Filipino Ancestry DNA Results?

On the last episode of the YuriBruce Bruce did a DNA test. He was surprised to see that he had heritage from all over the world. He also found out the shocking news that he had a half-sister somewhere in the world and His father Can Bruce fine his lost father using the simple DNA test But I did figure out a lot of things about my background ethnicity That I’m really surprised about. I know what it might have been some European But I know how much. Is upwards of 20% which is crazy to me. …Explains why like tea… other things. I figured out that shocking 1% Russian insane. Well, not necessarily Russian, but but from the Balkans area did not know that very shocking Definitely worth it. Especially if you have questions about your own ethnicity and you’re curious just be curious, you know Just out of curiosity. It was it was fun to do and I’m still gonna keep looking for my sister so apparently I have a really have a half-sister this somewhere out there never met so I’m gonna continue to try to contact her and My father and all that so that’s a I’ll keep you guys updated if anything else happens with that But we’ll see meantime. Let’s get into why you guys are really here which is to see Yuri’s DNA test Let’s get into it and I’m just gonna go ahead and toss this to Yuri so she can do her thing with it This is the DNA box. So here we go. Let’s do it Okay, so from our last video we showed my husband’s DNA and Unfortunately, he has not found *MAGIC* his dad yet, so What am I expecting with this video? I know tha- Bruce: what ethnicity are you? Yuri: I know that I am Filipino, but I also know that my grandfather From my mother’s side is native Filipino. However, my grandma is half Spanish That’s what they say. But yeah, she did not live Both Bruce Do you have some Spanish on both your dad and your mom side. Yuri: Yes, my grandmother is some half Spanish and in my father’s side my This is just what I know my gran- my gran- Bruce: This is what they told you? Yes, this is what they told me then my grand- Umm… my grandma from father’s side is I think One half Spanish, but we won’t know how true that is Today and you’ll be seeing my reaction for the first time. I have not seen this result yet So you will be seeing it with me for the first time, but to be honest, though I’m not proud if I’m truly part Spanish, why not… Because of the Philippine history But I know when we were, young my grandma Always tell us, you know, not to not to Hang out or be around people who are not our kind oof Don’t know what that means!>


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