[Engsub] Fathers (BL Film)

Butr, wanna dive into the TV? Come on, Butr! You wanna fight? -You wanna fight? Draw a circle first. Slowly… Good job. This one doesn’t look good. Try again. Yuke, don’t plug in the cell phone here. It’s radiation can affect your brain
while sleeping. We haven’t slept yet. Don’t forget to put it away
while you sleep. It’s harmful. Yes, Mr. Daddy. Papi is Daddy’s son. Chatty boy Why don’t we drive a car like others? Your dad’s car is so cool. Can I try? Let’s go! I heard this morning that the same-sex
marriage bill is about to be passed. Really? Great. Everything will be easier. Except me. I’m not easy. Huh Always come back to yourself. Shall we register our marriage? Sure! I’m so glad, you know? Butr will finally become
my adopted son as well. I’m so excited. Me too. So glad and excited. It’s like we are getting married again. (Monk’s blessing) Do you think about having a child? He lost a tooth. You’ve just lost the first baby tooth? You become a big boy now! Did it hurt? It’s all right. Yuke, the school sent us an invitation to join
the Mother’s Day this Monday. Does it send this kind of letter
student’s house these days? But I have no mother. Well, I’ll go for you. They invite ‘Mother’, not ‘Father’. That’s true. But you have two fathers. You have Papi and Daddy. You love Papi. Papi also loves you. You love Daddy. Daddy loves you too. And that’s even more special
than anybody. Not many people have two fathers, right? Yes, Mom? Is that grandma? I wanna see her. They didn’t register their marriage. When the girl’s family didn’t
let Tul register as father, it turns out that
he has no right in his son. As dad said, if the DNA profiling
proves his fatherhood, it may help in some way. How about consulting a lawyer?
I’ll ask Phoon to help. Okay, If the bill is passed, you’d better get it done
to prevent problems. I am concerned. How about Butr? Is he fine? Yes, mom. If it’s passed, everything would be okay. I’ll take Butr to visit you, then. And don’t think too much. Tell dad, too. Okay, I’ll try. Take care of yourself. I will. Mother possesses great kindness. (Mother’s Day)
Mother possesses great kindness. She takes care of us
since we were babies. She stays around, singing lullabies until we fell asleep. From little to grown-up,
she has nurtured us. She works tirelessly to show us
her pure and true love. We have become who we are because of none other than the Mother’s milk. You come on behalf of your wife,
don’t you? So do I. My wife just gave birth
to a new child yesterday. That’s why she isn’t here. I see. His mom must be busy, ha? Well, his mother left when he was a baby. Oh…I’m sorry to hear that. It’s all right. Did you finish your lunch, my Handsome? I’ll come to pick you up
after the afternoon class. What is this stain? Butr, why don’t you put your mother
on the card? But you put two fathers. It’s a card for the Mother’s Day. Because I’m more special than anyone. How? I don’t talk with a boastful boy. I’m not boastful. Everyone, stand up. Thank you, teacher. Hey, Butr.
Let’s play soccer this evening? He can’t play soccer. The other day he missed every kick.
So funny. Really? Well, Butr! I heard you
have two fathers. Is that true? Really? Without a mother,
how were you born? Or your dad is a fag. Let me go. No way. Does he know he was adopted
from an orphanage? Not really. We haven’t seriously talked about
this with him. We try to be both father and mother
for him. I understand. But I’d like both of you to be careful
about what you tell your kid. And please tell him to be calmer. And for those kids, we will guide them. I hope you don’t mind. But I do. You know physical abuse is a crime.
That boy physically abused my son. Mr. Sakchai, please calm down. All of them are still kids. I must apologize for my son. Do you think your apology is enough? Your son bullied my kid.
