Friday 2/28/20 Minor Prophets Micah 2:8 – 4:5

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alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse study of God’s
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Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel, welcome to this family
Bible study hour. Ready to get back into
our Father’s word. Book of Micah. Micah is one a title
that is a question. Who is like Yahoveh? No one. The answer is absolutely no one. Our Father stands alone, loving, caring, and just. And we thank our
Father for that. Micah is a prophet that, that really lays
it out on the line, I mean, and even to the point of putting his life
in danger at the time. But he had the ability
to teach God’s word as God gave it to him, and give the current happenings just
prior to the events, but yet at the same time,
weaving within that prophecy concerning the end times. It makes it a very,
very interesting book. And from chapter one verse two to chapter three verse
12 is threatenings. That’s God threatening
the children, if, that’s to say those
that do wrong, not those that do right. And then of course,
from 4:1 to 5:15, you have consolation, and our Father’s teaching. He has just finished
saying in chapter two verses six and seven, you
got a lot of false prophets down there and all they
do is sputter, okay. They meet and supposed to
be teaching God’s word, and it’s just a
bunch of sputtering. The etymology of
the word is they, is a word dropper, like it
drips like sweet honey, okay, sounds so good, but it’s bitter to the fact
that it’s a lie, okay. So he warns them
about listening. He said, why don’t
you listen to my word? Okay. In verse seven, let’s pick
it up with verse eight, word of wisdom from our
Father and it reads, even of late my people
is risen up as an enemy. Ye puff off, you pull off
the robe with the garment from them that pass by securely
as men averse from war. It’s just highway robbery. You strip them,
you rip them off. And you know something
the rulers of our country still do that to this day
through taxation in a sense, and various other ways, especially usury. It’s a ripoff and
people are not, so many people are just
not even aware of it. Verse nine, the women of
my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses, from their children have you
taken away my glory forever. You’ve taken away
their birthright. That’s God’s glory
concerning the children is they have an inheritance, and God is our
inheritance, okay. Do you know, let me
document that fact. In Ezekiel chapter 44 in
the Millennium chapters, they ask what to give
the priests of Zadok, that’s to say the
elect, the upright, what kind of inheritance
do you wanna give them, what land allotment? He says, don’t
give them anything, because I myself am
their inheritance. That’s quite a strong
statement from our Father, and again, you read
that in Ezekiel 44 along between 20 and 25 verses. So their birthright, you know, you might say,
well how could they do that? How many people of the
10 tribes that went north by the Assyrian,
which he’s warning of, it’s about to happen, the Assyrian is
even at the gate, took them north over
the Caucasus mountains, they were later
called Caucasians, they settled Europe,
many of them coming later to Canada and America, they don’t know who they are. They don’t know that they’re
the 10 tribes of Israel. And many might say,
well, they’re lost. God didn’t lose them,
they lost themselves. He said he was going to
scatter them, and boy did he. But that’s what happened, the sputterers, the false
prophets, false teachers told falsehoods rather
than teaching God’s word chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse. Verse 10, arise ye and depart, for this is not your rest. It’s not you, you’re
not gonna find any Sabbath here in this land. Because it is polluted,
it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction. And of course, sooner
or later in this place in a future sense
stands the Antichrist. And as Christ would
say, when he left, there won’t be one
stone left atop another when I finish with it. Verse 11, if a man walking in the spirit
and falsehood do lie, this is to say, man that
supposed to be walking in the spirit, but it’s just
wind, okay, puffing air. And he’s a liar. Saying, I will
prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink, and he shall even be the
prophet of this people. I’m gonna send you
some sputterers and people are not gonna
know any different. And you know, it would
seem that the etymology. This is not the normal word
translated for prophecy, okay, or prophet, okay. It’s a false prophet. Though the King James
doesn’t bring it, it does bring it out, he’s
a liar, and it says so. But they make it
sound so sweet, okay. It is just sugar-coated, but all it is is
words, words, words. Again, as I said, the etymology
is word dropper, okay. Boy can they drop the words, but it’s not the word of God. And the word of God is
what brings God’s blessings on your family, your
nation, and so it is. What he’s saying here
in a sense is that these sputterers come along and you seem to
enjoy hearing it. Verse 12, I will
surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee. I will surely gather
the remnant of Israel. I will put them together
as the sheep of Bozrah, that’s fortress, as the flock
in the midst of their fold, they shall make
great noise by reason of the multitude of men. And so it is. That is a promise and it’s
going to come to pass. Verse 13, listen carefully. The breaker, that’s to say the
Assyrian, okay. The breaker is come
up before them, they have broken up and
have passed through the gate and are gone out by it
and their king shall pass before them and the Lord
on the head of them. That is to say, the
Messiah himself, our heavenly Father
bringing this to pass, why? He’s angry at them. Does that mean those
that serve him? No! You know, a person that
obeys God and follows him can be right in the middle
of this, even today, and it has none effect upon you. God will still
bless you to make up for all the offset that the
negative might go through or bring upon themselves. He will bless you as long
as you use common sense and let Father know. In other words, bring God into
the equation of your life, whereby, because
these threats are made at the enemies of God. Remember back when
we first started, back in the eighth verse
and a little after, he said, my own children act as
though they’re my enemy? In other words, if you listen
to a bunch of sputterers and call those men of God, then what have you done
about our true Father? I can ask that a little
different way, if you’d like. If a group of people
are listening to a
bunch of sputterers that are not interested
whatsoever in furthering Almighty God and his word,
but feathering their nest and their little houses, do you think God should
bless a people like that? Would you? I think not! Naturally, they’re
going to be out of grace with Almighty God. And when you’re out of
grace with Almighty God, you’re in a heap of
hurt, and so they were. Chapter three, we continue, and these are still
the threatenings. Our Father threatening as people that will not listen to him. Chapter three verse one, and the Assyrian just
took them captivity, all 10 tribes from Samaria
right on out, okay. This is not the house of
Judah, but the house of Israel that was taken
captive at that time. Chapter three verse one. And I said, Hear, I pray
you, O heads of Jacob. That would be all the tribes. And ye princes of
the house of Israel. Is it not for you
to know judgment? Isn’t it, let’s simplify it, isn’t
it up to you, you leaders, that you should know
right from wrong? I mean children understand
right from wrong. But here we have
all these leaders that seem that they get confused and can’t bring
judgment to our nation, because they don’t
know right from wrong. When, you know,
true judgment is, if some government
official commits a wrong, such as almost destroying our
nation by false lending, okay, then he needs to be punished. A stop needs to be put to it. No ifs, no ands, no maybes. That’s God’s way,
it’s called judgment, it’s called knowing
right from wrong. Pure and simple. Verse two, who, instead, this is
what he’s saying, instead of knowing
right from wrong, and knowing good judgment,
instead, who hate the good, and love the evil, who pluck off their
skin from off them, and their flesh from
off their bones. They oppress my
people with usury. And you’ve all heard me say it. A lot of you said,
well how can that be? Well, you know, let’s
say that you own, I’m just gonna
use round numbers. You own, you owe
$100,000 on your home and you pay in $10,000 a year. $1,000 of it goes
to your principle, the rest of it the usurers take. So who are you working for? You’re a slave in your
own prison with your name. Just sign on the dotted line. Now, there’s nothing
wrong with buying a house under fair conditions. Verse three, who also eat
the flesh of my people, and flay their
skin from off them, and they break their bones
and chop them in pieces as for the pot, and as
flesh within the caldron. They even cook them down
then for the fat to sell. That’s spiritually
speaking now, not literal. But that’s how they
sell our people. That’s how they take
advantage of them through business, through
government, through many things. And spiritual pollution
is running amok, perversion is advertised
rather than taught as God would have it taught. And on it goes. Verse four. Then shall they cry
unto the Lord, but he will not hear them. He will hide his face
from them at that time. As they have behaved
themselves ill in their doings. In other words, if
they won’t hear him, he’s not gonna hear them. In other words, God has
spoken, if they won’t listen, God’s not gonna listen to them. Get your sputterers
to fix it, okay. That’s what, that’s
God’s opinion. You let the false prophets
go ahead and fix it. They prophesied to
you and you ate it up hook, line, and sinker. Let them help you. Naturally, they can’t. What a loser you are when, when you don’t follow God’s word chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse to know what it is God
would have you to do. Because God doesn’t
know these sputterers. They’re not of him, not for him, and they are enemies to God. But they talk so sweet and they claim to be
