FRONK YONG FITNESS (Advanced Workout Tips/How Important is GENETICS?)

mean yeah if you look at like Ronnie
Coleman he has amazing genetics obviously well Phil Heath has amazing
genetics I would say that the people at the very top of the IFBB yeah obviously you can’t get the muscular without with drugs and
obviously so it’s a combination of both and would you say that the ability do
with a willpower to work hard is also genetics yeah so yeah. So there’s like a a wide range of genetic difference between intelligence Some people
they have an IQ of 160 and some people have the IQ over 90 so the
difference between like a mentally challenged person and a person
who is has an IQ of 160 that range is pretty significant right
yeah that’s why people don’t get about Powerlifting and bodybuilding that the range
of genetics is the same it could be as large as the range
between an IQ of like 90 and IQ by 200 so you did judge somebody who is it
equivalent of an IQ of 200 in his physical genetics and he’s builds muscles
very quickly in like two years he looks fantastic and the average person who has
like average genetics will automatically think he’s on
steroids yeah because their starting
point is so much more advantageous the next level mind-muscle
connection. There are billions of points of insertions under the plane here that needs to be covered this way you can
work the muscles beneath the muscles beneath the muscles. Twist and
turn like your sculpting masterpiece keep the tension all the way to the end the vertical jump is the best indicator
of athletic capacity it is the best
indicator of how well an athlete is gonna do in his career
and this extends all the way to sumo wrestling football basketball and
weightlifting you know Olympic weightlifters are known to have one of the best vertical jumps and 30 meter dash in all athletic
events the vertical jump is is an indicator of neurological adaptation
and how much type to fast twitch fibers you have and I think the equivalent of
that for the brain is the IQ you know a lot of people won’t agree with this but
IQ is largely inherited genetics and IQ is actually it’s not everything
there are obviously types of intellectual feats or intelligences that
can’t be quantified but largely speaking IQ is the best indicator of how well a
person is going to do academically in school or professionally in his career
if you’re hiring somebody to work for you the only thing that you have to do
is look at his IQ number if everybody gets this IQ tested accurately so if you
can genetically modify your fetus to have the vertical jump of 50
inches and an IQ of 200 you know that’s gonna be a genetic freak that’s gonna be
freak who can do anything in life now it took me 10 years to figure out how to do
this all right I’m not gonna be move the weights with my hands at all I’m contracting only with my pecs Now there is a world of difference between the
two range of motion the two forces of applications
but the two can only be separated by the mind see if I was to use my hand I could
do so many more reps yeah but if I only use the chest I failed already. for this exercise to isolate your rear
delts which is my weak point hold the dumbbells very lightly I’m barely
holding his dumbbells at all I’m not moving the weights with my hands with my
arms again I’m moving the entire dumbbell with beretta


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