Engaged Man Begged Another Woman To Have His Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofSimmons v. Burgess.Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Simmons,
you claim that the defendant begged you
to have his baby. But then disappeared when you
told him you were pregnant. So you’re here to prove to Mr. Burgess
and his fiancee that he is your son’s father.
Is that correct? MS. SIMMONS: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Burgess, you say your
relationship with the plaintiff
was just a quick fling and Ms. Simmons wants
you to take care of
another man’s baby. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Simmons,
you are 20 years old. How did you get
involved with a man that’s
almost twice your age? We was talking
online at first, and we was talking
on the phone, and he had told
me he was single
and everything. And then
we started… I had came to his
house and everything. And the first day
I did come
to the house, we did have sex
on the first day. So, uh… We just was
kicking it ever
since then. Did you use protection? We was using condoms but they kept breakin’
so we stopped
using condoms. Okay. Mr. Burgess,
did you tell her
you were single? Yes, ma’am, I did. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes, ma’am. You say you
have a fiancee? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
All right, so… If you were having sex
and the condom
kept breaking, how is it that
you can definitively
say you are not Malakai’s biological
father? I had my doubts,
you know, from just her coming
over there the first time
I seen her, you know. And we chopped
it up as soon as
she came over there. How often did you
have sex, Ms. Simmons? We was always
having sex. MR. BURGESS:
That’s not true,
Your Honor. When I met
her online, we… I talked to her
once or twice. I got her number
and we went from there. And she came over
maybe once or twice. You a liar. Started three… Three times,
probably, a week. For two to three months. You, like… You lying. No, you a liar.
I was over there, like,
almost every day. If I wasn’t at school
or at work I was
at your house. So, how is it only twice
or three times? Don’t lie ’cause she’s here. She’s lyin’. And you say
he’s not telling
the truth, Ms. Simmons? No, he lyin’. He lyin’. I was there
almost every day. I was at his house
all the time. MR. BURGESS:
Maybe three times a week. MS. SIMMONS: You a liar. I was working. I wouldn’t
leave her in my house. MS. SIMMONS: No. So my question is,
if you were having
sex with her and she says the condom was continuously breaking
to the point where you all
stopped using them, how is it that you
can definitively say that you are
not Malakai’s
biological father? He only saying that
’cause she here. No, I ain’t saying… So you believe,
Ms. Simmons, that he’s just saying this
to protect the relationship? To try to save the
relationship? MS. SIMMONS: Yes. He only doing it
’cause first of all
he was like, “Oh, we don’t need
no DNA test,”
and everything, and all of a sudden
now we in court. I never told you that. Yes, you did. I never told you… So, you know, what?
You’re the reason why people record conversations
’cause you a liar. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I never told her
that, Your Honor. ‘Cause you a liar.
You is a liar. And another thing,
I’m not just definitively saying
that it ain’t no possibility that I can be that
child’s father, you know
what I’m saying? Okay, so you’re not. You know that you are
a possible father. It’s a possibility. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You know
that you possibly could, you just don’t believe
that you are? I don’t believe I am. I’m saying
I got my doubts. All right, and this is
what I wanna talk about. What proof do you have? I can go to
the poster here? JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, you’ve brought
an exhibit. MR. BURGESS: Yes, ma’am. All right. Step over to it,
please. Let me see. Okay, see… JUDGE LAKE: Mmm-hmm. “Three” is meaning… When she came
to my house, the first time she
ever came to my house. It was within
three hours of us having sex. MR. BURGESS:
You know,
that’s very quick. JUDGE LAKE:
Numbers don’t lie, you said. MR. BURGESS: True. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. MR. BURGESS: Okay. One, the time
that we actually had unprotected sex. One day, she told me
she was pregnant. You is a… Oh. She told me
she was pregnant. You is a liar. The next day, she
like, “I’m pregnant.” Why you lyin’? I said, “How you
gonna know that?” She was like,
“I know my body.” That’s what she said. You a lyin’… I never tell you I was
pregnant till I had two
pregnancy tests. Four thousand, eight
hundred and forty days…. So, why you lyin’? …I’m having unprotected sex,
and I ain’t never had no baby. You know
what I’m sayin’? MS. SIMMONS: That ain’t got
nothing to do with me, what you got going on
with somebody else. You get my body. That’s why I said, it’s a 0% chance of me being that baby’s
father, you know
what I’m sayin’? JUDGE LAKE:
So, let me
understand this. Three hours
after you met,
you had sex? MR. BURGESS: Yes, ma’am. But one day after you had that sex,
she said she was pregnant. Yes, ma’am. So, you have sex, and then the next day,
she says, “I’m pregnant.” Yes, ma’am. And then you say there’s 4,840 days
of unprotected sex, oh… You’re basically saying
