Fire Emblem Three Houses SCORES BIG in Famitsu Review! + Switch Sales Dominate in Japan!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some great information
for you guys so let’s go in and get right into it and we’re starting off
with Famitsu review scores issue 1598 we’ve got some big scores for a fire
emblem three houses and Super Mario maker two on the Nintendo switch these
two games are battling currently for the best review scores in Famitsu this year
and the fam itsu game of the Year awards now one thing that I do want to note
last year’s game of the year for femme its who was Super Smash Brothers
ultimate because Super Smash Brothers ultimate came out in 2018 so it’s not
qualifying for this year because Famitsu is more intelligent than our game of the
Year award shows or at least not everybody’s but the game of the Year
awards by Jeff Healey where they have some type of ridiculous
cutoff date so keep that in mind with this one here so going forward Fire
Emblem three houses and also Super Mario maker – are definitely in the front
running along with a couple other games that release early in the year like
Resident Evil remake and also devil may cry so let’s go ahead and start up here
Famitsu did award Super Mario maker 2 on the Nintendo switch a 37 out of 40
earning three nines and 110 and then Fire Emblem three houses also earned a
37 out of 40 with three nines and a ten and how Famitsu does it is they have
four different reviewers review the same game and then they each give them a
score then they tally that up together and Fire Emblem three houses Super Omega
2 did very good I do feel though that when it comes to
head to head if they were able to go against each other or when they will
eventually go against each other when the Famitsu editors are talk about what
their game of the year is the RPGs always somewhat have a little bit of a
bias or lead so I don’t really see some round maker to weighing it if it came
down to those two games whatever there still are a number of games to be
released this year like Luigi’s Mansion you also have astral chain
oh c’mon is coming out so there’s going to be a lot more games that are coming
that can get good scores and can challenge the game of the year when it
comes down to it so personally for me you guys all know I mean I’ve played
both games with Super Mario maker 2 and I’ve played Fire Emblem 3 houses as well
and I just think that Fire Emblem is just something on a completely different
level when it comes to evolving the series so I like Fire Emblem more but at
the same time super Omega 2 is still a great game and I think that it deserve
that 37 out of 40 that it’s getting there’s literally endless amounts of
replay value in Super Mario maker 2 with the editor and what you’re doing the
Korus bar and going over to just like all the different challenges that you
can do there’s just so much stuff and it has a full single-player campaign with a
bunch of cool levels designed by Nintendo themselves where you earn coins
and build back the like area you know that the castle and everything that is
just awesome so Super Mario maker 2 is definitely worth every single bit of
great scores and sales that it’s getting but Fire Emblem 3 houses is just
something else man it really is and I think that people are excited because
it’s the first real HD firearm game and the first real HD game for intelligent
systems so 37 out of 40 definitely well deserved for Fire Emblem three houses
and if you want to talk about in a historical sense with the previous Fire
Emblem games when it comes to family review scores Fire Emblem awakening had
a 36 out of 40 Fire Emblem fates had another 36 out of 40 and then Fire
Emblem shadows of Valencia had a 37 out of 40 so it matched what shadow of
Valencia did fireman Michael shadows of linty which is a remake of Fire Emblem
Gaiden it matched what that game did when it came out so very impressive on
that front that it beat awakening and it also beat faiths but then on top of that
it matched what shadows of millenia did which that game pretty much is like one
of the best like remakes that I have seen I mean they took that pixelated you
know type you came from back in the 80s and really turned that into something
else full of life and character animated cutscenes it was actually fantastic and
the story is great in that game so for them to
match what they did there very good but I think that there’s just something
about it that even takes a little bit step further just because of what
they’re doing it’s a brand new game not a remake of a game but a brand new fire
and boom game on the Nintendo switch so good stuff there as well but now I kind
of wanted to shift gears just a little bit and get into the family to do sales
as well because there was some interesting stuff going on here with
Famitsu sales and Nintendo switch pretty much sold five times more than any other
system in Japan with over fifty five thousand eight hundred and twenty three
units the switch is now over eight point five million so a big landmark big sales
for Nintendo over eight point five million in Japan in less than three
years on the market that is absolutely incredible Nintendo is just humming
along they are selling quite a bit when it comes down to it we’re seeing the
spiking last week with Super Mario maker and of course Fire Emblem for your
houses the preloads being ready to go and Nintendo switch in the top ten it
had nine out of the top ten titles so huge sales for Nintendo in Japan
definitely spiking at the right time but it’s going to be very interesting to see
the next week sales because that’s when fire emblem launches and that’s gonna be
a huge game for Nintendo obviously we’ve been talking about fire and that’s going
