Eric Trump Cost Taxpayers $170,000 To Make Business Deals

Eric Trump has been traveling back and forth
to South America for a couple of years now. Working on business deals with the Trump properties
down there in Uruguay, and as such, he has cost us taxpayers more than $170,000 for just
the cost of the secret service having to go with him. Having to stay at those super expensive fancy
hotels that Eric Trump likes to stay in. Eating at the same expensive restaurants that
Eric Trump likes to eat at, all on the US taxpayer’s dime. And the question is why? I understand, okay, I fully 100% get it, that
the president and the president’s family gets secret service protection, right? We’ve seen it with all the past presidents
since the creation of the secret service, and they do it to protect these people because
they believe that their lives are in greater danger, obviously, than that of the general
public and that is probably true. But we have to draw the line at some point,
right? Eric Trump’s a big boy. He is a grown up. He also has more money than most people in
this country could ever even dream of. He could afford his own security detail and
in fact, has it as did his father, as does his brother and his sister. They pay for their own security and they get
secret service? No, this is ridiculous, folks. We have to draw the line somewhere. I mean, where in the Trump family tree do
we cut off the secret service protection? Huh? Is there some long lost second cousin out
there with a secret service agent detailing them? I mean, we have to do this. Eric and Don jr who are spending hundreds
of thousands of dollars on the secret service or our money, by the way, they’re not a part
of this administration. They’re not out there doing official government
business in any capacity. They’re jet setting around the globe, working
on business deals to put more money in their own pockets. Why should we, the taxpayers have to pay for
that? The answer is we shouldn’t. Now, if it were a family vacation, if Donald
said, hey, come on all my kids, Ivanka and Eric and whatever the little one’s name is. You all come on, we’re going to Disney world
then heck yeah. Secret service protection for everybody. You’re all together. You deserve it. But if Eric Trump’s just sitting up in his
ivory tower and decides, you know what, I’m going to fly to South America, go ahead and
work on some business deals. Hey, secret service detail, come on. Bring your wallets because it ain’t gonna
be cheap. No, I’m sorry folks, but no. We have to draw the line somewhere. We are hemorrhaging money because the Trump
family likes to travel around the world and stay in the most expensive places they can
find. That’s not fair to us. They can afford their own security details
and in fact, as I mentioned, most of them already have it anyway. Secret service is just an additional little
thing that they get to feel cool and important. They don’t need it and we sure as hell as
a country don’t need to be paying for it.


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