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(♪ Light Music ♪) Jo: You know what’s
really exciting is scrapbooking has kind of
evolved off the page, and I have Erin with me today
from Die Cuts With A View, and she has a fabulous
Family Tree Shadowbox that’s she’s
going to show us. Erin: Yes, it’s so cute! This is actually a family photo of my mom and her parents
and her siblings, and I copied it from
my grandmother’s photo book and I wanted to make
a special birthday gift for her. So we’re going to start
building our family tree on this piece of paper. It’s from
our Garden Tea Party Set. It’s really cute; it’s got a great stained look
around the edges. And I cut two trees. This one we’re actually
going to score and adhere it
to the original tree so it will pop off the page. Jo: I love that dimensional look
to that. Erin: So I just have
a ruler here and a scoring tool, and it’s super easy
and it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m just going to run my scoring
tool right down the middle, and you can see how easy it is
to fold it right in half. Jo: So while Erin
is going to score the tree, I have taken and glued the first
tree down to our piece of paper. Erin: And I’ve scored this tree
and given it that fold. And to get a great stick to it, we’re going to use
the adhesive double-sided tape and actually tape right down
on the original tree. And then we’ll stick
the folded tree right on top, so it gives it a nice, good hold. Jo: Since we’ve got all
the things hanging on the tree, we need a good,
you know, a good hold on there. Erin: Yes, Exactly. You see how that looks
coming off the tree? Jo: I love the dimension to it,
yes. Erin: So now we’re going to add the photos and the bows
and the little birdies. And I used my family photo and I scanned it in and
I resized some of the pictures. And I’m just going to use
a circle punch to punch out my grandmother’s
beautiful face there. So I’ve punched out
with one smaller punch, and then to back it up, just to give it
a little more strength, I’m going to just punch out,
from a sheet of paper, and then I can just back those
onto each other with some adhesive, and have a little charm
that’s hanging off my tree. Jo: You know, isn’t funny, most people think
when you use a punch that you’re always going to
put it in and punch it this way. But, you know, when you’re doing
a picture or something, you always do it backwards, because then you know exactly
where you’re going to punch. So that’s just a little tip there. Erin: And the last touch
is going to be adding the little birds
to the branches. And these are just
cut out of our great paper. And I love
how elements of our paper are great to cut out and use
as embellishments as well. Jo: They are. It’s like you’ve got so many
awesome things in a paper pad, that it’s not just a plain piece
of paper or whatever. But you know what I really like is that you’ve put it
in a shadowbox. Erin: Yeah, so once our tree
is finished, we can actually just add it
to a shadowbox or any kind of frame
and we have a great gift. Jo: It is an awesome gift
to give, maybe for a wedding
or an anniversary. So, Erin, again,
with Die Cuts With A View. Thank you so much! And you know what? We want to see what you’re
going to show us on Facebook. We want to see
your Family Tree.


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