Fire Emblem Three Houses Has the Largest Sales Launch in Franchise History + Switch Dominates NPD!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’re gonna be talking about the
dominance of Fire Emblem three houses in the MPD Nintendo switched sales are
doing absolutely amazing we also got that as well there’s a lot of stuff to
get into and kind of wet wet dammit Fire Emblem and all the stuff that I was
saying about how fire of them three houses or Fire Emblem on the Nintendo
switch was going to be a shocking seller is definitely coming true stuff that I
made like last year and 2018 before we even knew the official name of the game
and yet it’s all pretty much happening because we do have the u.s. MPD sales
and things are looking very good for Fire Emblem three houses so I want to
talk about that and also the future of the franchise going forward because of
these dominant sales so let’s go ahead and get right into it starting off with
some of the MPD reports and the MPD is now saying that Fire Emblem three houses
has the largest fire emblem launched in US history and that is big time when it
comes down to it because Fire Emblem fates and Fire Emblem awakening also
have pretty good launches as well so thanks to the NPD report we finally know
our fire mmm three houses performed in the United States in July it was the
best selling game across all platforms and that’s not including digital sales
so firemen three houses as you guys all know that game was number one digitally
for a while it’s been pretty much number one I think it still is I have to double
check but I know it was number one pre-launch just what preload sales I
know is number one at launch and yeah it’s continued to do well digitally and
physically across the world really so the MPD also states that firing three
houses has secured the largest launch of a Fire Emblem game in US history launch
month sales tripled those of the previous best seller in a release month
Fire Emblem echos shadows of Valente which I did not know if the previous
best seller was firemen like those shadows of Valencia but yeah it tripled
those sales and that is incredible and I’ll tell you guys a number of reasons
why after we finish this little blurb that why that is such an incredible feat
i Armed Forces is already the second best-selling
entry in the franchise and should eventually overtake Fire Emblem
awakening so a couple different things here packed into that little bit of
information Fire Emblem ecto shadows of the length yeah that game launched on
the install base back of the 3s with like 70 million or something like that
because that was a Nintendo 3ds game and it launched in 2016 or was it 2017 I
think it was 2017 yeah it launched in 2017 fire elemental shadows of plenty
because that was the direct or the Fire Emblem direct where they announced the
Fire Emblem switch game they announced Fire Emblem heroes for mobile and then
Fire Emblem echos shadows of Valencia so then 2017 we got that game so you
have to think about it the 3ds was already 70 million plus back then and
the fact that the Nintendo switched with its install base of less than 40 million
almost there it’s like 37 million or whatever the case is was able to triple
the sales of that game which is supposed to show you the positive momentum and
hype that this game brought to users out there to where they’d be compelled
enough to go out there and get the game and this just isn’t Fire Emblem fans
this is people who were new to the franchise so many people across Twitter
and people are my channel here said yo J you convinced me to get the game I’m
absolutely loving it this game is amazing I’ve never played a Fire Emblem
game before this is my first Fire Emblem game and I’m playing it now and it’s
just really cool I love what they did with the three paths and all the
different characters in the game and this is what happens when you build a
game in a certain style the way that koete ECMO and also of course
intelligent systems built this game was they didn’t focus on the highest and
graphics and all that stuff like that they did the best that they could with
the available resources and time that they had but they fleshed out the game
and the story the gameplay mechanics and Fire Emblem three houses is some of the
best RPG mechanics that I have ever seen easily like three on that one and the
story is so captivating and compelling and there’s so much content in there
when you put all that together that’s what you get you get a game that pretty
much triples up on an install base before of 70 million tripling up on that
on the Nintendo switch the amazing reviews and everything helped as well
but to have launch sales pretty much right behind Fire Emblem awakening it’s
pretty much already gonna overtake it there’s no slowing down when it comes to
Fire Emblem we’re continuing to see the game sell really well it’s hard to find
in some areas because any time to get a shipment in or stock it gets just sold
out right away we saw that with Walmart’s I remember I went to my
Walmart they barely had any copies of the game because they were selling it
for $50 so people were rushing in there and
buying it like crazy I know that my game stuff they almost sold out of all of the
copies of Fire Emblem three houses when I talked to the lady apples when I’m not
to get my new switch I asked her how did fire emblem doing they’re like oh man it
did really really well so the game is doing absolutely phenomenal across the
board and it’s helping push the Nintendo switch to new levels with the NPD
because along with this NPD report of the software sales we also got the
hardware sales as well and the Nintendo switch was once again the best-selling
system on the market pretty much with no other system close to it here in the US
and if you look at the top 20 NPD I’m not gonna go over everything here but
look at all the different Nintendo switch exclusives that are littered
throughout this list Nintendo’s pretty much dominating the NPD with good
old-fashioned hardcore games like good gameplay it’s not the highest and it’s
not the most features it’s not all this other stuff that gaming has kind of
transformed into and what people were trying to say that Nintendo needs to do
after the failure of the Wii U and people just ignoring the Nintendo 3ds
the successes people said that need to copy other systems need to copy while
other people were doing and integer said nope we can kind of just do this and I
