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Hey everybody this is Connie Knox with
another Tiny tip Tuesday. Today’s tiny tip is about the Internet
Archive or also known as the Wayback Machine. I wanted to show you this
because it you you never know what you’re gonna find. So many of us do
research from home and this is a great little resource you can dig around in
here and find all kinds of cool stuff. So so the Internet Archive is at it is also known as the wayback machine and you can type in
keywords up here in the in the search engine you can also search over here but
just take a look for a minute what they have is they have archived websites and
other materials from a long time ago so if a website has died let’s say you find
a source and some documentation that you are researching but the you go to that
internet website and it’s gone it’s not there anymore you can come up here and
you can search for that website and plug the URL in here in it might just have it
this is a great opportunity to find family histories on websites that and
blogs that have died they also have text books they have movies they have audio
they have software they have photographs so if you scroll down and this by the
way just shows you how many different records they have for each of these
categories but if you scroll down there’s all kinds of different
categories that you can look for which I was kind of amazed I haven’t been up
here in a while and as I started looking at this again I was kind of blown away
look they even have old-timey radio they have television archives especially the
news archives I was reading that they started that pretty much around 9/11
news broadcast they were starting to try and archive that for historical purposes
so here’s the trick so you’ve got all kinds of opportunities to search around
here and don’t forget as you’re searching surnames and such that you
want to try all the different spellings and different places and different
combinations as to what you might have so what I did for fun is I
plugged in this woman that I’ve been looking for in Randolph County North
Carolina I plugged in Rebecca Henley and I put her name in quotes because I
wanted to make sure that I got exactly Rebecca Henley because if I didn’t I
would get a lot of Rebecca’s and a lot of Henley’s but not necessarily a
Rebecca Henley so what i did was i quoted those just to see and i hit go
and what came up was a bunch of books that i thought hmm this one’s
interesting i know that Rebecca came from a Quaker family in the south and I
know that the Henley’s were married to some winslow so I’m mmm I haven’t seen
this book before I want to borrow that book now some of these are actually
online right away and you can and you can get to them but I’ve wanted to
borrow this book so I hit borrow and it took me here and it said in order to
borrow this book you have to log in so I signed in with my login and you can
create a free account doesn’t cost you anything and once I logged in here it is
look at this if I go all the way back to the beginning this is what it looks like
and I can sit there and flip pages how cool is that it’s like reading a book it
says your loan of this book has 13 days left I get it for two weeks I can sit
here and play to my little heart’s content I can study and read or hey I
can search Rebecca Henley and by the way you can zoom in and move things around
so that you can read things better but to zoom out just for a moment if we flip
through this book taking a look at the front matter I can see that these are
Quakers from the Quaker and southern Winslow’s a compilation of various
records from North Carolina and Indiana perfect that’s what I’m looking for and
you can see that the copyright information you see all the frontmatter
that you may need and information and the table of contents but check this out
this one has an index right so you could flip all the way to the back of the book
if you wanted to by scrolling to the right and doing some digging and go okay
where are those Henley’s let’s zoom in so we can actually see it Henley Henley
all of these Henley’s so there’s Rebecca Newby not the same
I’m looking for though but you get the idea these actually are Henley’s and
Winslow’s that i am related to it’s just not the same person I was looking for so
that is rather cool this particular book is all genealogy stuff you can just flip
around to your little hearts content and look you can download a PDF will last
for two weeks we can borrow it as an encrypted Adobe PDF or an encrypted epub
that is cool so there you have your tiny tip for today once you are done with the
book you can return the book I have 13 days left on this book so I’m gonna sit
there and play with this book a little bit more but there you have Internet
Archive also known as the Wayback Machine it’s located at it’s
all free happy hunting you

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