ministers of Jesus. Verse five. Thus saith the Lord
concerning the prophets that make my people err,
that’s to say liars. That bite with their
teeth and cry, “Peace.” And he that putteth
not into their mouths, they even prepare
war against him. This war is a crusade. Now this, this, there’s
a lot missing here, if you do not know
Babylonian traditions. Babylonian traditions
at the old Babel altar, they would put, if
the cry was peace, they’d put an olive
in their mouth which signifies peace
to the Babylonian. And the prophecy would be,
it’s gonna be peaceful. But if they do not put
a olive in their mouth, it stands for, the reason
I say war or crusade instead of war, trying
to convert people to their way of thinking
by their sputterers. And what is the olive, let’s
say the word olive in Hebrew, (speaks foreign language). That’s God’s sacred name. And that olive is the oil
that we’re supposed to use to anoint with, that’s
what Christians do. And if you’re a
Christian that does, that prays for healing
and does not anoint with the oil of our people,
then you’re falling short, because you are
instructed to anoint with that same oil that
the Babylonians used to declare peace or war. And so it is. And so ordered by God. And many Christians,
well, I’ve never heard of a Christian anointing. Well then you’re sure ignorant, because Christ’s name, Christos, means the Anointed
One, or Anointing. So you sure, you
missed the boat, why? Well, I can tell you why. You know, this is where
sputterers come in. They never teach all the truth. Just enough, just as old Satan
when he was tempting Christ in Matthew chapter four,
he’s a Scripture lawyer, boy, he can quote
that Scripture, but he always twists
it right at the end to turn it to his own favor. You gotta be careful
listening to sputterers. Well how do I know
the difference? It’s real simple. People with common sense
know right from wrong. If some person claims to
be a teacher of God’s word and never quite gets around to teaching God’s
word, he’s a fake. He’s putting you on. Because it is only God’s
word that will edify, that means correct your ways, do away with this error
that is spoken of here, by the truth from God’s word, by bringing God into the
equation of your life. God loves that. But if you wanna
go ahead and listen to a bunch of sputterers from
Baal worship, have to it. Friend, it’s your
ship, you sail her, she’ll probably go on the rocks. Verse six. Therefore night shall be unto
you, that’s darkness. That you shall
not have a vision, and it shall be dark unto you, that you shall not divine, and the sun shall go
down over the prophets, and the day shall
be dark over them. They’re not gonna know
from come sick ’em, go here or go there. Because they’re
teaching is dark, okay. It’s not the truth. You could better understand
why we were studying back in Amos chapter
eight verse 13 where it said in
leaven, where it says, the famine of the end
times is not for bread, but the famine is for
hearing God’s word taught chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse. Verse seven, then
shall the seers, seers what you call a prophet, he sees the future, got it? Only many, these
sputterers make it up in their imagination. Then shall the seers be ashamed, and the diviners confounded. Yea, they shall all
cover their lips. They’re gonna keep
their mouth shut. For there is no answer of God. Why? Well, they weren’t
praying to God, they were praying to Baal, okay. Well, what is Baal? That is Satan worship. You know, when I come
to a place like this, I always remember old Elijah, where he had 400 Baal priests. They had the olives and had
everything going their way, and they said, we’re going
to stack this offering to God and pray that this fire
will come down and take it. And the Baal priests
go around and around, and they pray and
they go mourning and, I mean, they’re working
at it all day long. And no fire comes. And old Elijah is getting
a blast out of this. He says, “Maybe,” and
he’s tantalizing them, “Maybe your God has
taken a potty break.” You know, and of course, that
made them all the more furious praying for the fire of God to
come down upon that offering. They finally quit
and Elijah said, “Now bring in a few barrels
of water and throw on it. “Throw it on the
wood, make it wet.” And then Elijah called
down the power of God and woof, it was consumed. So there’s the real
and there’s the fake. Well, how do you
know the difference? The true teach the word
of God chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse
and the fakes sputter. Isn’t that difficult? You know, that is so
difficult to grab on to and to understand, isn’t it? Not if you study God’s word. There’s gonna be a time coming that will separate
the sputterers from the true children of God. Verse eight, but truly
I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord
and of judgment and of might to declare unto Jacob
his transgressions, and to Israel his sins. This got Micah in
quite a bit of trouble. There’ll be a time
as we go along, they’ll want to kill him. But that’s what get,
