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Welcome to the Akademos textbook adoption and analytics portal. A software platform designed to make the selection and submission or adoption of textbooks and course materials easy and transparent. In this video we will demonstrate how to use the portal for your textbook adoption process. Highlighting key benefits along the way. Once logged in you will see a list of the courses you are assigned to teach for the upcoming term. If at any point you want to view a different term use the term drop down menu located below the timeline. To get started with your adoptions click the “Fix” button within one of your incomplete course blocks. If your course does not require course materials click “This course does not use textbooks” and then click “Continue” or the “Submit Course” button on the timeline so that your account manager is notified. If you use textbooks or course materials enter the ISBN number or title into the search material bar. The textbook will appear click on it to view more information about it. After you reviewed and confirmed the book you want to use click the “Adopt” button to add the selected book to your course. Once added, the book will be listed as required. You can change that to optional if needed. If your book requires an access code please select “New Only” so students cannot purchase used or rental books which do which do not come with access codes. Continue with this process until you have added all the books or course materials you need. When you are ready click the “Next” button. Optional, if you use ancillary materials or want to post a note for your students you can do so within the portal. The preview page shows you what the course will look like to students when they are shopping at the online bookstore. If everything is the way you want it click the “Submit” button to complete your adoption. After submission you will see a link to your course. Which you can email or post to share with students. If you have additional courses to update continue to the next course to submit those adoptions. If you teach two or more sections of the same course in one semester the portal will ask you if you want to adopt the same course materials for those sections. Only courses that you have the right to edit will be accessible to you. To learn more about other features of the adoption and analytics portal or to contact your account manager visit the “Help Page”.

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