FamilySearch Integration in MacFamilyTree 8 (EN)

Family Search is an important source for genealogical data. You can register for free and access a database
with over 6 billion records. Once you’re logged in, you can use the service
directly through the interactive tree of MacFamilyTree. Simply select a person and search for matches
in the FamilySearch database. When you have found the right entry, you can
compare it to your local data and click on… …“assign” to link it to the selected person. MacFamilyTree will now load and display all
related persons. By selecting a person and clicking on “Download
from FamilySearch” you can import each person… …to your local family tree. Imported persons are marked with a black FamilySearch-icon. There is also an option to automatically download
associated persons. This way you can save time and create an extensive
family tree in no time.

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