teaching God’s word will kind of bring forth for you when you lay it on the line. Verse nine, hear this, I
pray you, you listen to me, ye heads of the house of Jacob and princes of the
house of Israel, that abhor, that is to
say that hate judgment, and pervert all equity. I mean, there’s
nothing fair about you. Verse 10, they build
up Zion with blood and Jerusalem with iniquity. And so it is that they
do with deceit, okay. Deception runs amok. And you know, it is, it’s
a real sad state of affairs that that deception is so strong that there are very few people
that actually understand the word of God
in the simplicity in which Christ taught it. In the simplicity
in which our Father here in the Old Testament
brings it forth. Verse 11, the heads
thereof judge for reward, they take a bribe, sell offices, and the priests
thereof teach for hire. All they care
about is the money. And the prophets therefore
divine for money. You want a blessing,
you want a healing? Send $500 to this, to that
min, not this one, okay. All you have to do here, you
pray to God, he hears you. There’s no cost on
answered prayer, okay. But a lot of people try, and
a lot of false sputterers try to sell it or deceive
people into thinking that they can buy salvation
or buy the answer to a prayer. You can’t do that. That’s bribery and it is false. Yet will they lean
upon the Lord and say, “Is not the Lord
among us, question? “None evil can come upon us.” That’s what the false
teaching will bring you. And you know something,
the sad part about it is when you are in good
standing, it is true, he will never leave you,
he will never forsake you. But if you’re listening
to a bunch of sputterers and supporting them,
you become a part. This is why it is written in
the second epistle of John, little short epistle, said, if you as much as
wish them Godspeed, much less tithe to them, you become a partaker
of their evil deeds, if they bring any message other than what the Lord
Jesus Christ brought. That’s pretty
serious, my friend. Verse 12 to continue, to
complete the threatenings. Therefore shall Zion for your
sake be plowed as a field and Jerusalem
shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house of the high places
of the forest. And then again, I would
have to remind you, you can remember when
Jesus was walking from the Jerusalem, the city, I think it was the
last time as he lived, before he was brought
there to be crucified. They asked him, said, “Master,
look at these buildings, “aren’t they marvelous?” And he said, “Mark
my word, at the end “there will not be one stone
standing atop another.” Meaning, when my feet
touch the Mount of Olives, I’m gonna cleanse it, okay. That’s after the
Antichrist appears there and leads people astray. The Assyrian, as we
studied, read of him in this particular,
these three chapters, is none other than
symbolic, as you will study in Isaiah 14, the
Antichrist, okay. You with Companion Bibles that will document
what I’m saying. But the Antichrist is
the king of Babylon in these end times that
tries to take people captive by deception, by lies,
by sputterers, okay. And fly away doctrine. You don’t have to
understand God’s word, you’re gonna fly away,
sputter, sputter, okay. You know, well what
does God say, then? Well, if you’ve ever
read the book of Ezekiel chapter 13 verses 20
through 25, God says, I’m against those
that teach my children to fly to save their souls. He doesn’t mince words. A child could understand that. He doesn’t appreciate
people teaching people to fly to save their souls, why? He’s got work for us here. He is establishing his
kingdom right here on earth, not somewhere else. And we don’t give
any ground to Satan or anybody else by going away. We put on the gospel armor and we stand against the
fiery darts of Satan. We take names and we
kick dragon, okay. Not giving up anything anywhere. And God made a covenant
and in Ezekiel chapter 16 to forever let Mount Zion
be the place of his throne in the eternity forever
and ever and ever. We’re not going anywhere. The word of God has never
said we’re going anywhere. Quite the contrary,
he’s coming here. Jesus himself will come on
the first day seventh trump of the Millennium and
the Lord de facto, or I should say de jure
will appear on the last day, close to the end
of the Millennium for the great white
throne judgment. How fascinating it is that
God simplifies his word whereby a child
could understand it, when you know right from wrong. We come to the consolations here where God begins
then to let us know what the Millennium’s
gonna be like when he returns and
takes care of business. Chapter four verse one,
but in the last days, it shall come to pass that
the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the
mountains, Zion, and it shall be
exalted above the hills and the people
shall flow unto it. That’s the Millennium,
every knee shall bow. Verse two, and many nations
shall come and say, come, and let us go up into
the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of
the God of Jacob, and he will teach
us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths, for the law shall
go forth of Zion. Where’s it going out from? Zion. And the word of the