to be big but I want to see the impact that it has on switch sales in Japan
especially not necessarily at this point but I would say in September I think
we’re going to see the biggest spike that we’ve seen for the year so far
it’s September and we’re going to see a raise of sales across the board and I
think even Fire Emblem is definitely gonna benefit on September 20th when the
Nintendo switch light comes out in Japan getting stuff like Link’s Awakening
ninokuni and also yokai watch 1 and along with the games that have already
came out this year like Super Mario maker and Fire Emblem that’s really
gonna spike the sales more so it’s selling 5 times more than any other
system in Japan at this point and it’s actually selling more systems than
Nintendo switch then all the other systems they track right now and
combined and it’s not even close that’s the thing about it so it’s crazy to see
how long until those doing and I think pretty much they own Japan at this point
because they just have constant releases after constant releases and I think that
also the new revision of the switch and also
switch light those are also gonna help boost things up as well so good stuff
all around there before I talk about Super Mario maker 2 and kind of what
it’s doing there in Japan and that was actually the top game sold once again
for this week I think that makes it what pretty much every single week Sobrato
maker two’s been out it’s been the top-selling game over three hundred and
thirty four thousand units sold in Japan alone since it launched at the end of
last month and another fifty four thousand units plus for this past week
very good there yokai watch also in the top three as well with another twelve
thousand two hundred and eighty seven units that game has actually broken the
two hundred thousand unit mark two hundred and twenty two thousand units
plus this is not including digital as well number guys this is only Japan not
including digital and then Bandai Namco God Eater three sold 20,000 units almost
21,000 without including digital sales so not as high as the position for
release but then again the places in for release in Japan came out last year at
the end in December so definitely had some head start on it but I do think
that the sales will continue to just be around as more people pick up the game
won’t we will pick up a Nintendo switch light and then for the rest of the
charts guys it’s pretty much the same usual suspects Super Smash Brothers
ultimate wild card minecraft attacked on Titan which came out recently got
another 6000 7000 sales and then Pokemon as well Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and
Pokemon let’s go even got the bundle editions that game is over 1.5 7 million
units in Japan alone not including digital with another nearly six thousand
units sold again physical and retail stores we will get some expanded
software numbers in just a bit so I might report on that later or in one of
my live streams as well so overall very excited about fire him and I kind of
want to just swing back around to it guys and say thank you so much I had a
poll recently on the channel on the community page where I asked you guys
about what remake you’d want to see in the echoes line of Fire Emblem and I
already did a video talking about it but I did a video when we had around I think
about 1.3 thousand votes but I looked at it and oh my gosh over three thousand
votes for what you guys would like to see you get a remake the most when it
comes to fire emblem and it has pretty much stayed
true I looked at the results here once again guys and a lot of you guys are
saying fireman genealogy of the holy war from the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
should be remade it holds strong with that 47% pretty much all of the tallies
are the same across the board what I talked about in my video but path of
Radiance is behind it with a 26% so thank you
guys so much for voting we’re gonna have more Fire Emblem polls in terms of
characters and fun stuff so guys make sure you hit the notification and make
sure you guys subscribe if you’re not subscribed especially if you’re a
firearm fan because I will be pulling some of you guys’s comments sometimes
and maybe you can find yourself in one of the videos as well but we had over
111 comments over 100 likes on this post 3,000 votes so thank you to everybody
who voted look out guys cuz we’re gonna have a lot more polls I’m gonna have a
lot more interaction with the community when it comes to Fire Emblem and just
games in general Nintendo first party games stuff like that RPGs all that
stuff is gonna be on there so yeah I just make sure you guys have
notification and thank you once again I can’t say thank you enough for everybody
who voted that was really cool and once again Nintendo is paying attention to my
Fire Emblem videos they know so they know the PE family wants the holy war we
want the holy war back Fire Emblem echoes holy war Fire Emblem echoes
whatever you’re gonna want to call it shadows of the holy war you know that
would be so cool a lot of you guys also suggested too that they should add in
Thracia seven seven six into the mix and when it
comes down to it I’m like yeah throw it in there as well if you’re gonna remake
that game you might as well just throw that one in there too so intelligent
systems the PE ninja the Fire Emblem faithful have spoken holy war we want it
Fire Emblem echos let’s get it done on the Nintendo switch sometime this gen so
what do you guys think about all the different talks of to discuss here let
me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it
up for this video here gonna cut the links in description below we got
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