Family Tree DNA Testing Company 2019 Review – A Segment of DNA

it’s that time of the year again for a new
review of Family Tree DNA howdy I am Andy Lee with family history fanatics
and this is a segment of DNA be sure to subscribe and click on the bell if you’d
like to be notified of upcoming episodes Family Tree DNA is the oldest commercial
DNA testing company and so they have a lot going for them I’m gonna give you
three pros and three cons of what I like and don’t like about Family Tree DNA the
first thing I like about Family Tree DNA is attaching DNA matches to your tree is
super easy all you need to do is click on the DNA matches in your tree view and
it’s gonna pop up the list of your matches and then it’s simply a matter of
dragging and dropping over this person it’s gonna pop up and say what is this
person’s relationship to the person that you just dropped it on and once you say
whether this is their spouse sibling daughter son mother father you’re done
and now that DNA is attached to that person on your tree and so that makes it
really easy to see how these different people are connected to you and what it
does when you do that which is another bonus Pro is when you attach DNA to
people on your family tree it automatically calculates what their
relationship to you is whether that’s fourth cousin twice removed or something
as simple as aunt or uncle the second thing that I like about Family Tree DNA
is the not in common with search now whenever you look at two people you are
going to share some matches in common and those people are people you are
likely commonly related to and every website has a way to do a in common with
search but one of the things that family tree DNA has is a way to do a not in
common with search now for that what I can choose is I can choose one person
and then click on the not a common with button and it’s going to
pull up those matches who I have that the other person doesn’t have where this
is really useful for instances let’s say that you have your DNA and you have your
mom’s DNA or somebody on your mom’s side of the family’s DNA by comparing your
DNA together those matches are gonna be the people likely on your father’s side
of the family who don’t share DNA in common with your mother now this tool is
really useful because not everybody has their parents and their grandparents all
tested and so in some cases you need to do these negative searches to find those
matches for the people that you want to research the third thing that I like
about Family Tree DNA is the fact that they have Y DNA and mitochondrial DNA
testing this is actually where commercial DNA testing started was with
Y DNA and then later mitochondrial DNA now Y DNA and mitochondrial DNA only
follow your patrilineal line or your matrilineal line but they are great
tools if you have problems or questions on those lines particularly if it is
beyond the five to seven generations that autosomal DNA is good for matching
distant cousins now not everything is perfect at Family Tree DNA but it’s not
perfect at any company so don’t hold that against them one of the things that
I don’t like about Family Tree DNA is that every single kit has a separate
login and by that I mean if I want to look at my kit and my wife’s kit I have
to log out of my account and log into my wife’s account and so that makes it
difficult because now I actually have to keep track of what the different kit
numbers are and our passwords associated with each one of those kit numbers as
opposed to having a common login that I can view all the kits that I manage at
the same time and number two that I don’t like about Family Tree DNA is that
when they are reporting their amount of shared DNA they include all of their
small segments down to two centimorgans times a little bit less than two
centimorgans now for your closely related relatives that are grandparents parents
aunts uncles even cousins first cousins the amount of extra DNA that this is
showing from adding those really small segments doesn’t amount to much and so
the overall amount of shared DNA is roughly the same however once you get
into more distant relatives second third fourth and fifth cousins the amount of
shared DNA that you have is really small and so adding up all those small
segments may be more than what a larger segment is and by small segments I mean
things that are below about seven centimorgans most companies disregard
segments that are below about seven centimorgans whereas Family Tree DNA
adds all of it together and so when you’re looking at your match list people
that you are matching 30 40 50 60 70 sometimes even a hundred centimorgans
myth may only be matched with you at 10 or 20 cent importance if you were using
a calculation more in line with what other companies use now I have a video
where I show you how you can take your match list and correct this but it
would be nice if Family Tree DNA had a way that it would display it
automatically and you could choose to display it with or without those
segments now the third thing that I don’t like about Family Tree DNA is
understanding first off that Family Tree DNA is not a genealogy company they
are a genetic genealogy company and so they don’t have record sets and they
don’t have a lot of the traditional things that some of the other companies
have but what they do allow you to do is they allow you to upload a jet comm file
and I already mentioned that I really like the ease it is to attach DNA to the
different people on that gedcom file unfortunately unless you are only
keeping track of your family lines within family tree you’re probably using
some other program in which case you’re periodically going to want to upgrade
that gedcom file to the latest information now watch what happens when
I go and click on upload a gedcom it’s gonna tell
me it’s gonna overwrite everything that I already have there which means all of
my DNA matches that I’ve already identified are going to be lost and
that’s unfortunate and so it would be nice if there is a way that you could
actually merge that gedcom file with what you’ve done previously so that the
same people become the same people and it really only adds a new information
and preserves all of those DNA matches that you’ve already put on to your
family tree so that is my three pros and my three cons with Family Tree DNA
I still love Family Tree DNA and I use them in a lot of research I would
recommend them to anybody who is interested in doing some genetic
genealogy and if you have any questions about Family Tree DNA put it in the
comments below and I’ll try to answer it and if you like this video be sure to
give it a thumbs up and tell your friends all about it


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