you’ve been having sex for all of this time… MR. BURGESS: Yes, ma’am. …and not using protection? MR. BURGESS: Yes, ma’am. That’s nothing
to be proud of. Exactly, thank you. Thank you. MR. BURGESS: I know. No! Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Not only that, Your Honor,
I have… (STAMMERS) Some more sayings
to say now. All right. When she left,
my house basically
turned into a player pad with my cousins
over there. You know
what I’m saying? We had chicks over
there and whatever. I might go out,
come back in… They touching all over her
and she likin’ it. But you… Oh… But she ain’t doing
nothing about it. Why you a liar? Ain’t got no rules
like that. You a liar. You a liar. You know I ain’t lyin’. You is. You lyin’, you been lyin’
since you stepped here. All right. So I wanna
move on to the pregnancy. Ms. Simmons,
when you found out
you were pregnant… MS. SIMMONS: Mmm-hmm. …did you tell Mr. Burgess? First of all,
the man asked me, even though we was having
sex at that time, he was like,
“I want you to
have my baby.” “I wanna have a daughter
’cause I already have a son. “And I want you to have my
daughter, ’cause you…” She lyin’. I’m a liar? You is a liar. She’s lyin’. No, you is the liar.
So anyway… So, the day I took
the pregnancy test, I had sent him pictures of
two pregnancy tests I took. So he was taking too long to
respond, so I called him. And when I spoke on the
phone with him, I was cryin’ because
I was like, you know, I’m just starting to
get into my life. I was going to school,
I had a job. And I was like, “I ain’t ready
to be nobody’s mother.” So he was like,
“Yeah, don’t cry. “God know what he was doing,”
and everything like that. So, then that’s when he told
me he was going to Alabama and everything, and I was
like, “What you going to
Alabama for?” And he was like, “I’m just
goin’ to visit some homies.” MS. SIMMONS: Lies… Some homies. MS. SIMMONS: Lies. She lyin’. MR. BURGESS:
Not only that,
Your Honor, why would I wanna have
a child by somebody I don’t
even know their name? I didn’t even know
her real name until she told me that
baby were born. You didn’t know her real name? MR. BURGESS: She told me
her name was “Mia,”
all I knew was “Mia.” ‘Cause I was like, “I don’t
really know you like that.”
So I was like, “You know?” Y’all lying about names
and having unprotected sex? Did you tell anyone else
you were pregnant? Uh, my mom knew,
my mom, my sister. Both of my sisters were
there when I was taking
the pregnancy test. Were you having sex
with anyone else? No. So, why would
I have to inform
you of other men? Well, if you
weren’t having sex
with any other man, you wouldn’t, but that
was the question that
I have to ask you, because you’re in
Paternity Court.
Okay, but yeah, no. Let’s go back
to the pregnancy,
Mr. Burgess. So, once you find out
she’s pregnant… Mmm. …what are your thoughts? What do you say? I said, uh… I was like,
“Who baby that is,
is that for real?” I was like,
“That ain’t my baby.” I said, “We gonna have
to find out.” You know what I’m sayin’?
That’s what I told her. ‘Cause I ain’t taking
care of no child
that ain’t mine. You know what I’m sayin’? Well, you ain’t takin’
care of him now. And he’s yours, so… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Real talk, I wasn’t gonna
take care of no baby
if it ain’t mine. Were you supportive
during the pregnancy? MR. BURGESS: I wasn’t there. No, he wasn’t there at all. He left after I told him
that I was pregnant. A month later he was gone. She didn’t have a phone. She didn’t have a phone. He was gone. I went to the hospital
to get a real hospital
pregnancy test. They tell me that
I’m 13 weeks
and six days. So I call his phone
looking for him. As a matter of fact,
I popped up
at his apartment and everything, so I can show
him the ultrasound pictures. He ain’t there. For his downstairs
neighbor to tell that he’d
been gone for a month. How you been gone
for a month and I just told you
I might be pregnant
with your baby? How is that possible? But you call yourself
a real man though? Let me ask you
this, Mr. Burgess. Is it true that
once you found out that she potentially
was pregnant
with your child, you left town? MS. SIMMONS: Yeah. It wasn’t
like that. MS. SIMMONS: Yeah. It wasn’t like that. Me and her was just
a sex thing. I knew that girl
probably two
or three months. You know what
I’m sayin’? Me and this girl,
me and my fiancee, me and her were
talkin’ about getting
back together. She was in Alabama. Let’s make it clear
’cause you just told me the other day
you got a
new girlfriend. So, at the end
of the day… So, at the end
of the day, your ex-fiancee
calling my phone, stealin’ my number
out your phone, calling me
at 11:45 at night. Tellin’ me,
“Oh, you and
Chris dating?” What you talkin’ to me
about it for? Ask your man! Well, hold on,
I’d like to hear from you,
ma’am. Please stand. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) State your name for the court. My name is Kinshasa Arnold. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Arnold,
you are Mr… Yes. …Burgess’ fiancee? No. JUDGE LAKE:
That sounds like… That… That’s a… …very slow “no”? Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
You are his fiancee? Yeah, we are engaged. How did you find
out about Ms. Simmons? I found out about… She saw my number
on his phone. I went through his phone.
