[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS ‘DNA’ MV REAL reaction @6:00PM (170918) – BTS (방탄소년단)

[As soon as theMV released, the Bangtan members gathered to react]
JH: Let’s get it! [As soon as theMV released, the Bangtan members gathered to react]
V: 1, 2, 3… J: I’m not good at that kind of stuff (?) JH: This is…
RM: Isn’t it a little different this time? JM: Isn’t this ‘Serendipity’? RM: It looks like an eye…oh Jungkook. V: Be quiet, this is the first time I’m seeing this. RM: This is my first time too.
J: Me too. JH: This is what they call a logo response (?) RM: Oh, Jungkook-san! You’re handsome! JH: Within those math formulas, wow! J: So this is how it starts. JM: Jungkook, you lost a lot of weight. You should gain some. JH: What is this?
RM: J-Hope! JH: Why did you lean over? JH: Everyone’s cute! JH: Oh, Jiminie! S: Oh the song comes back alive again like this. S: J-HOOOOOOOOPE! RM: He didn’t say anything just so he could do that. RM: That’s me. I think it was filmed well (?) RM: Oh, Jungkook-san! RM: Oh, V! S: It’s really cool! RM: It looks like Egypt! J: Wow, what is this? RM: This is so cool! S: Doesn’t it look so good? S: It’s the first time we’re seeing this! RM: This move! J: Me too.
RM: Right? J: It’s so cool. V: It’s this part! S: It looks good. S: This looks really good. RM: Suga hyung is the red-pink! JM: You can’t think of it as weird… S: He took the jacket off! JH: He just takes it off! RM: Oh, they used this shot. They used it. RM: Only a short part of that was used even though we shot that for hours! J: I tried really hard on that shot. S: Oh, it’s this part. RM: Let’s go! V: Let’s go! J-Hope! S: J-HOOOOOOOPE! JM: What was that? RM: This is really cool!
S: This is really cool. J: They used a lot of that. RM: What is this? What is this? What is this? J: Oh this part is coming out now. RM: Oh, Jimin! RM: Jimin! RM: So this is the last part. RM: Oh, Jimin!
JH: He took his clothing off… J: It came out well. S: J-HOOOOPE! RM: J-Hope. V: J-Hope is seriously getting the spotlight. JM: This part causes goosebumps. S: J-Hope. RM: I don’t think this is the end. I don’t think this is the end. V: Look at J-Hope’s back. JH: This was the best. RM: Is that it?
J: That’s right. RM: Yeah, from here to here… RM: ‘DNA’ was written in the background. S: I thought there would be a () on his back instead. RM: ‘DNA’ was written there. J: That’s the first time I saw it. S: I purposely didn’t watch the rough version. JK: I did watch the rough version. JM: But didn’t it come out a little different?
JK: It’s very different. JH: It’s amazing. V: Everyone, please show lots of love for ‘DNA’!


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