Family Tree U.K. – Chris Baker, Military Genealogy Expert interview with The Nosey Genealogist

Hi I’m Nick Thorne from the Nosey Genealogist blog
and I’m here on TheGenealogis website’s stand with Chris Baker a military expert from Fourteen Eighteen website and he’s just been doing a talk on military records. Hi Chris. like this Hello Nick.
How did it go? Great, thank you! Great audience,
tremendous buzz, very nice to be here to give the
talk. The subject of the talk was the very
fast changing world military records and how digitization has really changed
the way people can access information understand military records and
work out what happened to their soldier. And um, yes it’s a it’s good to run
through what’s going on but also to highlight TheGenealogist and various unique sets of records which is actually exactly how I came to meet TheGenealogist myself. I found
they’ve got some casualty lists that with newly digitized
from the War Office originals. I personally found extremely
well done and very helpful and I contacted the
company to say so. And it just led to us being here and me being invited to give the talk. That’s really interesting, so you’d recommend TheGenealogist for military research. Certainly Military records cover a very
wide span of subjects as you know, TheGenealogist has got for itself a very interesting
collection of what you might call niche records
but they’re the ones that can really help you unlock the story sometime particularly if a man’s
service record is missing or you can’t find him in medal records these things will help you unlock it and
for that purpose yes TheGenealogist, for me, very important provider now in in the
field of Military History. okay so if our viewers want to contact you they look for Fourteen Eighteen on the Internet? Yes
they can find me, in terms of the professional services at but they will also find my free of
charge website which has existed for a long
time and is very popular on the subject of the British Army in
the first world war, it’s called the long long trial it’s at and it contains lots of information about
regiments how to research soldiers and all that sort of stuff. Great, thanks very much Chris. You are very welcome

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