He came to Alabama
to visit me one weekend. But I noticed the whole
time that when he was there his phone was off. So it came to the
point to where
we had to take him to the bus station to catch
his bus to get back
to Atlanta. So he had to charge
his phone up. But as soon as it comes on,
two text messages pop up. He ended up falling asleep. So when he went to sleep
I looked at the phone. And when I looked
at the phone, the unknown number said, “So this how you gonna do? “You sending me to
the voice-mail? “So you just gonna
stand me up? “Call me when you get
this message.” Mmm-hmm. Okay, so… So I called back
from his phone. That’s when she answered. And what did
this conversation… The conversation… …go like? It went real bad. So I said, “Chris, who number
is this?” And he was like, “Well, this… My cousin been
using my phone, so it’s
probably somebody he know.” I called from
my phone first,
she didn’t answer. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, I called from his phone. I asked her who was she. And what was going on
between her and Chris. And she went
to the fact of, “Man, you trippin’. “What are you worried
about it for? Ask him.” So I said, “No.” I called you… That’s ’cause you’re in
a relationship with him. So I said, “No,
I’m gonna ask you.” So I guess she hung up,
but any kind of way, it ended up she called
his phone back. So, I snatched
the phone from him. So, I said,
“Yeah, he’s here
in Alabama with me. “What’s going on
with y’all?” So, she was like,
“Well, I’m pregnant
with his baby.” So, I turned to him, and I pushed him, and I said,
“So she’s pregnant
with your baby?” He said, “No, man,
she messin’ with you. “She lyin’, she ain’t
pregnant with me.” Mr. Burgess, you are
awfully quiet now. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I’m letting them talk,
you know, ’cause, they… So, let’s be honest,
Mr. Burgess. Are you denying this child because you don’t believe this
is your biological child? Or are you denying this child to save your relationship
with Ms. Arnold? I’m not worried about it,
I’m not worried about it. ‘Cause me and her done talk.
Whether this child
is mine or not, we gonna be together. MS. ARNOLD:
I petitioned this court for the paternity because of
the fact that Chris and I… I kept telling him
that this is his child. No, you didn’t.
No, you didn’t. You don’t know
what I tell him. You don’t know
what I tell him. I know what you sent to my phone. That’s what I sent
to your phone. But you don’t know
what I tell this man. I been with him.
I been with him. Okay. Also, we both
been with him. I know this. She can’t tell. I’m just the one
with the child. She can’t speak on nothin’ about what I tell him or what
we discuss, first of all. ‘Cause she ain’t there
and she don’t know. I told him
that he is that
child’s father. Once she seen the picture. MS. ARNOLD:Once I seen the
picture, and I told him that.
And that’s what we used
to get into it about
’cause I kept telling him, “How are we gonna deal
with this situation?” Let me ask
you this. So… If the child is
his or if the
child is not his, you’re committed
to your fiance? Of course. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So why is it when
you stood up
and I asked you were you his fiancee,
it took you over
30 seconds to answer? ‘Cause we been going through
some things, but like
I said, we been talking. So, I mean, at
the end of the day, I been with this
man for over 12 years. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Okay. So it doesn’t matter
who comes and who goes. We still right here. Even though it may
seem crazy, but we are. Mr. Burgess,
is your name on Malakai’s birth
certificate? MS. SIMMONS: No. No, ma’am.
