Fina appeals a new DNA test | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)

I still can’t believe
Dolores did that to you. What she did was
very painful, Armand. I trusted her. She knows about all the
hardships I had to go through just to find Joy! She knows I’m not
a bad person. But she still keeps
getting me into trouble! Dolores’ testimony will
give a huge advantage to the prosecution team. But it’s a good thing
you told me that she is Juris’ mother. That is a conflict
of interest. And, I think the judge would
take that into consideration. What are you saying,
Attorney? That the judge can disregard
Dolores’ testimony? That is what I hope
we’ll be able to accomplish. Thank you so much
for all your help, Attorney. Fina, this fight is
just getting started. In our next hearing, we will lay out
our defense. We’ll say that you are
not a kidnapper because you are
Leyna’s real mother. I hope the court
grants our request for another DNA test. The results of that test
can serve as strong evidence that I’m telling the truth.


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