That’s terrible. We have apologized! Your son is also wrong. And do you think about
apologizing in any way? You must punish that boy anyway. I wonder how that kid was raised. As they say,
gays are easy to be aggressive. Want to have a child, but don’t know
how to raise him properly. Hey! Mind your words. Yuke! Yuke… You see? I didn’t even finish,
and he became aggressive. It’s solely their child’s fault. If that child has to grow up
with these gays. What kind of person will he become? And what kind of person are you? You have a child, but please know
how to be a good father. Your son made fun of my kid first. He was just kidding
like any other children. Who knows your son is… abnormal? Actually, you have to blame yourself
for being abnormal. and adopting an abnormal kid. That’s why everything
is even more abnormal. I think that the abnormal ones are those
who think others are abnormal. Hey! You are a teacher!
How could you say that? You should be neutral. And how did you say like that? You should be a role model for your kid. Watch your mouth, or I’ll take action on you too. Being a father is easy. Anyone could say he’s a good father. I hope you succeed in raising your kid. Butr What’s the matter? You can tell Papi and Daddy. What does my mom look like?
I want to have a mother. Butr, listen to me. It’s not only you in the world
who don’t have a mother. I don’t either. My mother passed away. And there are so many
who lost their mother since birth. But they know
what their mother looks like, unlike me. Having no mother, I even have 2 fathers. Don’t you wanna have Papi and Daddy? Do you want to live with someone else
who has never taken care of you? No, I love Papi and Daddy. I don’t wanna go anywhere. Daddy and Papi love you so much, too. Can you play soccer? Well, quite a bit. Can you teach me tomorrow? Fine, but maybe on Saturday. Come get it. Here it is. Hello. This is Ms. Rattiya, the director of
Children’s Right Protection Organization. In order not to waste time,
let’s get to the point. I was informed by Mr. Sakchai that an adopted child in this house has
been raised in the environment that’s…. So I am concerned and afraid that the kid
will feel different, He may feel unhappy, and become aggressive
or even depressive. Well, Ms. Rattiya. I think Mr. Sakchai is too prejudiced. Some children are born from love,
others from just sexual desire. But, that’s not so important as long as
they grow up in a warm family. How could you indicate
which family is warm? Because we didn’t adopt him from desire. My boyfriend and I adopted him
because of our love. I’m confident that our love is no less
than that of any male-female couples. Yes, and the same-sex marriage bill
is about to be passed. I believe that this bill will make the
society more open to our relationship, and have better understanding about
our son and family. I understand. But, even if you are accepted by the law,
the society may not be that open. Children are brought up with
their society, not with the law. Many people and I appreciate your love. But when we talk about “family”, we can’t talk for the sake of
just an individual. No matter if they’re adopted children,
or any other kids, they should have the right to grow up in the same environment as…
ordinary people. And what about his real mother? We have no idea. We just know that he was abandoned at the orphanage
when he was just a few days old. And the orphanage hasn’t heard from
his mother since then. Fortunately,
I applied for an adoption at the time. I brought him after
my qualifications were approved. Considering you house,
I don’t doubt you qualifications. But you probably don’t want your son to have a shortcoming and feel isolated,
do you? Do you mind if I’d like to
talk with your son. And do you mind if I do? How can we trust you? What’s your son’s name? Your house is cozy, Butr. Who do you live with? Just Papi, Daddy, and me. I see. And what do Papi and Daddy mean? Father. And what’s the difference
between Papi and Daddy? Papi is Daddy’s son, because Daddy often reprimands Papi. Do you have a mother? No…, I don’t. So we are the same. And do you have Papi and Daddy? I don’t have Papi and Daddy too. I don’t have a father. Poor you! What’s the difference
between mother and father? Father and mother are what we have had
since we were born. How were we born? I have two fathers. And how are they related? My friends say my fathers are queers. There is no right or wrong way
to raise a child. But there is absolutely no easy way. I understand. I kind of hate her. Butr will have school holidays next week. How about taking a trip? -Where do you wanna go?
