Find Out Who You Really Are – Living DNA Test Kit Review & Tutorial

You are watching LivingDNA Review brought
to you by Thetop10sites. Have you ever wondered where your genes lead
you back in history? Maybe you have relatives all over the world
without even knowing it! Now that the science has stepped into the
future you have the unique chance to test your DNA with LivingDNA- using the most advanced
DNA TECHNOLOGY. So how does it work? You can order your DNA kit directly from their
webpage, no matter where you are in the world with free delivery for just 159usd. Click Order Now and you can also add a Personalized
Ancestry Book for additional 63usd to your order. After you check out and enter your shipping
address, your DNA Kit will be sent to your door. When you receive the kit, follow the instructions
in the enclosed manual. Activate the kits serial number online, then
collect your DNA sample with an easy mouth swab from your cheek. Once done, simply place your specimen into
the free return bag to post your sample back to LivingDNA lab. Within 12 weeks your results will be ready
to explore online on your profile page. If you have ordered the Ancestry Hard Copy
Book you will have it back in 3-4 weeks after the online results are shown. Living DNA does not compare your results to
others who have tested. Their results won’t let you know of any
relatives or ancestors who DNA may be in their database. But what it does give you is a very detailed
region-specific look at your ancestry throughout human history. One of the exclusive features that Living
DNA touts is their detailed breakdown of British ancestry. Living DNA breaks down British ancestry into
21 different regions. They are able to provide the most detailed
breakdown of British ancestry of any company out there. Their testing results should give you an accurate
picture of both where your ancestors originated from and emigrated to. A big plus for you choosing Living DNA is
the access to your DNA RAW DATA. With this raw data you can upload it to many
free sites to compare your raw data and search for familial and ancestral matches. Developed with leading scientists and academics
Living DNA provides a far more powerful version of ancestry estimation for customers all over
the world. Their test is truly global, covering twice
the detail compared to other companies. They also allow you to see how you share ancestry
with people all over the world at different times in history. Here are the main pros:
-latest DNA technology labs -detailed DNA breakdown
-worldwide postage -RAW DATA access
But there are also some cons: -pricey
-no DNA comparing software developed Overall LivingDNA offers super accurate results
with a detailed breakdown through centuries of your DNA. Still curious to find out who you are? Order your test kit today! Take a look at our next reviews.


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