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What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another Fire Emblem video today we’re doing things a
little bit different I’ve got some of the help of the PE ninja out there all
of the Fire Emblem fans to vote on a poll recently about what game that you
would like to see in the Fire Emblem echoes type of treatment so one of the
previous games like for example Fire Emblem Gaiden getting brought back over
as Fire Emblem echos shadows of Valencia there are a number of games that you
guys were able to pick from and we’re gonna go over some of those results and
talk about what game won and why that game I think actually has a very good
chance of being brought over but before we get into that I do want to talk about
the Fire Emblem three houses official Nintendo comm page so if you
want to learn more about Fire Emblem three houses and you haven’t already
seen it on this channel well one you should check out this channel go through
my fire emblem tab on the main page you’ll be able to figure out pretty much
anything that you want to know about the game when it comes to the characters
when it comes to the gameplay the combat there’s a lot of stuff already on the
channel about that however if you want to go check out some other stuff and
read up on the game and the characters Nintendo’s got your back because I
actually got a chance to check out the full site for the Fire Emblem three
houses which everything’s not up I guess so there are some character profiles
missing and some house profiles missing but you can still see a lot of
information I’m going through it right now and you can look at the characters
you can explore the Academy you can head into battle and they even talked about
the DLC and the vouchers so any type of information that you want to know about
fire them in three houses that’s already up you can already do so and they can
tell you about some of the users in the house they can tell you what the
characters where they come from you can look at the continent I mean there’s
just all sorts of cool different things that you can go over you can go over it
via the interactive page or you can go over at the top it’s very easy to
navigate and the site just looks absolutely amazing they have some
world-class designers working on this site and it actually goes over so for
example if you go to the officers Academy it’ll go over kind of like the
daily flow which is very different from previous firing them games where you
have like your school days where you gotta go through during the week you
have a protective some goals you have your free time to where you can do
exploring fishing and active stuff like that you can do training
missions as well and other activities in terms of exchange students with online
stuff see what other players are choosing there’s just a variety of
different options and of course they let us know about amiibo in terms of what
you can do there as well so a lot of cool information a lot of extra stuff a
lot of great art and just more ways to get yourself kind of ready for a Fire
Emblem three houses coming out once again next Friday or July 26th this game
is going to be coming out and it’s going to be pretty phenomenal I’m expecting
really good reviews I’m expecting really good sales which we will have a video
more about the sales of the game and kind of like my predictions and stuff
like that because I’ve kind of readjusted things just a little bit
since my last sales prediction video but enough about that let’s go ahead and get
into this poll revealing what’s going down with Fire Emblem echos so what’s
going to be the next game why I think it could be this game that you guys voted
on and kind of what makes this game the most unique or probably the most
interesting game to come over next so this is the question that I asked on my
community page make sure you guys are subscribed if you’re not subscribed I’m
gonna be asking more questions of you guys when it comes to Fire Emblem and
other Nintendo games and if you have cool answers you can definitely make it
into a video as well but here’s the question that I posed working on a new
Fire Emblem video which Fire Emblem game would you guys like to see getting echos
style remake on the Nintendo switch the most but looking at these results right
here you guys can see starting at the top and then going to the bottom we had
Fire Emblem path of Radiance from the Gamecube
I got 26% of the over 1,000 votes so pretty cool here guys I was actually
pretty surprised with the turnout considering when I looked at it to do
this video I didn’t expect that many people in such a short amount of time to
vote but yeah we got thousands of votes in just like a couple hours so great
stuff guys I’m probably a lot more will go down as this video is even going up
but look out for more postgame we will have more videos that are like this kind
of tune for what you guys want to hear about and getting your thoughts out
there on Fire Emblem and other Nintendo franchises as well now next up is Fire
Emblem the sacred stones on the GBA with 12% of the vote so not too bad but
people weren’t really that one as much and right here right in
the middle and the highest one that you can clearly see is Fire Emblem geology
of the holy war from the Super Nintendo with a whopping forty six percent of the
vote almost 50% of the vote people are saying this game is the one that needs
to be made next and we’re gonna be talking about that because after reading
up a little bit more because I remember playing this game in Japanese back in
the day not knowing what the hell was going on and also playing a little bit
of a fan translation packs just for a bit when I was in college now next up is
Fire Emblem the binding blade from the GBA right underneath Sacred Stones this
is Roy’s adventure as 11% and last is fire mm Thor Asya 776 people were not
feeling this one at all I’m not really sure I think it has to do with some of
the story in the plot kind of what’s going on there but only 5 percent all of
the other games doubled up or more on Fire Emblem Thor Asya 7 7 6 this is
valuable information that I’m going to be selling to Nintendo for money no I’m
joking on this one but I think Nintendo will see this video at somewhat when it
comes to firearm they watch my stuff so maybe just maybe we have an influence on
what could be happening next with Fire Emblem and what they do with the Echols