Lord from Jerusalem. And there you have it. (clears throat) During
the Millennium, excuse me, we see the beauty of the
truth that comes forth. And with Satan locked in
the abyss at that time, it’s gonna be a great
time of teaching. Revelation chapter 20
verse five documenting that we are priests with
God for 1,000 years, that means, well,
what does a priest do? He teaches, not sputter. Verse three, and he shall
judge among many people, and rebuke strong
nations afar off, and they shall beat their
swords into plowshares and their spears
into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up
a sword against nation, neither shall they
learn war anymore. You think that’s come to pass? No, of course it hasn’t. This is yet future. That’s the beauty of
Micah, who is like Yahoveh? Who can tell us and know
the future as he does? As he gives us a peak into
the very Millennium itself, when war is done. You know, instead of war, at
the end of this period of time we’re speaking of here
comes judgment, not battle. Father’s on the throne
and it’s yea or nay, no ifs, no ands, no maybes. It’s in the book. Might ask you, your name is in the book, your name is in
the book of life. What’s written by it? Your record is there. All your sins that you
haven’t repented of, they’re written there. And those sins that
you have repented of, they’re gone, they’re erased. But the beauty of
that book of life is that all the good things, the righteous acts
that you have done, being a good neighbor,
being a good family member, it’s in the book, that’s reward. And that’s what judgment
is about as well as reward. No, this hasn’t
come to pass yet. We still have wars
and rumors of wars. Verse four, but they shall
sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and
none shall make them afraid. There’s not gonna be
anything to be afraid of. For the mouth of the Lord
of hosts has spoken it. He said it, there
need no more be said. There’s nothing going to
offend at that time or, that’s his promise, in
other words, you understand? That’s God’s living promise. Verse five, for all
people, how many is this? All people will walk every
one in the name of his god, notice there’s a
lowercase on that. And we will walk in the name of uppercase Lord our
God forever and ever. Quite frankly, those
that walk after the god with the smaller case, they’re
not gonna be around, okay. And even as it is written
in Revelation chapter 20 verses 20 through 24, I’m sorry, Revelation 21 verses
20 through 24, that here come the nations
to the temple of God. Well, what is this word nations? It’s ethnos, the ethnic
people even with their kings will come there to
worship Almighty God where the house of
Israel is situated. And this continues
forever and ever and ever. Our Father is so loving,
and always remember that even through
all the threatenings, that was a warning to you
not to listen to sputterers. Don’t be taken down. If you’re serving
God, you’re blessed. But this is a warning to people that would go against God,
they got trouble, okay. But they could participate
in these, this consolation forever and ever and ever,
if they will love him. Don’t miss the next
lecture, all right. Bless your hearts, you listen
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you don’t need the number, we can do away with that,
and the address, why? Well, God knows what
you’re thinking. Do you understand
that you are unique? He didn’t make
anyone else like you. And your DNA is different, your fingerprints, you
know, you’re unique. But God does want
you to love him. That’s, he created
you for his pleasure. You don’t give him pleasure,
you’re in pretty bad shape. You wanna think about that. Father, around
the globe we come, we ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father, touch, in Yeshua’s precious
name, thank you Father, amen. Okay, and question time, we’re gonna go with
Wayne from Kentucky. How often do you take
communion, question? And do you have to wash feet
each time you take communion? No, wash your feet
once a week at least, whether they need
it or not, okay. You wanna be sure and do
that, or every day, even, you know when you shower. Are you supposed to take
communion each time you meet? It says do this in
remembrance of me. When was Jesus birthday? Watch you all the time,
learn a lot from you. Well, Jesus’ birthday,
the conception took place December the 25th,
not the birth. So you can figure nine
months later he was born. Jesus, when, how often did
the people meet at that time when Christ made that statement? There were three major Sabbaths, that is Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles. They met three times a year. And that’s about the
right amount of time
to take communion. It’s too precious
to do every day, it becomes then a ritual. Or every time you
have a Bible study, if you take communion,
if you’re not careful, it can become a ritual, rather than the significance
of the real thing, his body that took the stripes, and his blood that
takes away our sins. And the foot washing
was when Christ washed the feet of the disciples
for a special reason. And you need to know the
deeper truth concerning that. People wore sandals
