Editing and printing charts in MacFamilyTree 8 (EN)

In MacFamilyTree, there are numerous ways
to edit the appearance of diagrams and prepare them for printing or exporting. Click on the gear icon “Options” in the right
corner of the lower menu bar. Determine how many generations to display
and adjust the alignment and scale of the segments as you wish. By clicking on “Style” next to the previous
icon, you will get to the style options for people in the diagram. Customise the appearance of all elements and
their connection lines, and continue with the next step. Now add a background to the diagram. Click on “Background” and choose a suitable
background from the templates. Next, click “Edit” to make a fine cut
on your chart. Change the position, scale and rotation of
individual elements and change their color, if desired. The versatile options allow an individual
design of the tree. Use the “Page Setup” tab to set the page
layout and to spread the diagram across multiple pages. To print or export the diagram, click on the
corresponding option for PNG, PDF or Printing in the upper bar of the active window.

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