensions 93 for 37 x 13.5 millimeters weighs 87 grams and facts entirely in steel the panels are in carbon fiber the pole is made of plastic material feeding to this PC 110 things are in steel 316l the vate range from 10 or 20 2 watts is an internal battery where 150 milian fair so let’s take a little look at the features I’ll go see what else there is interesting the various functions among which stands out replay function that a function there allows to replicate the shot in moment we found a shot satisfactory but this thing we will go as usual to see together we see a little support from 2 ml the two things we can assemble how the same cod is replaced
so let’s see how to do them in short, files that are always things that don’t can see together with important thing to go block the mod just make 5 clicks is in this case the file key in this case will go into block could you remember it is possible turn it off and check the level of the battery through this led with two clicks on the file button depending on coloring as you see here will indicate the remaining charge of battery 95 100 0 15 even becomes red is flashing then advice on the advantage steps from then use 5 steps that I remember again with regard to the poc mutually agreed and for the i pod instead with non-replaceable coil and advisable to use the two steps other interesting thing is the photo moment where for example let’s use it is advisable to use it with trips downwards and not the reverse as in this case just because the kroll is forum which could remain in itself that therefore we can go to ruin the same thing in short, all useful things as always if you go I advise you to take a look and behold ours in unionplast in this very beautiful color on the side we find this that the release of same ford in this way will go to ford dropped to insert it here too we lower and put in this way chaste fire the case for select the various advantage steps and in addition activate the play function here we find this door they love never liked let’s find out the grip micro usb let’s close it again surely it will not last until the end review below we find the holes of battery vent oria a plus on this side and here we have the two different we are going to pick the pol in this way then we lower in this way this is the podda photo 2 ml we find the tip that is a whole better is not can be replaced we find this fair that will allow us adjustment but I want to show you unscrew this part like this and here we will go we will have the possibility of make the adjustment of area 2 to sun opposed at times when it is mounted becomes a future despite have put these knurls for to facilitate the rotation of same clear let’s see what we find here instead this is the other screw cap that will allow us to make the film king let’s go to remove it in this way there is a sealing ring and below we find this sticker which stands at indicate protection if yes should activate the photo in the transport mode here we discover the contacts with the sticker does not allow you to go to activate the glue and then to burn to find one box again burned coil pushing here in this very very hard way so here is done laundry let’s extract the coil this coil one with this plastic part so this is the muscle because it arrives with the mescal from scratch 25 pre-assembled let’s go and get the other one in pack that is this here and hopefully let’s open this blister and let’s see the difference between two things therefore these from zero 25 not always you can catch a glimpse put its interior slightly and this instead a rule receives from zero 50 both should be made of steel went to what it says the same lost bape are definitely two things I also add steel because both on both it is possible to use replay function let’s go to initialize this 0 25 I have to take some liquid this is where we go to live the tips we have already removed the small cap to make actors sign we inhabit the cap this from scratch 25 but these instead from 05 I will install it and mount it on second tank on the second cartridge mi was sent by the strike x cartridge we do not find a package inside because we find only one go instead use this creamy here we see a I’m going to insert as usual a for all let’s check that it came in pretty well verbano got stuck and we also give you here accounts I the buildings plus and both cartridges are ready for being pope I take this opportunity to do him see the two coil contracts the coupling release of the same pad let’s go to mount one at random position does not lower properly also hooked the way to the various fire 1 2 3 4 and 5 and functions
we light it up I remind you that it is not possible to turn off the portman but rather send it only in blogs in this case we will have the status e will indicate the functioning of itself from here we can set the various stands part of white blue red green short fission I will put all the various colors according to the steps of advantage but we will see this thing when I’m going to do the tutorial how to use update and also improve the performance of this same orion through own use of e scribe in more if we hold this little key here for a few seconds the is activated
then function becomes green he felt the play function and this will allow us to replicate the shot each time we saved through function premier another important thing that i moments that liquid will end inside the cartridge inside of the tanke the same box the same orion go into protection and this turns out to be a very useful both for the careless one as I am and for those who do enter the world of swaps now we just have to go and make a quick comparison with the orion dna gola first now a dna dro and then go and do two stood together and found out what I think of this new home product lost wave orion classes and here are the two oriano compared as you can well see the dimensions are practically also the thicknesses are the same rate positioning as it has micro usb socket for charging reasoning is all completely the weight is also the same the only difference is the battery not 150,000 learns have changed the fed updated signature inside of the first orion for the rest it seems to me that there are not no other difference this is a little different reaction naturally now I am going to