at that time, and there was not
sidewalks everywhere, they walked in the dirt. And I don’t know if you’ve ever
gone barefooted in the dirt, your feet get what we
used to call rusty, okay. I mean, dirty, dirty. And so Christ, then,
washed each of them’s feet. The significance and
what it meant was is that when you’re in these
flesh bodies in this earth, you’re gonna get dirty,
you’re gonna sin, okay, you’re gonna do
things that are wrong. And only Christ, only
Christ can wash you, only taking communion and that blood that
washes away your sins, when you ask forgiveness,
cleanses you. It doesn’t do any good
for man to wash your feet, ’cause he can’t
forgive you anything other than what
you’ve done to him. But Christ did
that that one time to let people know forever that only he can cleanse our
bodies as they need cleansing from being dirty walking and
living in this earth age. Okay, Linda from, communion
three times a year. Now, you can take it
every time you get sick, you can take it every
time something happens that you need
strengthening or anointing, but basically the church itself at meetings three times a year. Linda from North Carolina. On your program you tell us
that the mark of the beast is in our minds, my
question is to you is how do you explain
Revelation 13:15 through 18? This Scripture plainly tells us that the mark will be in the
right hand or in the forehead. That’s right, in the forehead. But what is the mark in
your right hand mean? It’s not a literal mark. It means you’re gonna
believe on him so much, you’re gonna volunteer and
work for his church, okay. It is the equivalent of
Christ saying in Mark 13, woe to those when I return that are with child
and that give suck, meaning, he’s your husband. You’re supposed to
be a virgin bride. He’s been away 2,000
years, basically. He comes back and
you’re suckling a child. What does that mean? That means you’re nursing along, you have been unfaithful,
out of wedlock. And you’re even nursing
along what Satan is doing. In other words, the
subject of Mark 13 where that is stipulated is
the Antichrist comes first, stay away from him, other
than to witness against him. Okay, we got Harlan
from Washington. I have just now, I am just
not getting stable enough to do something for God,
because of repentance, which I thought I
would be forgiven, because of the blood of Christ. Now you tell me I will
have to pay always for my past even
though I repented. You’ve never heard me say that. Who are you listening to? You’ve never heard me say that. I teach quite the contrary. I teach chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse where God says once you
repent of it and I forgive it, I don’t wanna hear
about it again. It’s erased out of the book. And if you bring it up
again to Almighty God, you’re calling him a liar
that he didn’t forgive you. He doesn’t like that. It makes him very angry. So I don’t know how you came
to the conclusion that I said that once you repent for a sin,
you still gotta pay for it. That is false. And once it, when you
repent, it is gone. God erases it, it’s like
it never happened, okay. I’ve done enough wrongs to
be blotted out completely, because of so many wrongs. Well, I imagine you’re
a bad one, all right, but then Paul was
a bad one, too. He persecuted the
church terribly, but then on repentance,
he was forgiven, and he wrote most of
the New Testament. How are you doing? Seth from Pennsylvania. Does the Bible say what
Paul’s thorn in the flesh was? Is a thorn in the
flesh an illness? What do you think it was
if the Bible does not say? Well, it doesn’t say, but
as a student of the word, it becomes obvious
that he was blinded on the road to Damascus. And he following that,
though he could see, he always had a scribe that
did his writing for him, most often Luke, okay,
who was a medical doctor. And when Paul would sign
a book, he would say, I wanna, a letter, I
wanna sign this myself, and you can tell
by the big writing that it is I that sign it. And I feel that he had
very poor eyesight, and that was his
thorn in the flesh. But he did quite
well without it, with it, even at that, okay, did just real good. That’s my opinion,
it is not written. Okay, and Sheena from Texas. What kind of Bible do
I read and study from? Also, where do I
pay my tithes to? You tithe to where
you’re taught, okay. If you wanna give a
love offering somewhere to some, for some other purpose, a poor person or
something, fine. But you always tithe
where you’re taught. The common sense is that that keeps the
teaching coming to you, because you need to be
taught, you need God’s word. But what kind of Bible? I highly recommend
the Companion Bible, because it is a work that was
done by scholar of scholars. And the Companion Bible outlines a chapter or chapters, plural, and gives you the
action within that whereby you have an
outline of who these and the theys and the
usses and so forth are, whereby you can, it helps one better focus on what God is really saying, whereby you pick up the
subject, object, and article without a great
deal of difficulty. I know to some people
that would sound maybe when they see that a
