Finding Family in the Edinburgh Electoral Rolls 1832-1966 | Ancestry

This month we are excited to launch the
Edinburgh Electoral Registers collection on Ancestry. The collection stems from
1832 until 1966 and it covers over 130 years of electoral registers within the
city of Edinburgh. In order to help you understand how to use this collection in your family history research it’s good to know what an electoral register is in the first place. An electoral register is the list of all people eligible to vote in a particular registration district and in this instance all registration
districts fall within the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. The collection itself has approximately five million names searchable throughout the years of 1832
to 1966 but there are more than five million records within the collection. Within the documents you’re going to find out about the first name, the surname, the home address and the exact location and year that your ancestors were living
in Edinburgh at the time. The records themselves are organised by electoral ward, electoral district, and then street address so when you get through to an
image you’re going to see a series of houses on the same street and as I found
in my own research my granny’s family often married the
next door neighbours or the little kids playing around the corner that they grew
up with so getting to understand the other
people living in the area can be quite helpful to confirming your own family
history research.

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