remove this is the old woman she is not can replace the coils you see there is some liquid leakage nothing to worry about I go to instead the new cartridge with things replaceable in this case here goes from mount the one from scratch 25 [Music] here there is no need to lower the very quietly naturally I want to show that also on this the old time without any problem let’s pass she’s dead be careful reasons used these old or say this version of cartridges with non-substitutable goals pass the advantage steps there in the meantime I return to reflection reassemble what is the regular season those true theses on 5 let’s see if we can handle it should be mounted on this in this way and it was really all for how much concerns the mark of this orion plus of home lost bay compulsory arrived at the end of the macro make the comparison with those that are the all in one in Orion style I brought you review both of this house of smoke that is called see usual alpha loses some liquid from below and be the france ix of home jeep vyp elections especially for what concerns ours is that of the smoke house is practically the teeth and how to size here the solution interesting I found instead of unscrew the little hood to have children in this case you do sly given this way so I don’t want to solve it interesting we don’t have the possibility to regulate the area in France instead of air solution taken from the low solution interesting this ring will be was quoted for and the air and the refi in this case do not you did it from above but you did it from low they are slightly greasy and wet both because both unfortunately offer of incontinence problems we will see in these texts if also degrees a plus of home to ours and will have this problem here instead the solution they have adopted I want to remove it again and show you how the air flow ne I take advantage of something I didn’t have let’s see let’s take it off as you see below and well sealed thanks to pressure that gives this tire in moments here where to insert the coil il tour of the area here is a different tour than all the rest as it enters from here will do this round let’s see if I can do live better here now you can see it will do this Around will go to the inside of catches to get out of ours so this is the round of the area that have decided to let them do these things instead different that was seen in in old version we have if we can to make this plan so numerous let’s see if this is empty here this void found this one succeeds in see a little better in this case instead he attacked the era positioned in this way i’m sorry you can’t see very well and the area was taken from this external channel that as well managed to see it is separate from that which is then the chimney itself lost gate orium plus or mounted here the coil from scratch 25 on the old oliano that area fifty years of business and television to understand a little the differences here almost all air open they are like an advantage strap violet color therefore at most 22 mar let’s see how it behaves [Music] gives a good shot a flavor shot quite narrow district narrow and in my opinion this mesh coil inside it also does a great job of course these 22 watts with in those liquids that need a little more of color a little more thrust there are a little tight but all in all it turns out be an excellent coil to be the first thing done at the same lost mag I’ll try the 0 5 coil instead for wang qian shooting in this case the hole is very very closed really a feline closed then the ring very very closed this race turns out to be compared to the first version much more hard to shoot also because the first one version tended to move a little so you find yourself saying a little like this random here once had gone from select with a little difficulty in time he went to position it well on the two islands present the shot will remain always the same in this case of course I also updated this the tutorial on how to update will be released
old orion and portal to the five rip the advantages in the same tutorial we will talk about how to use also same pod version way then those from a home because on this alas why or not on this in me work on this with the updatechin do not work guards will be done usual change but we will see it well in tutorials let’s make his shot are in the third advantage step let’s see how it behaves [Music] classic eight-second cut off of all the oil at home swipe it shot that gives you a good shot from how many are closed enough warning because they are things that I give really a good it is also a decent one in Rome all together both doors or better both the two collapses to be really first things done from home lost live works pretty well then added value of this plus version that we find with the update also on this version besides the two croyle also the possibility of having five steps of advantage we all know a lot select thanks to this fate under the color of the LED as a sense pressure will give us directions to which of the five advantage states we are working we are running away and the thing interesting that the pods are interchangeable and compatible with old oil and this lent to new type pair starter kit lingerie that is the pot fashions that at the same time may be or language I knew just because I liked the site very much the difference is the peculiarity of this site that has the coil or the base rba which allows you to tell me which therefore only to use also organic individuals also because not you have problems replacing periodically grasps what is here instead it would also become very expensive because the smart thing in having aykroyd interchangeable than unlike of the pop mode in which you go to throw a lot of classes and so besides having a excessive cost pollute much more here atac replace only one things as it is done in the classic organizers and therefore less pollution less expenditure and everyone earns them a non rumor official but unofficially said on the various forum of the various DNA and fans
