Facebook Surname Groups – Tiny Tip Tuesday #1

Hey Connie Knox here with genealogy TV I am a lifelong genealogist here to help you go further, faster, factually, with your family research. Today’s tiny tip is about Facebook, If you’re not on Facebook, you might want to consider it for genealogy. You can go on there and you can search surnames and/or locations for your genealogy. For example, you can go up here into the search bar, up here at the top type in the surname. You’re looking to search or the location. This is a page that I created actually… If you don’t have a surname that you can find on there for your family research, create one, because what it does is it gives you a great opportunity to collaborate with your family about different pieces of information that you find, write mini stories, and share with your family about what’s going on…and certainly invite your family, they will absolutely help you out. So you can do all kinds of things. Here’s what I did for the Knox surname, Here’s one I did for the Madsen – Johnson Danish line in our family. In this particular situation I was able to post a picture of some kids that I did not have the names for and asked the family to help me out. So that is your tiny tip for today if you like what you see, please subscribe on the button below and ring the bell so you get notified of the next tiny tip. Thanks for watching genealogy TV.

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