Evo-Devo (Despacito Biology Parody) | A Capella Science

Hi Huxley B.mac Oh Carroll, Carroll Gould Stephen Jay yeah Davidson and Peter Go See, one cell divide and decide on a thousand fates Did you ever figure how they know? B. Mac We are built of modules combined in a planned out way Each new piece must be told where to go Oh Now, there’s a science helping us to understand How our cells encode this architectural plan Signalling each other with genetic tools oh Oh yeah Wow, phenotype the interface for mouse and man Genotype the files and the subprograms What the are the switches, circuit boards and boot code? Evo devo Looking at the logic in the ways that we grow Every gene directed by a signal key code Proteins that can activate, enhance or veto Evo devo [Abrev. evolutionary development biology ] Signals are controlled by other genes that signal Calculating in a network labyrinthal, where the heart and liver and the hands and feet go (Signal x5) Signal mapping tells each region where it ought to be yo With circuits so deeply built upon They’re older than the paleo. The Paleozoic era baby In a crucial pathway changes tend to get torpedoed. Where they go calamity goes As the cyclopic sheep knows See down the cascade like a domino. Like you and I drosophila. The path that makes us optical Was laid a long long time ago. Back before we blew up the Cambrian like a bomb bomb Now my eye protein can make you see out of your bom bom And hedgehog and its relatives, like Indian and Sonic. Set up, set up in a gradient on segments embryonic Split forebrains and asymmetric parts depend upon it. flipping on genetic switches and logic From devo to evo, adult and embryo, mostly don’t evolve in the genes of the genome Safer the mutation, aimed at regulation Keep the building blocks and swap their activation From devo to evo, parts have alter egos. Homologs evolved from repeats in the schema Switch a couple bases in the proper places, you’ll be watching flies grow legs out of their faces Oh yeah Evo devo Stick around for Modern Synthesis, the sequal, only by combining can a new theory grow Evolution and development “amigos” Evo devo Signals trigger patterns of complexity so, switching up the switches of a signalling node Gives a modular and simple way to evolve (switches x5) Look at how our spinal segments generate a neat row Built on a molecular clock One cycle, one vertebra.
One vertebra, one vertebra baby Speeding up its rate is snakes’ developmental cheat code That and where a lizard’s feet grow They turn off distal aminos Evo devo This is how we go from single cells to people, every generation and in life primeval Life in variations endless and beautiful Badaboom! From devo to evo, larva to mosquito. Patterns are resolved as the signals proceed yo Map out a gene with a glow tag, kill it with a morpholino Short for oligo morpholigo baby From evo to devo, voyage of the Beagle, body plans evolve when proteins steer their genome In this manner life’s beauty grows. Aesthetica in vivo Evo devo ()


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