Every Olympian God in the Marvel Universe EXPLAINED!

NARRATOR: Follow me to
Mount Olympus, where I shall regale you
with the family tree of gods known as the Olympians. “Just leave the
fire where it is” never turns out well, ye mortal. We start with the beefy
and bearded Hercules, god of strength, founding
member of the superhero team the Champions, as well as
friend and occasional foe to that Asgardian, Thor. He gives the god of thunder
a run for his hunkiness. Hercules is the son of Zeus,
the god of sky, thunder, and king of the Olympians. He is joined by his wife
Hera, queen of the Olympians, CEO of the Olympus
group, and goddess of marriage and fidelity. Fun fact– Hera once made
a bet to see who could cause Hercules the most sorrow. [EVIL LAUGHTER] Stepmother of the year. Zeus must not have gotten the
memo on marriage and fidelity, as he fathered,
one might say, too many other notable Olympians,
such as Artemis, goddess of the hunt; Hermes, god
of travel and commerce; Athena, goddess of wisdom–
she came out of Zeus’s head! Now that’s using your noggin– and Apollo, god of light,
music, poetry, prophecy, medicine, and science? Whew. Talk about an overachiever. [CHEERING] Zeus and Hera are also the
biological parents of Hercules’ fellow Olympians, Hephaestus,
god of fire and metallurgy and the Olympians’ blacksmith,
and Ares, god of war, helmet connoisseur,
and– surprise– the other half of that
awful sorrow bet with Hera. Being a jerk must
run in the family. Hercules also has some
epic aunts and uncles. Zeus’s sister Hestia, goddess
of earth, and brothers Hades, god of the underworld, and
Poseidon, god of the sea. They’re probably always
spoiling her with brand new leather chest
straps every solstice. [WHISTLING] This pantheon certainly
is complicated, as many have teamed up or
tried to kill each other over the centuries,
but at least we know that the
incredible Hercules is an Olympian we can call friend. There you have it. Don’t you feel as smart as
that overachiever Apollo now? Great. Now, look out for
the Olympians when they pop up in
the new comic book series, Guardians of the Galaxy
by Al Ewing and Juann Cabal. Al Ewing is also working
on one of my favorite runs of comics, Immortal
Hulk, which is brilliant. Go check that out. So I cannot wait to see
where he takes our guardians and Olympians next. So pick up Guardians
of the Galaxy issue number one in comic
shops and the Marvel comics app right now. I’m Langston, and this
is Marvel, your universe.


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