First Things First: Why I Study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

the first experiment that I did
that made me fall in love with biology in high school
was when I had to alter the circadian rhythm of biofluorescent algae i know that sounds kind of confusing
but basically this was algae that would glow during the nighttime
and i wanted to get them to glow during the daytime
so what i did was i created an apparatus where they would be in the dark during the daytime and where they would have light during the nighttime and by doing that i was actually able to get them to glow during the daytime
and i was really excited when i got that to work so i definitely knew that biology was something i wanted to go into when i got to UConn
so after getting here i found that because i got a 4 on my exam
i was actually able to skip one of the first-year classes for bio and i ended up taking evolutionary biology
and after i took that course i realized i loved EEB way more
than i did general bio so at the end of that semester
i decided to switch into ecology and evolutionary biology

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