Gene Dresses Up For His School’s Mock Trial | Season 7 Ep. 11 | BOB’S BURGERS

Gene, breakfast, yum. Sorry I took so long,
but I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait. Ooh, yes. Why are you wearing
your fancy clothes? Why aren’t you wearing yours? These are my fancy clothes. Mm. Jean’s all dressed up for
the school-wide mock trial. He’s the big, top prosecutor. Oh, right right. I’m a sharp-dressed,
silver-tongued devil. Yeah, and he’s going
up against Louise, the savvy defense lawyer. It’s Belcher against Belcher. (SARCASTICALLY) Whoop-dee-doo. We win either way. It is impressive that our kids
got chosen to be the lawyers. It really is. Also, totally random. Yep, literally,
picked out of a hat. And we can’t forget
the most important role of all, Tina, the juror. With great jury comes
great responsibility. You lucked out, T. I wish
I could sit on the jury and zone out while we do a
mock trial of “Snow White.” Whoa, do you think
the Evil Queen gave Snow White a poison apple? Yes. That’s for a jury of her
peers to decide, but probably. It’s just so babyish. I mean, why can’t we do a mock
trial of a double homicide or something? Ooh, double homicide. Twice as nice.


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