-I wanna go to a beach. Let’s go… to a beach What is this? Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Butr! What are you doing? Let’s go boating. Papi, stop here. Why? I’m a big boy now. I’m afraid my friends
will call me an ungrown boy. What’s the matter with him? If I’d driven more carefully, we wouldn’t have lost our son. It’s just an accident, Tiw. No one ever wanted it to happen. I just wish it was just a dream and I would wake up soon. It’s been more than a year, Nan Hello. Nan, someone’s calling you. Just a moment, please. Hello. I’m sorry. You don’t need to say sorry to me. You didn’t leave me at the orphanage. I was in the final year at university. And because I got pregnant,
I had to drop out. That man didn’t even care.
He didn’t take any responsibility. I didn’t even dare to tell my parents. I was so scared and not ready, then. And how is he now? Now he has good fathers, but every kid needs a mother. I’m sorry. It could be a repercussion. I had a new son, but he was gone. Would you like to see him? Rattiya is really meddlesome. So much. Just ignore her. He is your son by law anyway. But that woman might be his birth mother. But we’ve raised him. If she takes legal action against us,
we will win by all means because she abandoned him. By law, Yes. But law cannot be applied to everything, especially when it comes to feeling. Then don’t let her see our son. Yeah! Anyway, we should go tomorrow and
see what they have to say. I’m sorry. I know I was a bad mother. Actually, just knowing that he is happy,
I’m already glad. But when I know he wants to
have a mother, I feel so guilty. Knowing he wants to see me, I feel even worse. I just want to see him and compensate
for what I had done. Without a mother,
Butr is already pitiful. Do you want him to know that
his own mother abandoned him? You left him, and now you wanna see him when you want. Don’t you think
you’re a little too selfish? I must apologize for
my wife’s selfishness. But I believe your beloved son
somehow wants to see his own mother. Mr. Phoon, Mr. Yuke, though Butr is
Mr. Phoon’s adopted son by law, or even the same-sex marriage bill
is passed; a same-sex couple can’t have a baby
by nature. It is obvious that your son
is having a problem. If you really love your son,
you should give him a chance. Perhaps, the boy doesn’t want
something special, just the same things as his friends. What’s next? Phoon… Just let him spend time with his mom, a week or two,
then come back to stay with you. I believe it will help fulfill
what he longs for. This is clearly selfish. You’d better be more generous.
He’s nobody, but your son. He just wants to have a mother. Not every orphan is lucky enough to
find his birth mother. And how could I be sure
you won’t abandon him again. Losing my little kid
is more than enough already. I just want to see him to compensate what I had done. How would you explain how he was born? He will learn from school
when it’s time. And he’ll understand. And how would you
describe your relationship? Being homosexual is not wrong. But if there’re choices, I believe no one would want
a kid to be gay. I think, deep inside,
you are also afraid, aren’t you? Yes? Yes, yes. I’ll be there. You don’t need to come. I’m alright. Your friend told me you fell down. I was just dancing as usual. Falling down when dancing is normal. You have to be more careful. No wonder why Mom left. Yes, I was too late. Unlike both of you. He is just worried about you. Take good care of yourself, though. It’s like you’re not accustomed to me. I raised you up. Sometimes, being accustomed is harmful. It makes us unprepared. Just use protection. You’re over 30 now. I’m not talking about that. I know, you’re talking about Butr. I’m sorry for what I am. I’m guilty about you and also your mom. I’m sorry for being the main reason
that you became like me. But what can I do? I’ve tried not to chitchat with Butr, because I know you’re afraid. So am I. Go… I will sleep. Just go. Goodnight, Dad. Turn off the light. Thank you. I did it for my son. He’s easy going, isn’t he? Of course. He wants to have a mother. I meant to make you feel okay that our son is friendly and
can understand things easily. I hope so, because I’m not sure
if I’m right or wrong. At first,
I didn’t agree with you to let them in. But when I see him smile, my prejudice is gone. Because we are his fathers. Butr, let’s take a shower together. No, I’m grown now! What’s the matter? Butr might come in. He’s sleeping. Don’t you notice that