home you say it I try to do competition seen the great success of passito to compete with same passito will be released in these days two weeks in these months this does not I can say I can’t confirm it and because the same strip I tried to ask is never and did not give me answer the base will come out I would say vi will allow to go to regenerate these same pods and in a simple way a bit of fine a little simple way cotton I hope it’s a wise way too because on the same site is much simple were no less than used the butterfly regeneration method a butterfly and of which you find the videos tutorial on the same channel so who had not seen him out of curiosity go and see how this is regenerated passito from small house other thing interesting maintained the function fundamental for those approaching leisure model for those who are lazy like me which is the function replay that function which allows you to replicate the shot for example I’m going to do the 23 shots I find the shot I like finally go to repeating it I press the key below for 2 3 seconds the LED becomes hard epidemic applies I activate the function replay that way and I’m sure from the beginning to the end of my svap a of the battery itself and the liquid inside it the wire will be more or less similar an interesting thing about this function that with both things because they are both in steel in moments then here inside the same then it ends the circuit warns us goes in block Shiite attention see that the liquid is missing I don’t want I don’t want to burn the chrysler spend other salts unscrew the make cap your movie and then continue to drool but also this version made mini e how the ring is easier to set regular Italy because it has a grip better even if it turns out to be hard enough but this too little product as I said the same our gods according to me some other improvement can be made first let’s talk about the micro socket usb positioned below so mi forces motives you go to recharge it to use to leave leads to this position this causes sometimes less strokes dense the coil goes to impregnate unfortunately of liquid to use registering liquids in a way unusual system usual trick to just make the thermometer method that by now you all know go to discharging in the excessive liquid of excess liquid the same croyle and everything will work perfectly again I told you I don’t like the position I don’t like either this hatchet or however this cap going to protect the same usb and don’t like it the fact that they did not use one type yes I was expecting on a product of genre as it did the same passito we insert a taxi we are not there at beat us like we teach the cable goes very well and this alas is a big one my point of view sins because at September 2019 I expect all especially state products and kits or however all the products that go recharged and it is not possible to remove the battery to insert on a external battery charger has a pepsi which also greatly facilitates reloading the same mode and another suggestion I gave to it in step just because this is one starter kit that I loved if he felt the need and this demonstrates all the comments of many of you who asked me exactly why they do not make a system with only one coil interchangeable so it will be the need to have pods with covers interchangeable but I expect that in the pack just because a starter kit and also those who want enter the world of entertainment insert a charger and wall from 08 from an app to reassemble in moment we go to buy this little product that doesn’t cost very little we are ready to recharge it without problems reloading 08 milian for recommended then recharges in a horror and traveling a battery is not there bragging I remind you not replaceable and enjoys the function pastrocchio and that function that I allows to go to escape even in time when you are reloading your bike a little lacking if fast I want to do it on this string I find it very comfortable I also used to carry around other podi fashions that they lacked this allows me first of all do not take your picture allows you to go around and have hands free when you feel like snatch the found here at the neck aesthetically, according to me it is not even bad I want you to show it to me like I brought a lot of it these three days of Sicilian vacation and I assure you that fatally good taking that from here will be almost impossible but let’s talk about costs we talk about price as I said it is not a very low cost finds online at around $ 70 therefore at the current exchange rate they should be around 60 62 euros what’s in the description you’ll find all two knicks possible to buy this new home product in lost mail is now a plus when I will find the usual large group who will allow apples of discounts in hand at 15 to 30 percent will enter them always in description things come sold in packs of two I think costs around $ 14 and coil and they will always cost around 8 9 bars 10 dollars I will give you confirmation when official prices will be released on several online shops in such a way that I will have the chance to average of the same prices and as usual linz I’ll always tell you in description in conclusione one is a producer who works pretty well a product and I already liked it in first version even had called the best pod mode in the world I really liked the pot fashions of the version with those from a home I remind you again that with tutorial vi I’ll show you how you can use also on this orion class those pods mode down home which I think works still quite I like it in this key version with both of which both 05 and that 0 25 works pretty well for be a sauna way to be a language neither to be a couple works pretty good I expect that in the future you can do weapons and that I saw that there is a lot interest behind just this base has generable also for this version I expect that in the future they will do things a little higher than or maybe 09 down home that allow us Italians of commerce fully ours beloved cheek shot and would result even more comfortable because the same 950 thousand fn battery would suffer very much less yes because with which is the zero 25 a little less with that from zero 50 the duration of this pop mode is really really laughed but we got to the end also of this video so many like many comments also share this video subscribe to the channel put on facebook also install buffon and as I say always drooled all but discovers security bye-bye to the next [Music] which then [Music] [Music]


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