line because they didn’t rule it out and I do think that there is going to be
another Echo’s type of title but I’m not sure if Nintendo and intelligence
systems know what game they want to do even at this point I know they’re
probably planning something but I’m not sure they know what game they want to do
I would actually be completely surprised if they already had a game picked out so
let’s talk about genealogy of the holy war because this is a very interesting
game there’s a lot of unique aspects to it and of course with the story and
everything I’ll leave you guys to go check that out I just will say with the
story that it’s very very sweeping it is a gripping type of story that if it was
brought over to the modern day with the technology that we have with the
Nintendo switch and what they can do this would easily be the most emotional
and possibly best story in a Fire Emblem game just considering what’s in
genealogy of the holy war what I’ve read up on what fans talk about I’ve done a
lot of looking into this when it comes to things and this game is absolutely
nuts when it comes to the story and it’s something that I see
why so many people voted for it I know what the reason is for that so you guys
can definitely check that out if you want to what I’m gonna be talking about
is the gameplay mechanics which is stuff that’s not necessarily spoiler ish
because it’s gameplay stuff so what makes this game kind of different from
other ones is kind of the format and the chapters in terms of what you have to do
countering and kind of attacking and also what you do to clear the chapters
now instead of just doing one castle for a chapter you actually have to conquer
multiple or capture multiple different castles and the player will also have
the castle in their possession at the start in each chapter that must not be
conquered by the enemy so it’s just a very unique and different type of take
on what they’re doing especially back then when it came out on the Super
Famicom now another thing about this one here is that there are pretty cool class
changes on what you’re doing there it’s actually kind of unique even with them
Fire Emblem and what I love about this one the most with the class change is
that you don’t reset back down I mean that’s one of the big things that I
don’t like about the newer end Fire Emblem games like Fire Emblem awakening
once you do a class change you go back down to level one and that’s that they
have to build back up but in this game it’s actually more of what we see with
Fire Emblem three houses and you don’t actually go back down you actually stay
at 20 and then you can level up to 30 so instead of being reverted back to level
one you can actually build up to 30 so that is really cool you keep and
maintain that level and genealogy of the holy war did that when other Fire Emblem
games did it and then also another thing that’s really interesting about this
game as well is the way that death works in there so it is possible to bring back
dead units which for most part in the older fireman games that was a no-go but
there is an item called the Valkyrie staff but it breaks after just one use
so very unfortunate when it comes down to it however it can be repaired but for
thirty thousand gold so that’s just really bad and based on certain story
elements when it comes down to it guys that can also be jeopardized as well so
it’s one of those things or it’s like yeah you can do it but it’s very very
difficult money and items and durability all that stuff kind of factored in as
well there’s a relationship system which many people praised so much with Fire
Emblem awakening that was actually back in this game so imagine how everybody
was like praising their relationship and talk about how cool it was this game
genealogy of the holy war had it all the way back then you know decades ago at
this point so it’s actually pretty cool that they did that and just imagine the
different type of stuff that they can do with this game with the combat system
how you have to capture multiple different things and also the birth or
the beginning of the weapon triangle as well this was the first installment of
Fire Emblem to implement the patented weapon triangle of Fire Emblem with the
rock-paper-scissors so that’s also something to take note of and I think a
lot of fans really appreciate that about this game and also the skill system in
the game as well in terms of how you assign skills and how you gain skills to
certain classes very cool way how they do it in terms of skills being activated
by commands on the field so stuff that were used to handle but some Fire Emblem
games so there’s a lot of great stuff about genealogy of the holy war it tells
the system to Nintendo are definitely having their ears to the ground in terms
of what fans want especially with the game like Fire Emblem if you’re looking
at a lot of the stuff and feedback that we kind of gave them from Fire Emblem
fates and Fire echo shadows of Valencia I think they took a lot of that into
consideration with Fire Emblem three houses especially DLC practices
relationships being expanded a bit and other things as well with the combat and
the difficulty so I do feel that Nintendo’s listening and I think that
honestly guys geology of the holy war that could be a game if Nintendo starts
hearing it and starts seeing people talk about it more videos being made that
maybe we get something like that with a echos brand and personally for me I
would love path of radiance that’s one of my favorite Fire Emblem games I love
Ike I think he’s a great character and the Fire Emblem it those and everything
I like Roy as well binding blade is great after looking through everything
this is definitely a very worthy candidate a very worthy game to be
remade with modern graphics and modern game play systems along with what
they’re doing here heck a lot on assist they already have there is already
modern it just needs to be brought over to the present day when it comes to
Nintendo switched on what that system can do I think would be absolutely
spectacular so what do you guys think about this when it comes to a Fire
Emblem game the echos treatment what would you like
to see and what do you think about genealogy of the holy war potentially
getting that treatment let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright guys that wraps it up for this video here going to cut the links
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