he’s acting strangely? Is that because of that family? He’s been strange
since we came back from the beach. He doesn’t let us go into the school
or have shower with him. Are you too worried? Kids at this age normally think
they are grown up. Exactly, the more he grows,
the more careful we have to be. We’ll be in trouble if he comes in. Last time, he found the lube in the bag. I’m worried. He just gets naughtier as he grows up. But I’m sure
I’m certainly much naughtier. Shall we try to
behave like we are friends? He probably understands
we are his fathers. But he doesn’t understand
our relationship. What do you mean? Like… if we behave like friends or brothers, it might be easier for him to
understand us. What about the registration? I’m also worried about this. If we register our marriage,
the society will know. Butr’s official documents will always
show for the rest of his life. I think we’d better postpone it. It’s not too late to do it after
we consider it carefully. Also, same-sex love is not all about
marriage registration. It’s more important to
understand each other. There are a lot of normal couples
who don’t register their marriage. Like Tul and his girlfriend? The girl’s family took the kid away and doesn’t even allow Tul to
register himself as father. Now, Tul has no right in his son, wasting time suing his girlfriend, though they’re a normal couple. Now, only you have the right in Butr. If something unexpected happened, I would become someone
without legal relationship with Butr. I understand, but… Yuke! Yuke! What are you doing? Don’t you have your own? Butr touched mine first. Butr touched mine, too. Mine too. Can I stay here? You said you wanted to
have a mother, didn’t you? I wanna have a mother, but I don’t want to leave Papi and Daddy. If I did something wrong, I’m sorry. Phoon… Papi, help me. Phoon… No. You become stubborn again.
Why is it so hard to please you? We’ve tried to be both father and mother
for you, but you still wanna have a mother. You found you own mother,
but you don’t wanna go with her. What should I do to please you? I’m sorry. I’m guilty. I don’t want anything. I don’t wanna go. Are you sure you wanna do this? You’re hurting our family. All of us will only regret it. I don’t want to confuse him. I know it’s hurt to cure the wound, but it’s better than
waiting until it’s too late. Well said! Don’t you love him? -I do. I don’t want him to be a problem child. A problem child, or your problem? What do you mean? I’m doing for our son and trying to sustain our family. For him or for yourself? And most importantly, this is our family. Aren’t you afraid that
he’ll become gay like us? Don’t put your weakness on him. I won’t let him go anywhere. But he is my son. That’s right. Butr is a son only to you. What about my love for Butr?
Is it nothing to you? Daddy doesn’t love me now? He does. But probably too much. What do you mean? Too much?
I don’t understand. Let’s sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow. I don’t want to sleep if
I have to wake up and leave. I’ve never slept anywhere else
without Papi and Daddy. I’m scared. I must be missing you. So am I. Shall we run away and live with grandma? How were we born? We were born from the love of
a man and a woman. And when they have a baby,
they become father and mother. So, you have two fathers,
don’t you? Or your dad is a fag? What do you like to eat, Butr? I like fried chicken. Good. I’m good at frying chicken. Your Papi and Daddy told me
you wanted to play soccer. How about getting some soccer suits? And how about learning soccer with
Uncle Tiw? He was a soccer player at school. Really? Yes. But today,
let’s go to the countryside first. Yes. What? Are you pregnant? How did you come in? Why didn’t you ask for permission? You put your nose in our business
without asking for permission, too. That’s because I felt sympathetic. You didn’t have to. Just don’t see us as abnormal ones.
That’s enough. I just tried to
solve the problem instead. I insist that I truly understand him. You don’t have to understand everything, especially others’ business. You try to be looking glass reflecting
others’ sufferings, but never look at your meddling self. Daddy is busy. I love you, too. Have a nice dream. Is that Butr? How is he? You said he is your son. Call him if you want to know. Good boy. Let’s go. Butr, don’t your Papi and Daddy
come to send you here these days? My mom came to send me!