think that we can be successful and you don’t they proved everyone wrong just
kind of like Fire Emblem is shocking people right now with the
sales and I talked about that I talked about that and saying how this game is
going to shock people because it is going to be a massive effort from
intelligent systems on all fronts in order to get this game up and going and
the thing that I like the most about this it really just kind of secures the
future of Fire Emblem you guys all know I made a ton of Fire Emblem content on
this channel and of course I’m going to continue to make Fire Emblem news and
Fire Emblem videos I’m really looking forward to my second playthrough and my
also my big review that I’m going to be doing as well with the Black Eagles and
I will be doing more stuff with golden deer later but I mean like it really
just secures the future of this franchise and of this
game and what they’re trying to do because now with all this revenue that’s
flowing in intelligence systems in Nintendo already had that conference
that this was a major franchise to them back in 2016 they did state this is I
made your franchise but now they can really take it up another step they can
really give it another notch of marketing they can take the engine of
what they had what they did with the dynasty Warriors engine they can kind of
modify that and make that even better and make it into its own thing and the
next Fire Emblem game that we see could be a lot better visually and even add
more gameplay elements and more stuff to the table because Fire Emblem despite it
being amazing there’s combat arts there’s battalions there’s all sorts of
really cool stuff in the game they could add more depth on top of that they could
do more things they could bring back some mechanics that were in previous
Fire Emblem games that maybe they didn’t have time to implement and they can kind
of play around with it and make it its own thing in the next Fire Emblem game
so this revenue and this money and the good sales and the continued sales of
the Nintendo switch secured that Fire Emblem not only has a future but it has
a big and bright future on Nintendo’s switch and this game is delighting
players around the world so that’s the thing that I’m probably most happy about
I also think that it’s really cool that the return of Fire Emblem to the home
consoles has had this much praise because I think it also validates what
in Tendo did with the Nintendo switch system because if you look at it it
really helps out the people who want the old-school Fire Emblem on a home console
playing on their TV so people who want that which there are people who’ve
wanted that for a long time because we haven’t had it since radiant dawn back
on the Wii and even then radiant dawn people liked it at the time but people
still felt that path of Radiance might have been a little bit better so they
gank you so you’re looking at fans that were really all old-school saying we
kind of wanted them to play on the TV and then you have the new-school fans
who love stuff like Awakening and fades shadow Valencia so I think that with the
Nintendo switch you just get the best of both of them and that’s why I was so
confident that Fire Emblem three houses was really going to do well it was
because I have trust and faith and intelligence systems intended to market
and make an amazing game and then I knew that it was going to draw a bunch of
old-school fans who played on home consoles it was going to draw the new
school who love new fire emblem and then I was
gonna gather a bunch of other people because the game was going to be that
good and the switch was going to blow up or the switch was blowing up in sales so
those three factors are what made me make the videos that I made back then
saying how I thought the game was going to shock people with the sales and it
was going to do a lot better than what people were thinking because people
traditionally look at Fire Emblem as a game that doesn’t do that well and when
it did do well okay a million or two million okay something like that but
Fire Emblem three houses is tracking to do a lot better than what the previous
games did I think it’s gonna be pretty much minimum lifetime sales of four to
five million and that’s just the minimum when it comes down to it it could do a
lot better than that but since it’s tracking better than fates and fates was
the previous best-selling game overall in the franchise I think that this is
really going to be something special for Nintendo going forward and we’re going
to see some really cool Fire Emblem games that could increase in quality
when it comes to the visuals increasing quality with more gameplay there’s even
more than they can do and this already seems like a gargantuan feet because
Fire Emblem three houses is already so big and it’s already so good with the
ratings and love people like but I still think they’re gonna even top this with
their next game whatever they decide to do whether they do a echoes title which
if it’s an echoes title then obviously it’d be a little bit different right
because they’re remaking a previous game but if they made another brand new game
in the entry I think that game is going to be absolutely nuts with what they
sell and everything and how it looks and how it plays so I think this is the
start of something beautiful for the Nintendo switch and Fire Emblem fans
when it comes down to it and I love to see a hardcore game like Fire Emblem do
this well because it shows you that people still want stuff like this
everything doesn’t have to be DLC and microtransactions and battle royale and
online multiplayer you can have a single-player game
sell big and still continue to do well and people have replay value within that
game it can happen just as long as you do it the right way and you flesh out
the story content gameplay elements this is exactly what happens and especially
if you put it on the switch as well I mean look at what’s going on here it’s
incredible to see so what do you guys think about the Fire Emblem 3
as sales here in the US MPD also the Nintendo switch in terms of its MPD
sales once again the top system on the market pretty much all the way dating
back since last year November it’s been number one so more than half the year
now let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that
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