[ENG SUB] [EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘DNA’ MV Shooting

Our music video making has begun! We are filming the album Love Yourself Her’s title track DNA’s MV The title’s DNA, right? From/since our DNA, we are connected There are a lot devices that are associated with DNA The song very truly shows the visual side God Bangtan! This choreo’s difficulty is… top? It’s not tiring… Our time here… absolutely hasn’t ended yet You look like a carp Hey, we won! The sun lost! When we see the MV when it’s just released…. ‘Ah, I worked my hardest then’ I’ll feel proud When you watch Dope’s MV, at the end, there’s a set that comes out that is similar to this But the moon behind me makes a big difference Hyung, it’s Chuseok! The moon rises~ Let’s go! Caption: Even in break time, the members are busy playing We suit this Last scene. Let’s go! It’s finally over Three days of a very long journey… To everyone who went as much hardship as us, I hope you like it a lot! Everyone please give DNA lots of love! DNA fighting!


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