Family Tree Reveals Relation to Andrew Carnegie | A New Leaf

let’s go a little deeper down your
paternal side of your family tree I cannot wait let’s do it and there you can see where you go all the way up all Carnegie so he wasn’t a fraud the name is real while
Joseph can now prove that he and his dad are really Carnegies he still doesn’t
know if they’re related to that Carnegie so Carnegie is my real last name it’s a real name it is yours and if you take a look right there going back the main person here is
James Carnegie he is your six times great-grandfather Joseph’s ancestor
James Carnegie had a grandson named William Andrew Carnegie William Andrew
Carnegie had a son named Andrew Carnegie born in 1835 and here’s your answer that is the Andrew
Carnegie who is your second cousin five times removed so yes you are directly related to Andrew Carnegie that’s crazy really isn’t that great I was pretty nervous to find out about my
genealogy just because there’s so much I don’t know I was like what am I gonna
find out I’ve studied Andrew Carnegie my whole life I’ve known about this
historical figure to find out that I’m second cousins five times removed with
Andrew Carnegie is truly crazy

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