few foreign words to them are brought forth, the
English is still there. But he goes just far enough
that he will teach you just a little bit
of other languages to document this
word is different than that one, and so forth. So I highly recommend
the Companion Bible, which we have in
our book list, okay. That is the Companion
Bible by Bullinger. I understand there’s
another Companion Bible, but not by Bullinger. Don’t get one of those, period. Donna from Tennessee. If somebody dies, do
they go to heaven, or do they stay in the ground? They never go into the ground. Only the flesh body
goes into the ground. They have already exited, they, as it is written in
Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verses five and six instantly, when this clay pot
breaks, means we die, the silver cord
parts, our spirit, which is the
intellect of our soul, meaning our soul,
instantly returns to the Father that gave it. In other words, you
step from this body into your spiritual body, and
you’re back with the Father. And this body goes back to
dust from which it comes. That’s all it is is dirt, okay. And it is never
raised or resurrected. The spirit body is,
though, instantly. So, well, what happens
to the flesh body that goes into the ground? It goes back to dirt, okay. You go where somebody is
thousands of years old, there’s nothing there but
a handful of dirt, okay. Rick from South Carolina. I would like to know if you
can lose your salvation? Thank you Pastor Murray. Well, certainly. Who does the saving? Christ does. It is always there
on repentance, okay. Meaning, when even
though you’re saved, if you fall short,
you gotta repent. If you do not repent, and you fall far
enough away from God, you’re going to hell. Christ did his part, but
you let him down, okay. Now, a lot of people
will tell you, well once saved, always saved. That’s it. Christ saved you, and
if you don’t repent to mark up to that mark, (clears throat) excuse me, Hebrews chapter six verse
six, what does it say? It says if you keep on saying, I gotta be saved again,
again, and again, you’re like recrucifying
Christ over and over. Don’t go there, my friend. God does not like it. He allowed his Son to
be sacrificed one time, one and all times,
whereby he is Yeshua, which is to say, Yahoveh Savior, and he saves that one time. And repentance, you know, as long as
we’re in the flesh, you’re gonna fall short. You might as well
get used to it. Naturally we try hard
through experience not to, but once you do, you
repent, or it’s in the book by your name, and you
will be judged by it. Joe from Georgia. Please explain the
unpardonable sin. The unpardonable sin you
will find best written in Luke chapter 12 verse 10. To simplify it, it
simply means that if you’re one of God’s elect and you know the false
Christ is coming first, when you’re delivered up
before the synagogue of Satan, to witness against
the Antichrist, if you refuse to allow the Holy
Spirit to speak through you, that’s blasphemy
against the Holy Spirit, when you knew better, and
you have to know better or you’re not even in a
position to commit that sin. Then that is unpardonable,
because you know better. Do I think that the
unpardonable sin will happen? Absolutely not! I know many of God’s elect, and I know that if they’re
gonna do any sin at all, they’re gonna talk too much, instead of letting
the Holy Spirit talk, they’re gonna have a hard time not telling the dragon
where he belongs, okay. Instead of allowing
the Holy Spirit to. The unpardonable sin
in my estimation, only God’s elect
could commit it, and they do not
find Satan tempting and they’re sure
not afraid of him. Alethia from Texas. When Paul was on the
road to Damascus, why did God speak, why
did Father speak to him as Jesus instead of Yahoveh? Are there other
places in the Bible where Father refers
to himself as Jesus when speaking from heaven? You’re confusing offices. Why did God allow Christ
to do the talking? I’m going to simplify this. Because he was the Savior. And what was it
that Paul needed? To be saved, okay. So that’s why he, if he needs
to be saved, send the Savior, okay, that’s just common sense. And that’s why he sent him. And besides that, Christ, as it is written in the
first chapter of Saint John, the Word became flesh
and walked among us. He is the Word, and that Word
needed to be brought forth where people could understand. Thus the New Testament,
which most would be written by Paul from Almighty God. But the saving had to
be done by the Savior. Aleisha from California. If the one world monetary
system is already in place before the coming of Satan, are we able to use this
money until his arrival? Once Satan is here, do we
only use our silver coins and jewelry to pay
our bills or buy food? It comes down to what you
have to worship, okay. If you have to join
the one world system before you can
receive its money, that is to say, worship
it, approve it, go with it, then you can’t do that,
you can’t go there. But any coin that
you have on you or money that that system is
using that you acquire or by trading what
is presently used, the equivalency, as long
