Finding Your Roots, Season Three: Bill Hader

(instrumental music) – [Voiceover] It turns out
that Henry was just one stop in an enormous paper trail that Bill’s ancestors left behind. In fact, Bill has one of
the most extensive European ancestries that we’ve ever
been able to piece together. But there was more. – This, Bill Hader,
is your family tree. – Wow. – Look at that. – Edward the First,
King of England. (laughing) – That’s your family, man. Charlemagne, the famed leader
of the Holy Roman Empire. (laughing) Bill Hader, you’re
looking at your 40th great grandfather. (laughing) He was hailed as the
father of Europe. – I’m just blown away,
the conqueror of Europe, geez my gosh, I
can’t even get the coffee maker to
work this morning.


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