Her boyfriend drove for me. Haven’t taken a shower yet, Tiw? You also. Are you okay? I miss our son. I miss him too. But we’re still lucky that we have Butr. Hello. What? It’s due in two days, isn’t it? Oh, I’m sorry. I thought it’s Wednesday. I’ll send it to you this evening. Mr. Phoon,
Did you sign it in a wrong place? This is for the other board member. Oh, I’m really sorry. Can you get me a new one? Yes. Thank you. Hello. Yes, Mr. Phoon. How is Butr doing? He’s fine. He is well-adjusted. He’s at school now. Do you want to talk with him? I’ll tell him to call you back
this evening. That’s fine. Thank you. (The Scripture of Child Raising ) Hey class, do you know
what next Monday is? It’s Father’s Day. That’s correct. So today,
let’s make a card for the Father’s day. Here you are. Yours. Good. And yours. That’s right. This is yours. Here you go. Go ahead. Yes. The number you have dialed
cannot be connected. Butr, I’ll be right back. What’s wrong, Nan? Nothing. I just want to use the toilet. Ohhhhh! Who? I told you. A child is not like a puppy
that can be replaced. But he’s my son. He’s just curious like other boys. If we teach and give him some time,
he might be better. I have no idea how
that gay couple raised him. So, do you still want
to register our marriage? Not different. It will neither make me
become a true father nor make you a good father. Wait. What do you mean? All I’ve done is for our son. If you’re so scared, you shouldn’t have adopted him
since the first place. And what about this? The invitation letter for
the Father’s Day. Why is it in the bin? I’m afraid that when you see it, you’ll miss him and
wanna join the activity. I just realize that you’re such a coward. Missing him means that
we love him so much. Letting him go with his mother doesn’t mean we’re no longer his fathers. Phoon! Phoon! Phoon! Phoon! Please don’t. Phoon! Stop! Don’t do like this! Phoon! Stop! Phoon! Phoon… It was my fault. I made everything worse. I never wanted to let him go. But… I was scared. It’s parent’s responsibility to
take care of, not to choose. Why didn’t you warn me? Do I have the right to do so? I’m afraid you will say
he is your son again. You know. I didn’t dare to
talk about him again since then. I’m sorry. I am a coward. I’m selfish. I don’t care about
marriage registration now. I realize that possession is not more important than
having a chance to take care of him. I miss him. So do I. You know? He was so sad that night. He thought we didn’t love him. He even asked me to run away with him. I feel like I ruined everything. I’m sorry. I’m ashamed. I don’t even dare to see him. We’re still fine. You are still his father by law. Perhaps, just be what we are and let him be what he is. That’s enough. I don’t believe that
we can’t take care of him on our own. Butr… It’s been more than a week.
Are you happy to have me? It’s good. Do you love me? I don’t know. There’s no love that can replace another. I have two fathers. How are Papi and Daddy
related to each other? My friends said my fathers are queers. It’s a nonsense. Both of them are the ones
who love you the most. How much do you love them? The most in the world. Why is that? I don’t know, but it’s so much. Good. I believe you can’t imagine
how much you’ll love your mom. But for Papi and Daddy,
you don’t need to imagine at all. You can see and feel it every second. You know? You’re luckier than I am. I grew up in an orphan house. What does orphan mean? It means a child without mom and dad. Since I could remember,
I had to admit that I have none of them. And what did you do? It might be too difficult
for a kid like you. But if you love what you have,
you’ll have what you love. Who… always see you through
when you are sad? (Father’s Day)
Who… are always there when you need? Who… love you more than anything? Their love is bigger than earth and sky. If the world was a pen
and the sky was paper and the ocean was ink, they wouldn’t
be enough to declare their love. Who… love you as much as their lives? Who… are always kind to you? Who… love you unconditionally, With no ill intent,
their love lasts long. Who…?


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