I don’t even know
when he was born. I told you he was due
in December. December. I told you
and her to get
y’all stuff together. You ain’t tell me. By December. Yes, I did. No, you didn’t. I didn’t know
when this baby was due. Chris was the one that told me
the baby was due in December. First of all, I told…
I texted your phone. After I blocked it… ‘Cause I can’t even talk
to Chris no more.
I texted your phone. I told you, you and him, “Get
it together by December.” You didn’t text me. “Get it together by December.” She never texted.
Why I got to get anything
together by December? …March, April. Come on now. One at a time. A month after Chris got
to Alabama with me. She called my phone
looking for Chris. I said, “Do you know
how you sound? You calling
here to speak to my man. “You think I’m just gonna put
him on the phone like that?” That ain’t what you said. Yes, I did. No, it ain’t. You said, “We
been together for 10 years,
what you expecting? “He wasn’t gonna
never leave me.” Girl, stop. No, you stop! No, you stop. You wanna sit here
and tell me to stop. But you 19 years old… You lying. That’s why
I’m telling you… You 19 years old and you’re
sleeping with somebody… No, sweetheart.
I’m 21, of today. At that time, you were 19. JUDGE LAKE: One at a time. At that time you were 19. JUDGE LAKE: One at a time. I’m 21. MS. SIMMONS: Thank you. One at a time. MS. ARNOLD:
…she was 19 years old. And you went and got
pregnant for somebody who you didn’t know. I didn’t went
and get pregnant. So you can’t tell me nothing. Your man got me pregnant. You need, you need… I didn’t… Ms. Arnold,
let’s be honest, I mean… She’s the young person
in the situation. It’s your fiance that
went chasing after
a girl half his age. But ask him
what I told him. JUDGE LAKE: And look… What did I tell him? He is a part
of this, too. MS. ARNOLD:
But ask him what
I told him though. I ain’t never
let up on him. It wasn’t about
that. I never let
up on him… JUDGE LAKE:
So the bottom line is, if this child is in
fact his biological
child, you all are in this together. No, we’re not. Because she will never
be around my son. No, the bottom line is,
Ms. Simmons, that’s where your
21-year-old self
is talking. MS. SIMMONS: No, no,
not my cousins…
No, no, no. When someone
text your phone and said… JUDGE LAKE:
No, no, no, no, no. What you don’t
understand is… What you don’t
understand is… I been sayin’ this
the whole time. Ms. Simmons… Ms. Simmons, what you
don’t understand is, is if it is his
biological child, barring some
extreme circumstance where it would
be deemed that
he would be unfit to see his child, he would have
a legal right to
see the child. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: A legal right. And if they are
in fact married, she will be
the step-mother
to your child. That’s what happens
when you have a child by someone, you’re
not married to them. If they’re married
to someone else,
that person, by default, becomes a part of
your child’s life. It wouldn’t be a problem
if he had a normal girlfriend.
But anybody who text
your phone saying, “Unborn child,”
and all of this
and everything, how do you deserve
to even see my son, be around my son?
First of all. Well, listen,
listen. And that’s why
you’re here today. It’s because we
need to get down to
the bottom of this and figure out
how to move forward
in a mature way. Let’s go to
the results. Let’s figure out
where we are. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Simmons v. Burgess,
when it comes to
Malakai Simmons, it has been
determined by this court… Mr. Burgess… You… …are the father. Thank you.
Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
Ms. Simmons, don’t clown. Don’t clown. Don’t clown. MS. SIMMONS:
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. This is something
that you needed. And Mr. Burgess,
you still aren’t talking.
You look worried. I didn’t know
I messed up though. When she left
me like that, I was just out there, and I just was
looking for a place to feel… Oh, my God. When you are
engaging in sex
as a sport, like you just ain’t
got nothing else
you can do with your time but just run around
and just have sex with people you
don’t even know
their real name, and then
you produce a real human being, where do we
go from here? Ms. Simmons,
you have this child that’s going to want
and need a relationship
with his father. We’ve gotta figure
out how to give
that to him. Can I say something? But make… No. I’m done taking
testimony, I’m giving
my ruling. Because I’ve
heard enough. You know what
Mr. Burgess? I’m gonna say this.
You’re gonna have
to speak up more than you
did today
in this courtroom. And you have
to figure out how
to raise this child. ‘Cause at the end of the day,
she about two seconds off
of being a child. And you got her pregnant. We have counseling
and resources
for you all. Please take advantage of it. Yes, ma’am. I wish you the
best of luck. Court is adjourned.


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