Gene, The Fake MrBeast (Sernadoe’s second channel)

So I really thought that more goobidy only want to copy the legendary mr. B’s, yeah Who am I kidding? This is YouTube. And of course I was on with that. It seems like YouTube who simply filled full on copycats of others. I present to you Jane janay jeans as in jeans or as in scientific jeans I’ma, just call him Jean anyways, I wasn’t ET a channel with 68 cake subscribers This channel currently only has two videos and makes content just like mr. Beast And as you would later find out even copies, mr. Beast exactly. It is simply This channel is made by an even bigger dish called Sunanda yet I surely know who slander is you don’t well, he’s the GTA clickbait Er who then jumped onto the phone a clip play, you know The type of people that show our controller as a form now and click my children To where that’s wasted him and he found the biggest click waiters out there with a mass of 5 million subscribers But Sunanda was never a normal kid He was basically like to Danny a person who seemed to be in love with foreskins Madame being that kid that has a crush on foreigners games animated video games Can he can he ever reach any lower? Maybe this is why the FTC came all of us talking about enforcing Coppa Jane is as I said soon and osakan channel now on this channel. He seems to copy, mr. Beast in how mr Beast makes his videos and much much more this is for 10 seconds of I Survived 24 hours straight on an abandoned me and my friends spent 24 hours in the middle of the ocean We sailed off from land and kept going forward until we actually found a deserted island There is absolutely no running water electricity And people on this entire piece of land do the title have to be a massive caption artist Like I should be leading it like this Now let’s watch one of mr. Beasts recent video of cold surviving 24 hours straight in the Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous places on earth over 100 ships and planes have gone missing with no explanation Me and the boys are gonna spend 24 hours straight and the Bermuda Triangle wish us luck So this is look above Titus closely both have both had the same was survived both have 24 hours both have straight and Both seem to be on some type of place so let’s look at similarities again the both start with a black silk screen subtitle type of intro and Although there is not easy to see music in the intro. Mr Beast has been known for numerously using the same music that jean. Eased in his intro Both start by showing a type of intro of where they are going what we’ve seen. Mr Beast where he shows the bow and then that the middle triangle and then does Dean who shows wasted just to see and go to some islands Keep in mind that both of these were posted in the same week. Mr Beast being posted before jeans one day earlier before to be exact as Claire Jean is tried to make a similar video to mr. Rees in oil to cut some grease for mr Bates’s audience with the help of vid IQ. We can see that Jean even placed. Mr Beast in his tags to literally steal more of mr. Beasts view that enter on copper. Mr. Beasts name and he didn’t like mr Beast once his tags twice he wrote it twice Although Jean is going ever so slowly. It’s definitely not like for him to full-on copy, mr. Beast it’s like he is trying to pull a penis butter the Turkish youtuber who somehow made it to eat rewind and also copy defeated by a word-for-word and Also had a gorge 80 which DT? Victoriously won or he could be trying to put monks who copied mr. Beast for months and still does it till now? What do you guys think about? This should jean be stopped. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe That’s what I have to say for this video and I hope to see you guys next time


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