as you don’t have to sign that you’re worshiping someone
other than God himself, there’s nothing wrong there. But once the dragon appears, and you have to worship him, that’s to say the Antichrist, to receive that, those funds, because he comes in
prosperously and peacefully, that’s a no-no, you
can’t go there, okay. But until then, it’s
a matter of worship. Daniel from Arizona. You were talking about
the Antichrist coming prosperously and
peacefully in Daniel 11. Thank God for warning us. Is Satan the king of the South
who is the king of the North? And who is the king’s
daughter of the South? The king’s daughter
is their religion. And is the Ptolemaic
and so forth. Mainly we look at this day
what’s happening in Iraq, Iran. You’re seeing old Bible lands. Much is happening
there that goes, the king of the
North was basically the king of Persia, the
last one, he’s dead now. He was the Shah of Iran. And the king of the
South took him in and gave him privilege when
the Ayatollah took over. So there’s a lot
of history there, and it leads up to the
end times, ultimately, something you need
to really watch. Paul from Arkansas. Can a person be saved
after the first death? Well, there are
no second chances. But if a person,
the first death, let’s first identify that so people know what
we’re talking about. The first death is the
death of the flesh, okay. There is spiritually speaking, another death is to
be spiritually dead, that is to be dumb about God’s
word or ignorant about it. But the first death
is always the flesh. And we know that
during the Millennium, there will be people that
didn’t have a prayer of a chance to find the real
truth on this earth, because the famine in
the end times, I repeat, in the end times, that’s now, is not for bread, but for
hearing God’s truth taught, that’s what the famine is about. And a lot of people
are not gonna hear it. So God loves his children, he’s not going to condemn
any of them to hell that has not had a full
opportunity to know the truth, but the decision
is still theirs. If they choose to follow Satan when he’s released a short time at the end of the Millennium,
they’re goners, okay. But yes, during the Millennium,
there will be salvation, because God does
love his children. To amplify that,
Romans chapter 11, on some for their
own protection, God sent the spirit of
slumber, in the English, the Greek is stupor,
okay, they’re in a stupor that you could talk to them
all day planting seeds, they’re not gonna get it, okay. But it’s for their
own protection, because they wouldn’t
have the guts to stand against the
Antichrist, okay. That would be the
unpardonable sin. But in the Millennium, that
will be a different story, they’ll have the opportunity
to learn the truth, and that stupor will be removed, whereby they can see truth. So there will be salvation
in the Millennium. John from Virginia. If you’re not one
of God’s elect, does this mean you
are going to hell? Please give me Scripture. Absolutely not! Whosoever will, if
you love the Lord, then you’re going to heaven. Election just have a job to do, they’re not the prettiest,
they’re not necessarily any fancier than anyone else’s. It’s just that in
the first earth age, they didn’t bow to Satan, and God knows they can
cut it, so he uses them. But whomsoever will,
God so loved the world that he gave his
only begotten Son that whosoever,
anybody, election, ethnos, anybody would believe
upon him shall not perish but have everlasting life, meaning they’re not
going to hell, okay. David from Kentucky. If Jesus told Satan in the
wilderness to get behind him, why did he have to tell him
again as Satan entered Peter? I thought once he told him, he wouldn’t have
to tell him again. I am definitely not
doubting Christ’s power, I was just curious. Well, you’re mixing
actual entities, presence along with the
spirit being present, okay. Satan’s spirit was all
that touched Peter, Satan wasn’t there, de
facto, okay, just his spirit. He was still in heaven. But God, for every negative
there is a positive, and inasmuch as the Holy Spirit is allowed upon earth today, God also allows the evil
spirit, which is Satan’s spirit or his little
buddies, the Nephilim. Therefore, the test is to man, which he’ll go with. So you see, Satan was
present with Christ, but only the evil spirit was
there and Peter went for it, because of his love
for the Lord, okay. I’m out of time,
hey, you know what. I love you all because
you enjoy studying our Father’s word
verse-by-verse, but most of all, God
loves you for it. You know, it makes his day
when you read the letter and study it that
he sent to you, telling you how
to avoid troubles in these old flesh
bodies, all right. You make his day, boy
is he gonna make yours. Now, we are brought to you
by your tithes and offerings, if we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God, he will
always bless you. Most important, though, and I
want you to listen to me now, you stay in his word. Every day in his
word is a good day, even with trouble,
do you know why? Because Jesus Yeshua
is the living Word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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